Swansea fall out as Agger cries fowl

I don’t think any Liverpool fan can be pleased with Saturdays’ result against Swansea.
It is particularly frustrating as this game, along with the previous two against West Brom and Norwich, should have given us the chance to make progress up the table. The confidence gained from those games would have set us up nicely for the next couple against Chelsea and Manchester City, any success in these and we would be right up there at the top of the table.

As it is we find ourselves in sixth place with an in form Arsenal threatening to overhaul us or, if you what to be positive, three points off fourth spot. Perhaps many will see this is a fair reflection of the way have played this season and, despite the money we’ve invested, the squad? Equally one can’t stop those from jumping to conclusions and dismiss the chances of the team even though the clocks have only just gone back. However, one wonders just want they were expecting from Liverpool this season. To win the Championship? Perhaps those who are more grounded in their expectations would opt for regaining a Champions League place. With the emergence of Manchester City, Spurs’ good form, Arsenal’s resurgence and Newcastle being a (temporary?) fly in the ointment perhaps this is also unrealistic? However, I’ll go with it. So being in position after eleven games were we are three points off said qualification spot isn’t the disaster that many of internet doom merchants are suggesting it is?

That said there is clearly room for improvement and we will need to if we are to hold our own against the clubs around us. Said Daniel Agger

“Sometimes we looked like headless chickens running around after the ball. It is far from good enough. Everyone was angry and disappointed – some more than others – but that is the way it is.”

What interests me most about Agger’s quote is the phrase “some more than others”. Reading between the lines are we suggesting that “some” in the squad ”want it” more whilst “others” are more complacent? If this is the case then the “others” are kidding themselves, it won’t take long for Kenny and the crowd to flush them out?

I don’t know if Agger is suggesting this but it is only natural to look critically at certain areas of the squad and hone in the weaknesses however, are we the only team with weak spots? Moreover perhaps this needs to be looked at in the context of a number games played recently rather just Saturdays, remember we are now unbeaten in eight of them.

We also need to ask ourselves would such navel gazing be going on if Suarez’s and Johnson’s shots at the end of the game hadn’t found Vorm, the Swansea keeper, in such magnificent form or had Carroll’s header, in the opening ten minutes or so had, been just a couple of centimeters lower? Granted it would have been an “ugly win” just like The Mancs achieved against Sunderland and Chelsea did at Blackburn on the same day. Are you always good at your job day in day out, week after week and don’t site money as a reason for expecting the players to be so human beings don’t work like that,. especially when you are working as a team?

“Ifs” and “buts” yes however, we are in the margins. I can’t remember a Liverpool side that has created so many chances as this one has this season and because of this I still feel that things will fall our way. We will improve not, I believe to the extent that we challenge for the title, but we will have certainly have European places in our sights. Worries do remain. Where is Jordan Henderson supposed to fit in? Andy Carroll’s consistency, Glen Johnson’s non existent defending and positional sense and Martin Skrtel being the hardest looking weak centre back in the Premiership! Nonetheless we are in a much better position than we were this time last season, even though we aren’t in Europe. The squad is improving but could get better, we are creating chances but need to be more ruthless, Kenny’s got us playing better more exciting football but I still don’t think he has found the right line up yet?

I can’t believe how impatient people are, eleven games it is still work in progress and I hope those to whom Agger alludes to in his quote will work to progress. If they do surely it is only a matter of time before things begin to click into place?

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2 Responses to Swansea fall out as Agger cries fowl

  1. red bird says:

    we should give agger the captainship..the great dane iss the only one who seems to care a toss..
    we should sell johnson..he is useless….at everything…martin kelly was far far better …

    cant say much about charlie adam and leiva..they went about their work…
    cant say much about henderson as we hardly noticed he was there…bellamy would have been a better choice instead of him in a 3 pronged attack with him and suarez on either side of carrol.

    dwning needs to be put to rest for a bit…better to give maxi a run…its too predictable that when downing runs down the flank, heads up and everyone is looking for that one dimensional play to carrol…yawn…..

    we need leadership..gerard isnt going to be around much this season..you cant give the arm band to a goalie..he isnt going to be able to charge up field and give his chargers a earfull….you cant give carra the captainship..he seems to be burdened by the responsibility rather than being energised by it…u cant give it too adams as he dosnt seem to have much soul….u cant give it to skertel because he looks like that character from the video game assasin creed…

    so give it to the great dane…he has been patient and stuck with us thru thick and thin…he has spirit,skill,charachter and fight…and gosh we need all of that…we were like a bunch of woosies and let swansea look much better than they actually were…onto the next game..YNWA guys..

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