Back with a bang, time to “welcome” The Mancs

Agh back to normally after what seems an unfeasibly long international period and days away from a computer due to work. Having the games on a Friday created a void in the weekend which actually meant I had to do something around the house such as er being normal and responsible! Anyway, no such problems in that area this weekend!

It seemed all quiet on the red front until some of our men in suits inexplicably poked there head about the parapet and made complete ar*es of themselves by rambling on about TV rights. However that is for another piece as one can’t really avoid today’s game with a our loveable colleagues from down the East Lancs Road.

What can you say about his game that hasn’t already been said? Nothing really however, I’m not going to leave it there! Actually the build up has had a new slant on it with Fergie seemingly flummoxing us all with a rather odd, uncharacteristic approach. Get this…

“Both clubs need each other and the history should be appreciated by both sets of fans. Sometimes, when I hear silly chants about Munich or Hillsborough, I don’t think it does either club any good because without each other it wouldn’t be the English league.”

I can’t actually believe that for once I’m going to say that I agree with Fergie on this, but then again who wouldn’t. Perhaps Fergie knows that it isn’t really worth trying to wind up Kenny, he is not Rafa and is seen it all before? Hell we even got a piece of history thrown in.

“We are talking about the two most successful clubs in England historically, and a rivalry that goes back to how industry changed when they opened the Manchester Ship Canal”

Argh he’s saying that The Mancs also knocked Liverpool their economic perch! Next Fergie traces the course of social policy and social ideas in Britain since Victorian times!

In terms of the league this game should give us a useful indication of how far we’ve come. However, I said that about the Spurs game and I don’t think it was a barometer! I’ve also said before that I don’t expect us to be challenging for title this season so if we lose talk of falling behind The Mancs in the title race should be largely irrelevant however, whilst there’s a chance….. and a win today would reduce the gap to three points.

To the team and Steven Gerrard over the last few games has slowly been increasing his match minutes to the point where it is rumoured that he will start this game. Perhaps this is what he and Kenny were building up to however, I’d be surprised if he completed the whole game. Elsewhere Glen Johnson is also fit and has ideas about making the line up but I suspect the best he can hope for is the bench?

Prediction? The Mancs have started well but have shown a few wobbles recently and although it is not a good time for us to play them, equally it is not a good time for them to come to Anfield. Fergie must be aware that recent visits haven’t gone well, last year they were outplayed and lost 3-1 (click here for match report) and I think we’ve won three on the trot at home and they had a least two or three players sent off. Without the experience of Scholes, Van der sar and Dandy Gary perhaps their relatively inexperienced players might find it even more difficult to cope? Anyway I’m hardly going to suggest that The Mancs are going to win this one (ever) so let’s hope we get the usual blood and thunder, 2-0 to us.

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