Carroll sparks as derby patience proves it’s own reward.

Everton 0

Liverpool 2
Carroll (71), Suarez (82)

Many will say that we made hard work of this Everton were down to ten men for the large majority of this game but we didn’t break them down until late on. However, to suggest this is to belittle the stubborn rearguard Everton displayed in a hot hostile atmosphere and the patience we showed which eventually paid dividends and enabled us to eventually come through. It was a measured and assured performance and, given the derby atmosphere, one that Kenny, the team and the fans can be proud of. A little over the top? No, it’s a derby game, it’s a win, our two big signings scored so stop moaning, the sun is shining, feel good!

Kenny made just one change from last week replacing Jordan Henderson with the derby hardened experience of Dirk Kuyt. The first fifteen minutes were scruffy and typical with both sides piling into each other and occasionally stopping to play a bit of football! The first chance of note fell to Suarez after Jagielka dallied on the ball allowing Kuyt to rob him and cross. Sadly the Uruguayan didn’t get enough “whip” on his header to beat Howard. Immediately after Everton bombed up the pitch and Reina was forced to tip over Cahill’s header.

Things improved as both sides found their feet and went at in the way one would expect from a game of this sort however, on twenty two minutes came the main talking point. Rodwell ploughed into Suarez contact was made with the player but also with the ball, and on balance I believe it was more deserving of a yellow than the red referee Atkinson brandished. Perhaps Atkinson thought Rodwell had his studs up however he was very close to the challenge and in the context of the game the decision was hasty and harsh. Surely referees should make allowances for games such as this when the players are more physical than normal? Not so Mr Atkinson and he compounded his error by only booking Cahill soon after for a studs up tackle on Charlie Adam which, arguably, was worse that Rodwell’s?

So thanks to the sending off instead of a good old fashioned derby with end to end stuff we had the prospect of Everton sitting back and inviting us to break them down? Was this what everyone had paid to see? Why can the whim of one man, who leads the list of red cards issued by Premiership refs this season, change things in this way?

The imbalance was reflected in the possession we had (loads) but Everton remained resolute and as well as pragmatic granting us plenty of space over most of the pitch but being mean in the final third. Suarez hit the side netting and it was not until just before half time that we managed to get something resembling a breakthrough. Even then we had to rely on Jagielka upending Suarez on the corner of the penalty area. Kuyt’s penalty looked OK at first sight however his run up was predictable enabling Howard to easily read it and dive the right way.

The referee now appeared to be losing it. Adam was fouled by Hibbert again the tackle was worse than Rodwell’s but no card. Adam was clearly in discomfort however Atkinson, just ignored him and allowed play to go on! Adam then went into “Incredible Hulk Mode” and clearly enraged at the referee’s decision he picked himself up got the ball and, as if in a fit of peak, smacked a cracking effort against the bar. It was last significant move before half time, no inroads however, time and the advantage were still with us?

We began the second half tentatively Carroll had a few headers and Lucas a wild slice into the crowd. We allowed Saha to have a few long range attempts repeating the old pre season bad habit of backing off and not closing the man down. Gerrard, slowly increasing his match minutes, and Bellamy were introduced after the hour. If nothing they would give fresh legs against a ten man Everton that were surely tiring? This proved to be the case, Bellamy slid in the overlapping Enrique, his cross was heading towards Kuyt however he knew someone was behind and in a better position so he executed an unselfish duck. It was Andy Carroll and he made no mistake scoring a goal that bookmarks the improvement we saw from him at Anfield a week ago.

As the game progressed and Everton tired we made and more openings. Suarez who was being booed at every touch despite his innocent involvement in the penalty and the sending off, was at the heart of things, so it was no surprise he was involved in killing the game off. Baines and Distin got in each others way trying to tidy up after foiling a Suarez run however our man was still loitering and seized on the loose ball that was consequence of this indecision and side footed past Howard. It was an easy but deserved goal for the Uruguayan. Kuyt nearly added to the lead when he hit the post at the death

As the clock wound down the Everton fans, knowing the game was up, contented themselves with throwing bottles and coins at Suarez and Bellamy whenever they came over to take a corner. Presumably there were no toys or prams nearby?

Everton: Howard, Hibbert (Vellios 78), Baines, Jagielka, Distin, Coleman (Drenthe 59), Cahill, Osman (Neville 69), Fellaini, Rodwell, Saha Substitutes: Mucha, Neville, Bilyaletdinov, Drenthe, Barkley, Stracqualursi, Vellios

Liverpool: Reina, Enrique, Carragher, Kelly, Skrtel, Downing (Bellamy 67), Lucas (Henderson 88), Adam (Gerrard 67), Suarez, Carroll, Kuyt, Substitutes: Doni, Coates, Flanagan, Gerrard, Henderson, Spearing, Bellamy

Att: 39,510

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8 Responses to Carroll sparks as derby patience proves it’s own reward.

  1. red bird says:

    Held my breath and then gently exhaled as rodwell got sent off..we played a fair game..

    Nothing much to say about our defence..the wing backs did good but skertel and carra tend to stop short a little and allowed saha to take his time to control the ball and take a good long range shot at reina..if it was a bigger team we would have been punished..reina was really pissed and came out later to give them a good rollocking..

    kuyt was much ten more times more productive than henderson on the right flank..kept baines in check and was an abseloute pest …henderson to me is a player who will become vital to our team in 2 or 3 seasons time..downing was fair on the left but i wish we could see more of maxi on the team sheet soon..leiva did well..but some of his passes still ran astray n as ive commented before he needs to improve on his long range shooting…leaving us with charlie adams…this guy so far has done fairly ok but im still not fully convinced he is a liverpool starting eleven..hopefully with gerard back, charlie will start on the bench more..

    carroll..vast improvement..helped out in defence..tracked back to get the ball moving…just needs to make himself more available in the box and attack the ball when it comes in..i think he’s positional instinct has not yet fully recovered from the long lay off..hopefully with more games…

    suarez…what a player..this game the man of the match award was a toss between suarez and enrique but suarez wins because without him we wouldnt have won..torres was good because if u fed him a good ball 9 times out of 10 hewould finish it..but suarez can create something out of nothing n thats magic…his work rate is phenomenal and opposing fans hate him coz of his theatrics..but he is very intelligent…during the last minutes of the game he went to take a corner..he took everyones attention by picking up a coin on the ground n showing it to the match officials..while they were looking at the coin he took the corner in lightining speed and it bounced off a player and n then the close to 3-0…

    i liked the timing kenny did to bring on the 2 players gerard and bellamy..he saw the everton players tiring n flamini on the ground being treated for cramps..on comes bellamy with his amazing pace n soon after the 1st goal…and gerard what can i me the best captain is always a midfield player..scholes,cantona,viera,keane…carra is good but i think its just too much weight on his shoulders and he seems to struggle to cope sometimes…he can scream at his fellow defenders but its hard to go up the pitch and give carrol a earfull..

    when gerard came on immediately our game changed..more passing more patience more composure..we probed everton calmly and didnt rush to kick the ball fowards and chase it..we cant rely on gerard too much but he is vital to the team..the new comers need watch him and learn the liverpool way…

    as for kuyts penalty well it cant be helped..i think he should have smashed it into the top corner instead of placing it but everyone has their off days….anyway with this win at least i can smile for the rest of the week..YNWA.

  2. Tony says:

    The FA should deduct pts from Everton after they showered Liverpool players with bottles and coins, Im delighted that we humped them away. Their fans are a disgrace and racially abused John Barnes years ago in the derby match!!!!………come on FA show some bottle……pardon the pun!!!!

  3. shaka mutary says:

    please tell the king to tidy up the defence before the united game

  4. trixfred30 says:

    Sod Liverpool. What the hell has happened to Arsenal? I feel like I’m watching Match of the Day with my Grandpa in the early 80s. Its pain.

  5. trixfred30 says:

    Could do he’s been dead for 20 years but probably doesnt look half as bad as Wegner who looks like he just shit himself

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