Reds on the “FA naughty step” and vanquishing Villa.

Ho, ho, ho it’s Christmas and the season of goodwill to all men. So I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised to see the FA to start the investigation into Luis Suarez’s alleged racist remarks to Patrice Evra this week!

Quite why it has taken so long for the FA, or other parties, the get their act together is beyond me however, we are here now and it seems that we will hear the outcome of their deliberations next week as an Independent Regulatory Commission will work through the weekend to arrive at a conclusion.

Racism, quite rightly, is an emotive subject and because of this I’ve deliberately skirted the issue in this blog preferring to await the conclusion of the investigation before firing bullets. Actually that’s boll*cks I’m just flaying around trying to work out what I’m going to say if Suarez is found guilty! What do you say if your best player is found guilty of racism? It’s like finding out that your mother is a crack cocaine dealer! Hopefully it’s not a route I’ll have to go down or a situation all Reds fans will have to reconcile with their conscience?

From what we’ve read it seems there appears to be confusion over what language, or words, are acceptable in South American, more specifically Uruguayan, culture and that of Western Europe? Presumably this is a unique situation for the FA given the Premiership is very short on South American players and is probably the least cosmopolitan league in the world!!!!

We are also “in the dock” for failing to control our players at Fulham after Jay Spearings’ sending off and then over Suarez’s hand gesture after the game. Clearly this is more trivial than the racist investigation and one wonders if there is a better way of dealing with it? The key theme is player indiscipline however, although this is an important issue, it will crop up on a regular basis and it doesn’t necessarily mean the game has a problem. One only had to see my sons beating the sh*t out of each other in the shop we were trying to get the Christmas meat into today on the same day we received a gushing Christmas card saying they were a “credit to you”!

Cleary the FA need to make sure that players set an example however, they need to get real and view their “punishment policy” in the light of the overall scheme of things. To me there appears to be no allowance for the pressure players find themselves under and the fact that they are human, it’s almost as the FA resents the life and money they have? To this end every transgression is jumped on in overly officious way. Suarez’s gesture was because he had been goaded throughout the game yet he is expected to turn the other cheek and act like an angel. Who would do that except an angel? Although it is Christmas, in reality there are few of them around!

So to today’s game and as the European draws were made it seems ironic that we are playing Aston Villa. Both sides missed out of these competitions when many felt they are “big enough” to be involved. For Villa it is a case making that small but significant jump to the European places when they are, seemingly, always just outside them. For use it is arresting the decline and finding ourselves alongside Villa in the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th place Premiership hinterland!

In terms of Premiership progress, it’s simply a game we need to win and I suspect I’ll be saying that for quite a few games due to the number of draws we’ve had recently. There is no point in worrying about how everyone else is doing, we just need three points, then again is there a team that doesn’t?

Team wise and the BBC website says

“Liverpool have top scorer Luis Suarez available after the outcome of his disciplinary hearing was delayed until later in the week.”

Do they know something about the outcome we don’t. Presumably if he is found not guilty he will available also. Do the BBC think the delay is just “delaying the inevitable”?

Elsewhere and there will be attention over Stuart Downing returning to his former club and it is ironic that his last game for Villa was against us and he scored the winning goal. However, although the Villa fans will probably have something to chant about it is for us, with Lucas and Gerrard out, low key stuff.

Prediction. To me this has boring draw written all over it but perhaps I’ve been tainted by previous games so I’m taking this one to buck the trend and say we’ll come out winners by 2-1.

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