More home failure on the scoring range as Reds given the Bunn’s rush!

Liverpool 1
Maxi (53)

Blackburn Rovers 1
Adam (og) (45)

Bah humbug!

The annoying thing about this game, apart from the result which of course is the main thing and let’s be honest a bit of a pis*er, is the way the game went.

When you write this stuff you can reasonably assume that games will be different so there should be always something to hang your hat on, a blitz of goals scored or conceded, a controversial refereeing decision, a dog, or a beach ball, on the pitch, anything. However, this game, along with others, fits a familiar pattern, a well trodden path that, had I known how the home game part of our season would go, would have saved me a lot of time.

All I would have needed to do would be to construct a “Word template” in which I filled in the name of the team who we were playing, the name of the opposition’s keeper who always has a stormer of a game, the names of the Liverpool players who have missed chances and then the same optimistic phrase about how the form, particularly the chances we are creating, will surely mean that things will turn around?

Presumably Kenny thought he needed to make changes given the run of games, in such assort of space of time we have. To this end Andy Carroll was bought in for Kuyt, perhaps in anticipation of preparing him for a possible Suarez ban?

Loading template………

Insert name of opposition: BLACKBURN ROVERS

Insert name of heroic opposition keeper: MARK BUNN

Insert names of Liverpool players who missed chances: CARROLL – from Enrique’s cross good point blank stop from Bunn. MAXI – should have had a penalty when felled by Bunn was given offside – he wasn’t, SUAREZ – a free header from Downing’s corner just past the post. MAXI – a header over the bar, from six yards out, from Gerrard’s free kick. CARROLL – a header just past Bunn’s left hand post from Downing’s cross. DOWNING – another header from Bellamy’s cross that was turned away by Bunn. CARROLL – from Bellamy’s cross again, a superb save from Bunn after his touch with the outside of his boot looked goal bound. AGGER – a free, last gasp, header cleared off the line from the resulting corner by Henley.

Insert names of Liverpool players who took chances: ADAM a weird and wonderful slice into his own net from Pedersen’s corner. How did he manage that? MAXI a header from Skrtel’s lob into the box after Blackburn had cleared the initial danger.

Load concluding statement (do you want to use the same wording you used for the Norwich, Swansea, Manchester City and Wigan games?): YES

Plenty of chances, opposition, especially their keeper played out of their skin, poor finishing, but if we keep on playing like this things will surely get better….. Continued page 94 Oh, and Gerrard back!

I’ve always said that this season I would expect nothing from Liverpool and just see how it goes and that still remains however, I can’t believe that we are playing so well and getting so little reward for it. The elephant in the room is of course the fact that we aren’t finishing the chances we create. Perhaps we are more tolerant of this and making more excuses because the build up play, leading to the miss, is good to watch yet in terms of influencing the result, failure in this part of the pitch it is just as bad as poor defending? Sorry, but it needs saying.

The stats back this up. 21 goals for us but 53 for Man City, 47 for The Mancs, 32 for Spurs, 36 for Chelsea and 33 for Arsenal. Apparently we’ve hit the woodwork more than anyone else this season, it says it all. Nonetheless in all my years of supporting Liverpool I can honestly say that I have never known anything like this. I put hope in the well worn phrase of “what goes around comes around” and that, in the second half of the season, the sexy build up play and chance creation has a positive end product. It would be nice and although we aren’t getting the results at least I’m enjoying in the manner in which they aren’t being achieved!

The irony is that in the previous post I accused Blackburn’s Steve Kean of being a man in denial stubbornly trying to accentuate the positive against yards and yards of negative writing on the wall. We are not the same position as Kean and his team, thank God, however, when it comes to home form, we are standing in front of the same wall albeit a bit further down and in front of a bit that’s not as high!

We will get our just deserts, some day some time and despite an initial “harrumph” this evening, I’m still keeping the faith.

Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Jose Enrique, Agger, Skrtel, Maxi (Bellamy 81), Henderson, Downing, Adam (Gerrard 69), Suarez, Carroll Substitutes: Doni, Carragher, Kelly, Gerrard, Shelvey, Kuyt, Bellamy

Blackburn: Bunn, Samba, Hanley, Henley, Dunn (Petrovic 84), Formica, Pedersen, Nzonzi, Lowe, Hoilett (Vukcevic 75), Yakubu (Goodwillie 90+4) Substitutes: Kean, Petrovic, Vukcevic, Morris, Rochina, Blackman, Goodwillie

Att: 44,441

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