Wolves review, Mancs fallout and Carroll for Tevez swap codswallop

So before all Saturday’s vitriol has had time to evaporate we are back in league action tonight away to Wolves.

On Sunday morning we got the mix of match reports coupled with coverage of the fans reaction. One the issues that has been thrown at Liverpool is their apparent blind denial that Suarez was in the wrong, this appeared to come out again before, during and after Saturday’s game. Kenny was castigated for his reaction to reporters question about the booing of Evra which continued throughout the match and culminated for him being a fault for the Kuyt’s winner.

There is some degree of truth in this, nothing is to be gained now from Kenny, or anyone else connected with the club, commenting on the case any further. All we are doing is digging bigger holes for ourselves. Best to move on and not answer any questions? Re the booing of Evra one of the many arguments put forward is how can Liverpool fans boo the player when he has done nothing wrong? To argue this particular case shows ignorance over the way fans and football crowds work. Surely the fans were booing Evra because they knew he would be already under pressure, they identify a weak spot and pick at it in the hope it becomes bigger. Anyone who suggests Liverpool’s treatment of Evra on Saturday was racist and /or could put players off from making racial abuse complaints is wrong and patronising. Rather than look for copy in this perhaps they should be castigating the FA who sanctioned the cowardly cancelation of the pre match handshakes before QPR’s match with Chelsea what does this say about their attitude to taking on and facing racism?

Meanwhile despite a good performance on Saturday, Andy Carroll was at the centre of the latest transfer rumour – a swap deal with Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez.

I can’t help thinking that there is as much mileage in this as an England Cricket team’s test match second innings. There are so many questions that suggest such an approach does not add up. Andy Carroll is allegedly unsettled in Merseyside so would a move forty miles away make him feel any better, surely he would want to go back to the North East? Moreover the same applies to Tevez. He has sited homesickness and the need to be near his family in South America as one of the reasons for him wanting way from City, will these problems be resolved by a move to Anfield, may be, it’s forty miles nearer!

Then there is the issue of Tevez’s wages. He is on considerably more than our highest earner(s)? Perhaps he might be prepared to take a drop just to play football again however, I doubt it? Then there is the respective form of both players. We don’t know what we’ll be getting with Tevez who hasn’t kicked a ball in anger for some time now. Equally, with due respect to the player, I suspect that if City feel they do need a new striker Andy Carroll, on current form, will not be their first point of call.

And so to tonights match away to Wolves. It goes without saying that we need to win this and hopefully we can build on the “high” of recent results. Although the last two games have been an enjoyable distraction progress in the “bread and butter” of the league is essential. We now sit six points off Chelsea who are in fourth place so if there are pretensions of top four finish then there should be no further falling behind?

It is not rocket science to say that we could do with transferring the consistency we’ve shown last week in the cups to the league. We can also take mild encouragement from four goals in two games. I mean no disrespect to Wolves but we sit sixth in the table they are in the relegation zone however, we have scored the same number of goals (25). It’s a telling statistic with underlines what the problem has been this season, thankfully the defence has been tight enough to keep us afloat.

Last seasons game, which we won 3-0 (click here for match report), was the first game under Kenny since his return where I thought his influence was beginning to shine through. In that game we were more fluid in our style and organisation the players really looked to be enjoying themselves even Torres (who scored) or should that be even Torres scored!

Prediction? Wolves always set out to deny us time and space and even though they are the home side I expect the same approach. It will be up to us to try and break them down. We should confident of doing so after last week and I take us to continue the good form with 2-0 win.

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