Blackburn review and what’s in a t shirt?

It appears that, despite prospect of an appeal, Luis Suarez has been tried condemned and ostracised for the Patrice Evra racist remark.

Firstly let me say that I have real difficultly in trying to tread the line on this one. Suarez is one of our players and I’m struggling with the loyalty and admiration I have for him as a player with what could be, if the appeal is not successful …. well you know.

However, and at the risk of repeating myself, until the full evidence from the FA is realised and the result of the appeal and the details surrounding the FA decision are revealed I’m certainly not going to judge or condemn. Sadly, in keeping with the knee jerk reaction that runs through the game these days, this hasn’t stopped others from doing exactly that. What will they do or say if Suarez’s appeal is successful?

Some newspapers have attempted to cobble together ill thought-out comparisons with Liverpool’s involvement in previous “Kick It Out” initiatives suggesting there is a degree of hypocrisy. Howver, the teams support is for one man who they feel has been wronged, it is not support for racism nor is it hypocritical if you feel the man who has accused is wrong. It is fighting for something which they see as justice and the truth, someone this clubs knows about a lot. There are those outside the club who don’t like but we came live with that as we are used to it.

As Patrice Evra is the “victim” it would particularly interesting to see what Fergie would say if the appeal goes Suarez’s way, given that he has broken cover and described the decision as correct? There were also thinly veiled references to Kenny and the way he is running the club most particularly the T shirt incident at Wigan. I await Kenny’s reply which will, as it has always been, a better “put down” than Fergie’s criticism!

Then we have various “has beens” breaking cover and trying to make their mark. Ex Manc Paul McGrath has described the team’s decision to wear T shirts supporting Suarez on Wednesday night at Wigan as “shameful”. Glen Johnson, one of our black players, came in for particular attention with McGrath suggesting that he would have thrown the shirt on the floor had it been given to him. Johnson tweeted back basically saying that it was none of his business and he would

“…support who I want when I want”

I believe McGrath was one the greatest footballers of modern times ever to grace this country however him labelling someone has “shameful” has a certain irony. All one has to read his biography, and stories since then, to start referring the danger of throwing stones in glass houses. Furthermore I guess, Johnson is right, the players are well within their rights to do what they want over this. They must have known that wearing the shirts would attract some negative comments however, the extent of their support for Suarez overrode this and although I have problems with the subject matter, I also have similar issues with those whose seek to judge and condemn before the full facts are known. So in conclusion f*ck them, the team know the real Suarez so if they feel they should act that way then who are those on the outside to condemn?

Someone who would probably produce a wry smile when talking about verbal abuse phrase is Steve Kean the manager of Blackburn, today’s opponents. Blackburn’s record under Kean is, to be frank, terrible so that probably means we’ll end up giving them a point today if previous games are anything to go by!

On paper this is the ideal opportunity to bounce back from the Wigan game and try and keep in touch, albeit on the coattails, of the top four but for once I expect the attention will be faced on the visitors. Steve Kean has cut an interesting if sad figure, this season. This week he says support for him has been thick and fast however, all I’ve heard since the beginning of the season is excuse after excuse for his side’s bad form. He talked about stats and figures not justifying the result, then he refers to the referees and now the latest is, injuries. He is a man in denial and I don’t really think anyone is taken in by his excuses.

However one has sympathies for Kean, no one deserves the abuse the Blackburn fans have given him. Following your team is just a pastime, yes passions are high but when it comes to personally abusing a family man to the extent that he must feel for his own and his families, safety then people need to take a long hard look at themselves. As for The Chicken Farmers, Blackburn’s owners, they seem almost as clueless as Kean, is he still there because they can’t afford the severance, anyway no further comment because, even though the circumstances are different, we’ve been there!

Prediction? Given the above paragraph I expect Blackburn to swan into Anfield and get three points. Not really but the point is that we need to be more ruthless at home and start burning off sides like Blackburn and I take us to learn from Swansea, Norwich and Sunderland and do this by 3-1.

Oh buy the way did you have a good Christmas – peace and goodwill to ALL men and all that nonsense. I’m glad it’s over and that we’ve some footy to look forward to today!

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