Stevie G return signifies a fresh optimism and “the truth” gets nearer?

It is a pity that the Saturday’s game was largely overshadowed by the racist accusations against Luis Suarez as I thought there was a lot to be positive about.

Many have suggested that the Mancs’ opening line up was not as strong as it could have been even to the extent that they were playing for a point with half an eye on last night Champions League match. However, you can only play what is front of you and I think we did well.

When Hernandez’s equaliser went in I felt the worst thinking that the Mancs, having bought some of their “big guns” off the bench, would kick on and get another particularly as we are told they have a reputation for keeping on going and nicking games right at the death, as if other teams jack it in after 80 minutes!. However, we rallied admirably and had at least three good chances, two for Henderson and one for Skrtel, that I can think off. A win wouldn’t have been underserved?

I guess the most positive aspect was the return of Steven Gerrard. Having seen small snippets of him at Brighton, Wolves and Everton this was Gerrard fully unleashed. At first glance it seems that slowly bringing him back has paid dividends on Saturday he showed signs of being back to his marauding best and capped it off with the goal which although he admitted was fortunate, he will be pleased with, he also lasted the pace, a full ninety minutes. Thankfully we now appear to be able to give players like Gerrard the right amount of time to recover as we have more strengthen in depth, particularly in midfield. Pepe Reina echoed what many are probably thinking.

“Stevie is the badge of this football club, the soul of this team and we are more than happy to have him back in the team. Hopefully he will be back for a long, long time. Just by the fact that he is on the pitch it is an inspiration for us. He always leads by example and anything he does he does with passion and a lot of commitment. He is a born winner.”

Bloody hell Pepe, no need to be so reticent, say what you think for f**ks sake!!!

In terms of the league, after Everton and the Mancs we have three reasonably easy games coming up against Norwich, West Brom and Swansea. Of course one should never be complacent but if we have any ambitions or gumption about us these should regarded as good opportunities, ones that can help us move further up the table?

Meanwhile off the pitch the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy perhaps moved a step nearer to ending their long struggle for justice. The decision to release all government documents relating to the disaster shows what can occur if the people are sufficiently motivated. The epetition that sparked all this had around 140,000 “signatures”.

It was a refreshing change to hear MPs talking positively and together on the issue however, I can’t help thinking that surely everything that needs to be known about the events is already known. What is important is that papers will hopefully confirm, the truth about what happened, it would surely be a massive surprise if any ground breaking new facts came to light after such a long time? What is reassuring is that everything will be out in the open and at last there will not hiding or attempts to shift the blame. We will hopefully get the truth and blow away all those other theories surrounding the cause of the tragedy. Even today, when I read some of the online comments to news articles about this I never fail to be surprised at the ignorance many still show about the events and how they have let themselves become misinformed by the lies that have been told over the years.

One wonders if we will ever to the stage were people can move on? Many have asked for the government to issue an apology to the victims, fans and club. Will this help end things? Although I was there in the pen I am not a relative or friend of anyone who died so can’t speak for them but at this moment in time I can’t honestly say if an apology will help me feel any better. Perhaps it will and may even force The Sun to do likewise? I just don’t know.

Finally no report about Red’s friendly against Rangers last night because quiet simply I didn’t see it. They won 1-0 see report here. Craig Bellamy played and I bet that went down well with the home fans!

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