Dealing with racist accusations founded AND false plus West Brom review

Perhaps I’m being cynical but is it any coincidence that hot on the heels of Patrice Evra’s allegation of racism against Luis Suarez, we get another story concerning John Terry and Anton Ferdinand? My, my it’s a London bus syndrome get one racist incident and along comes another straight away?

Is this any coincidence? I could be totally wrong, both might be legitimate and we are being done a big service by finally seeing all this bought to light. However it’s almost as if the press, having given the Evra Suarez incident lots of space, now want to build on this and milk the issue that is currently on the lips of many, in the interests of peace of harmony and not selling copy you understand! Racism in football, X Factor it’s all the same as long as it makes bucks?

If Suarez and/or Terry are found to be guilty then they should take the consequences however, if it turns out that there are no grounds in both accusations what punishment will Evra and the papers who have sought to build this up, particularly with the Terry incident where Ferdinand to date has said nothing, receive? Nothing I suspect and for the papers especially it is just part of days work stirring things up , suggesting things and then taking what ever angle is appropriate – “Luis Suarez is accused of racism” and then, in a couple of weeks time, “How unjust racist allegations hurt Suarez”. They have an angle for everything but ultimately the sad thing is that we continue to be taken in their line?

Commenting again in the Suarez/Evra incident Kenny Dalglish said

“We would rather have it done and dusted, out in the open. Whoever is the guilty party – the person who said it or the accuser – (should) get their due punishment.”

Very true, but what about those who stirred it up? I hope Suarez’s lawyers are scanning the papers?

Meanwhile we continue our “block booking” with ESPN with another Saturday tea time date, best to get them all out of the way in one go, this time at The Hawthorns as we take on West Brom. It will be interesting to see how we perform. Perhaps the team was on something of a downer after dominating for so log against Norwich last Saturday and only getting a point? However they must surely be lifted by the midweek Carling Cup victory against Stoke? As I’ve said before if we keep creating chances, as we have done on regular basis this season, the rewards will come. West Brom are unbeaten in their last four League games and have a better record than us over their last six games, thanks to anoraks at the BBC for that one. However we have only lost one of our last dozen or so games against them even though, perhaps significantly, it was our last meeting against them.

Many will make a issue that in Roy Hodgson we are facing an ex manager however although it is less than year ago since we parted company with HRH, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then? One only has to look at our line up to see that. How many Hodgson signings will be expected to face his “new” side today? It’s a bit late but racking my brains for oh about ten seconds I can’t think of one, where, for example, are Christina Poulson, Raul Meireles, Paul Konchesky and Joe Cole?

Prediction? I am assuming that Kenny will make many changes from mid week and will bring the likes of Gerrard back in the side? Even if he doesn’t on paper we should be too strong for West Brom? In previous years this would have been a “potential banana skin” however perhaps now after Stoke we can kick on, be more ruthless and finally realise, in terms of points and goals, what our play over the few weeks has suggested? 3-0 to us.

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