Carroll and blue bottles – Saturday fall out!

There was plenty of fall out from Saturday’s game most of it relating to matters on the pitch however, there was also a sizable chunk relating to maters off it.

Andy Carroll’s star slowly appears to be rising even though many would argue that, in terms of his play so far season, it couldn’t have fallen any further! I think people forget that he returned from a lengthy injury and will therefore find to difficult to find his form. Nonetheless many will say he brings some of the negatively on himself, the alleged off the field stuff, the pony tail etc etc. However some of it is not his fault for example the price tag. Whatever the case I thought his performance against Wolves was encouraging and he built on that on Saturday with a goal.

Despite his rather lame performances on Match of the Day Alan Shearer would appear to be ideally qualified to talk about Carroll?

“A lot of these guys, myself included, were brought up on council estates without getting a great education. At 16, 17, 18, you are thrust into the spotlight, then you’re on big money and you are expected to handle all the stuff that comes with it. I do, however, see him as an England centre forward. Once he settles down and score goals, you’ll see the fearsome centre forward we saw at Newcastle.”

For Carroll a place in this week’s England squad is a good thing just as it a bad thing or Steven Gerrard. Should he play he can build on the last two games and gain more confidence should he score? One also has to admire the way Kenny has stuck with naming him in the side when many would have benched him. Hopefully Carroll will repay his faith and everyone, even those have shown no patience, will benefit through more improved performances? Of course much of Carroll’s game replies on a decent supply from the flanks and Stuart Downing lent his support to the striker.

“Andy’s off the mark now, without scoring, he’s been doing well for us and he deserved it for his all-around play. That goal is a real bonus and for it to happen in the derby is extra special for him. Andy is a quality striker and I’m sure he’ll build on it.”

Support also came for Jack Rodwell who on Saturday was the victim (innocent?) of the phrase “what goes around comes around”. Just as Kenny had been lamenting our shoddy treatment by referees over a number of games this season we get two breaks of luck in as many games – our first goal against Wolves and then with Rodwell’s sending off. Given David Moyes’ indignant manner after game I assuming that Everton will appeal against Martin Atkinson’s decision however former referee Jeff Winter supported his fellow man in black.

“I do have a little bit of sympathy for Martin Atkinson because certainly at pitch level from his angle it probably would have appeared that Rodwell jumped in rather recklessly and has caught the man.”

And then took it away!

“Obviously with the benefit of hindsight, looking at the replays you can see the player does make contact with the ball and not really clattered into Suarez, and Rodwell can feel justifiably that he was harshly punished on this occasion.”

Off the pitch and presumably those Everton fans who threw coins and bottles at our players will, thanks to CCTV, be bought to book? It was clear that Suarez and Bellamy were getting pelted however, it wasn’t until I saw Carroll’s goal on the TV that I realised he had been a victim too. Anyone see the shot of him celebrating with bottles flying behind him?

Clearly throwing objects at players is wrong and those who did it should suffer the consequences however, there is a danger of taking too much of the moral high ground in these things and then opening up yourselves to accusations of hypocrisy?

I think it is fair to say that every club has its nutters, some more than others, and that includes us. Thankfully most are in the minority and the fact that we have erred in the past shouldn’t stop us from commenting on what others do, otherwise anything would appear to be fair game. However, we have a fixture coming up at Anfield after the international break in which occasionally, from time to time, our fans haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory! Suffice to say football fans are a microcosm of life, there is good and bad. Thankfully the vast majority are sensible and decent.

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One Response to Carroll and blue bottles – Saturday fall out!

  1. Anonymous says:

    SO MUCH FOR FAIR-PLAY AT GOODISON?, John Barnes was racially abused and now we see bottles and coins thrown at Liverpool players……………….WHAT WILL THE FA DO NOW????

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