An unashamed pop at John Terry and three Adidas stripes and you’re out, Warrior take over.

When we play Spurs this Monday Luis Suarez will be available for selection having served his eight match ban.

It’s ironic, given the charges both players faced, or are about to face, that his ban should end just as John Terry has been stripped of the England Captaincy. That is the captaincy he was stripped of before the 2010 World Cup which didn’t stop him taking on the role as some self appointed spokesman for the squad when things started to go a bit pear shaped over in South Africa. Quite what Steven Gerrard, the captain and therefore presumably the spokesman at that time, thought of this I don’t know however it appears that Terry feels, as an older player he is able to pull rank not consult his captain or respect his position and do and say what he wants. This seems to extend in other parts of this life hence the trouble he regularly finds himself in?

The England thing perhaps adds to the rumours that there are divisions in the national squad, between the Northern and Southern Clubs and then the Mancs and Liverpool players? Whatever the case I would never respect Terry as a man let alone a captain. He may be found innocent of the racist remarks he allegedly made towards Anton Ferdinand however, that does not excuse his past which is a sorry, checkered history of offensive nastiness, on and off the field. You can forgive the odd mistake, especially when you are young, but when you consistently behave like a pr*ck well into your adulthood it’s gone in my book. Perhaps Terry is captain because, despite all this he is good at being a captain, however, if I were in Steven Gerrard boots, or those of any England player, I’d just play my own game, ignore him and hope he goes away which, if he is found guilty this summer, will hopefully be soon?

Back to the Suarez case. Amid all the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Anfield, suggesting how unfair and harsh everything was, it may be easy to forget that we actually decided not to appeal against the FA’s decision to ban Suarez which, on paper at least, constitutes an acceptance? When this happened I wondered just how much of this was motivated by concern for Suarez and concern for the club. For example how much would the racist issue damage the club and perhaps a potential sponsor? However, as is often the case money, and the associated potential revenue streams, speak louder than well, anything else! Witness our enhanced kit deal with someone called Warrior sports. The juicy figure is £25m a year compared to current deal with Adidas which is in the region of £12m. That is more than double by my reckoning – I don’t work in a finance area for nothing you know!

Clearly this is all very nice and adds to the booty we get from Standard Charter, for agreeing to stick their name on our shirts. Hopefully the money will be put to good use ie. to strengthen the squad and, let’s be honest, providing funds to keep players at the club! All that remains is to make a decision over the new stadium or lack of it. This seems to be taking an eternity which isn’t necessarily bad news as one assumes we are weighing up the options thoroughly on the other hand the longer we delay the more we fall behind?

Back to our new kit, and I have to confess I’ve never heard of Warrior. Perhaps we’ll see Gerrard running out in a roman helmet, or Daniel Agger with a spear, Glen Johnson with a shield, he could do with one! It’s no surprise to learn they are America.

I have to confess I quiet liked the recent Adidas kits which were in stark contrast so some hideous efforts in the early nineties. There was the “bird sh*t” kit that looked as if … well the name says it all and then the even more bizarre “skeleton kit” with three large Adidas stripes around the player’s midriff aka a rib cage. Before that the stripes appeared over the player’s should like some white claw holding them back! Before that however, they were OK. Lets hope Warrior don’t start messing around with our colours or adding fiddly zigs and zigs or hues?

Adidas is an iconic sports brand however money is money I guess. They balked at our demands, because we weren’t in the Champions League and pulled out of the bidding process, I find this slightly surprising given that we shift the most replica shirts after Real, Barca and The Mancs, surely they would still make on the deal despite doubling it? Anyway Warrior offered us more than Adidas and I’ll leave the final words to Warrior Sports’ General Manager Richard Wright (no, not the Pink Floyd keyboard player, he’s dead).

“Warrior Sports has ventured into football to bring our knowledge of making top level product to a new playing field. We are not the sort of brand that is going to keep our head down. We are here to shake up the world of football and our partnership with one of the most successful club teams of all time is just the start.”

Good grief I can’t wait, surely there will be questions in the house as our lives will never be the same after this? Pity I won’t be buying anything from them!

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