Suarez returns but no life breathed not red’s home form

Liverpool 0

Tottenham Hotspur 0

A very tight game. We, as the home side, showed plenty of initiative and once more had enough chances to win it. However, it’s another draw, our eighth at home, another chance lost and more opportunities gone begging. Spurs were resilient and dogged in their defence nonetheless we will be disappointed. On the run of play only Spurs fans would have begrudged us the win?

Kenny made two changes. Kelly and Gerrard were bought in for Henderson and the injured Enrique which meant Johnson switching to left back and Kelly right. However, the most significant was the one he didn’t make, by leaving Suarez on the bench. Perhaps this was trust, a tribute to the forwards who had played well for us since Suarez was banned, Kuyt, Bellamy and Carroll were all given a starting birth? Pre match Kenny was mischievously evasive about his reasons for not picking him just as he was ill advised post match for suggesting he should never have been banned in the first place. Let it go!

Spurs had a few significant changes particularly in midfield which might have played into our hands. Harry Redknapp couldn’t attend because he had more taxing issues to deal with.

The first contentious issue occurred after only four minutes. Gerrard sent Carroll though with a nice through ball however he went down under Dawson’s challenge, replays revealed that he got the ball. The next significant movement involved Cat who made a small cameo before being taken out by Steward!

After that it was pretty tame stuff. We had plenty of possession but didn’t really trouble in the final third save a nice effort from Spearing which hit the net support. Spurs, apart from a long range effort from Kranjcar, were in the same boat. We had to be content with Martin Skrtel bundling Gareth Bale into the advertising hoarding, revenge for the run-around he was given at White Hart Lane I certainly think so! Johnson darted in from the left to test Friedel right before the half time whistle but the ex red was up to it.

The second half began in the same vein. Bale was booked for a laughable dive involving Agger and we had to wait around fifteen minutes before Kelly gave us the first chance again another long range effort that Friedel turned round his near post.

Kenny, having given his existing front line a fair crack of the whip, finally relented and replaced Kuyt for Suarez. His return was nearly heralded with a goal however, it eventually ended up with a yellow card for a challenge on Scott Parker. Skrtel also earned one for continuing his issue with Bale with a studs up effort, he got the ball but much more also. After that the chances increased Carroll ballooned over and then Suarez, from a Gerrard free kick headed straight into Friedel’s hands.

In between a Spurs should have won the game as Bale, clean through after having been let go by Johnson, was foiled by Reina. It was that sort of game if it had been a boxing match we would have won on points however it was football and sadly, again, we only got one!

Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Agger, Kelly, Skrtel, Gerrard, Spearing, Adam, Carroll, Kuyt (Suarez – 66′ ), Bellamy (Downing – 73′ ), Substitutes: Doni, Aurelio, Coates, Carragher, Henderson, Downing, Suarez

Tottenham Hotspur: Friedel, Bale, Dawson, King, Walker, Assou-Ekotto, Parker, Modric, Kranjcar (Rose – 87′ ), Livermore, Adebayor (Saha – 71′ ), Substitutes: Cudicini, Nelsen, Khumalo, Rose, Luongo, Saha, Lancaster

Att: 44,461

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3 Responses to Suarez returns but no life breathed not red’s home form

  1. redbird says:

    Can wayne rooney mind his own business??pisses me off the way he voices his dumb views on twitter and gets away with it….we never say anything at all about manure…we’re not that low..i see fergies hand behind it as rooney on his own does not have that much brain matter between his ears…

    And finally all i want to say after watching the liverpool vs spurs game is:

    1)carroll is useless..please sell him in the i wish we got tevez on the swap instead
    2)suarez should really keep his cool..the refs,opposite fans and players are really out to get him and we need him bad…
    3)scott parker is a pathetic faggot in the true sense of the word and i hate him max and so is bale
    4)carroll and suarez should stop whining to the refs

    till we play in the theatre of delusions….YNWA!

  2. redfloyd says:

    Rooney on Twitter? surely you have to able to spell and write to be on it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    hehe good one redfloyd!

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