Transfer tittle tattle and Bolton wanderings.

With only ten days to go to the end of the month attention, inevitably, focuses on the transfer window and who we might sign.

The January window was a rather quiet affair for us until last year’s activity which quite frankly took everyone by surprise. Ironically it is one of our signings in the last window, Andy Carroll, who seems to be a centre of most of this window’s rumours.

There is the rumour about Carroll leaving us, to go back to Newcastle it seems, for what, one guesses, would be a fee considerably less than the £35m we paid to “prise” him way from them? Quite why we would want to sell Carroll when we have Luis Suarez suspended seem to be an important fact lost on those who are reporting this nonsense.

I guess of course there would be more credibility if we were buy a replacement for Carroll? Various names have been mentioned and Jermaine Defoe and Darren Bent seem to be at the front of the queue. Defoe wants to leave Spurs because Harry Redknapp isn’t playing him and this is heightened by his need for first team football in the run up to Euro 2012. The papers have even seen fit to quote fee, 10million of our British pounds no less. The Marcus Bent rumours is down to fact that it’s the transfer window and whenever there is a transfer window there is a rumour about Marcus Bent!

In the need to cover all the bases the papers have also suggested that Luis Suarez, no doubt chased by recent events, will also seek the exit door. Real Madrid have been wheeled in as potential suitors and £29m is the fee. Even allowing for the fact that Suarez might want to leave, there is the question of the fee which is, quiet frankly, taking the Miguel.

So that’s a new forward line for the beginning of February, Defoe and Bent and but let’s not leave it there, let’s start hacking at the midfield by bringing in Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha and Spurs’ Aaron Lennon. Zaha who is has been dubbed by various papers as a “young starlet” and “teenage sensation” a football equivalent of Justin Bieber perhaps. There are plenty of other clubs in the running for Zaha but surely if Palace get to the Carling Cup Final that will be it until the summer?

As for Aaron Lennon the thing that struck me first when I read about this was this quote from The Echo.

“It is believed Liverpool have had their eyes on Lennon for some time, under the advice of director of football Damien Comolli from his time at Spurs”

Leaving aside whether we should sign Lennon or not one wonders just what we are paying Damien Comolli for. Suggesting we sign Lennon is hardly a new thing? Surely we should expecting Comolli to undercover a nugget from the lower divisions or some far flung foreign field that we can sign for pittance and then sell onto Barcelona or Real Madrid or, if we are really lucky, Manchester City once he gets bored with us for about a thousand times the money we paid for him? Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work? What next, Comilli has been studying Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinaind? If you are watching Mr Henry pay me half, no a third of Comilli’s salary and I’ll tell you about the likes of Aaron Lennon has he’s on the TV playing for Spurs nearly every week. Next Comolli advises us to take an umbrella as it’s raining outside!

With hindsight I’m probably being hard on Comolli I suspect these rumours aren’t worth the paper they are printed on, they are just there to fill space and stir up idle interest? I suspect we will have a quiet transfer window this time having bought so many new players recently and will see Kenny persevere and be patient with what he has?

“You have to be patient with every new player who comes in. You have to be patient with the older ones at times as well, like we did with Stevie (Gerrard) coming back. Patience is important but the most important thing is having the ability to play and everyone in our squad has the ability to play.”

Perhaps such patience will be rewarded at The Reebok Stadium today, note clumsy attempt to segway into a new subject? Every game is an opportunity but with Arsenal playing The Mancs and City playing Spurs there should be the opportunity to make up some of the ground we’ve lost recently, if we win? I hesitate to write in this way as we now stand in sixth place and talk about making ground on the likes of City and The Mancs at present sounds a bit like my son the other day who suggested my other half should go on Masterchef because she “cooked” him “a really nice meal” – it was fish fingers and chips!

Bolton’s form this season has been dreadful and below expectations, they have got seven points from their last fifteen. Which probably means a draw as that is what we do against these sides! Actually their record isn’t too far away from what we’ve got. I guess we might have half an eye on the Carling Cup semi final second leg? Even if we do one hopes Kenny’s side doesn’t reflect this. Surely we are far better of starting strongly to try and win the game and then take players off?

Team wise it looks as if we will be without Jay Spearing after his injury in the first leg but Daniel Agger looks good for a return. Bolton of course have David Ngog in their ranks which, if fate has anything to do with it, suggests he will probably achieve for them against us what he consistency failed to do when he was with us!

Prediction? It’s all very well talking about where we are in relation to other teams however for ourselves we need a win if only to boost confidence and help erase the malaise of not making our chances count. I take us to do this by 2-0.

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