Kenny’s cries over fitting in the fixtures fall on fallow ground?

The news that Kenny is unhappy with our forthcoming fixture schedule may well produce a split amongst Liverpool fans in terms of their reaction.

Clearly there is a degree of stupidity in us having play Manchester City in the Premiership on Sunday and then Chelsea in the Carling Cup two days later on Tuesday night. The FA said

“The Football League has been engaged in lengthy discussions with clubs, the Premier League and the Metropolitan police regarding the scheduling of the two Carling Cup quarter-final ties due to be played in London in the week commencing November 28. This followed confirmation that the matches could not be scheduled on the night of Wednesday, November 30 due to the TUC rally taking place in central London that day.”

Seems like the discussions were one sided as Liverpool are clearly miffed at the outcome! Said Kenny

“It is disgraceful in this day and age that players are being asked to play a league game and then a quarter-final just 48 hours later. If the Football League want to devalue their own competition it’s up to them.”

This seems more ironic bearing in mind that because we’re not in Europe we’ve had quite a few weeks where we’ve been inactive from one Saturday to the next. Initially I thought this would be a good thing as it would keep players fresh and allow more time to recover from injury however, one also wonders if, given recent results, the players need to be playing more regularly with seven days being a long time to wait before trying to pick up, or improve upon, where you left off? I guess there is a happy medium to be struck – one midweek on then one midweek off or something like that?

Of course in the days when Kenny was a player it would have been easier to move fixtures to elevate any congestion however now the list is more crowded and TV has more of a say over the calendar. However, despite the FA’s predictable intransigence it was clearly worth Liverpool having a punt in trying to get the fixture rescheduled.

On the other side of the coin is that this sort of situation is exactly alien to u, and I guess all we can do is be positive and get on with it? So, it is disappointing to hear Kenny say

“The one thing I will say to our fans is to think carefully before buying tickets for the League Cup game. We do not want them spending their money and then we decide there is no other option but to use only young players in the tie.”

Firstly there is the issue that young players are not as interesting to watch as the senior squad and secondly, our next game after the Carling Cup tie is against Fulham on Monday 5th December, so surely the two games shouldn’t be too burdensome? We are, arguably in a better position to deal this than we have been in the past as the squad is stronger and we have more strength in depth. There should be no reason to play young players for example we made around eight changes against Stoke in the last round and still fielded a side that was strong enough to beat them.

With many of the clubs still in the competition facing European responsibilities The Carling Cup, arguably, gives us a decent chance of picking up silverware. Along with the FA Cup I suspect many of the fans are looking for us to take this more seriously than we have in the past so I don’t think such negativity will be appreciated. I can understand Kenny’s disappointment and I’m sure his team will approach both games seriously however it just looks like he’s a taken a cue from the Fergie, Wenger school of moaning, he is better than that.

I’d rather see us turn this into to positive, adopt a back to the wall approach if necessary and try and go out and win against both sides, we have the talent to do so. If we fail then so be it we have a ready made reason however surely we shouldn’t be talking before the games in a way that suggests the game is up before it’s even started. We should just go for it!

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