Wolves wanderings and Kenny’s Carroll comments

By the time you read this the England Rugby team will have probably played their third Rugby World Cup Group match. This time it’s against Romania.

Since the infamous dwarf throwing drinking session they’ve played Georgia however the press with it seems little else to do, even though there are loads of rugby games happening under their nose (shows what a boring game it is!), still seem obsessed by the evening out and the “repercussions”. Cleary it is wrong for the England team to relax after a game with a few beers. They should be locked in their hotel room with a good book and cup of hot chocolate? Anyway, who would have thought it Rugby players going out for a drink and six days or so before their next game?

Such moral piousness is not exclusive to rugby, Andy Carroll has attracted his critics because he had a well publicised drink or two. Fabio Capello has jumped on the bandwagon or should that be wagon and criticised his lifestyle as have many others. I don’t watch a great of TV so presumably I’ve missed the fly on the wall documentary called “Andy Carroll watch” which presumably scrutinises his every move. Fabio if you’re reading this can leave a comment and tell what channel it’s on you clearly watch it twenty four seven!

Thankfully we have Kenny Dalglish to prick the boils of such sanctimonious nonsense

“I’m an old guy and I’m still learning; I don’t understand the paranoia with Andy. People talk about him like they know him. They don’t know him. They talk about his lifestyle … what lifestyle? Everybody is obsessed with Andy Carroll.”

The £35m price tag of course hasn’t helped. If Carroll had been signed on a free transfer none of this would be in the public eye. They assume Carroll’s indifferent performances this season are because he’s a drunkard who probably has Special Brew in his drinks bottle instead of Lucozade, wets himself regularly and calls every one his best mate. Not true of course and they also forget that Carroll was injured for long periods when we signed him so regaining fitness and match fitness has been a long haul.

Criticism of Carroll’s play is one thing, and hopefully the competition provided by the signings of players such as Bellamy will help him, but criticism of his play because of unfounded assumptions about his lifestyle is nonsense and helpful to no one especially the player who I suspect is under enough pressure as it is with the price tag he has to shoulder, even though it is no fault of his own. As Kenny said

“We’re delighted with the business we did in January for Andy Carroll but picking out individuals is not something we like to do here”

And so to Wolves and another three o’clock Saturday afternoon kick off, I’m beginning to like this non European season! Wolves made a good start to the season but like us they have lost their last two league games, both at home. Both sides will therefore want to redress these slip ups despite good performances in the Carling Cup during the week, Wolves stuck five past Millwall.

Thankfully we have home advantage however it remains to be seen if his is enhanced by the return of Steven Gerrard. Kenny has been clear about Gerarrd’s rehabilitation and says he won’t be rushed. I guess it is a sign of our improved strength in depth that we can afford to give him longer? Gerrard or no Gerrard let’s hope the game is a tad better than the dreadful affair we saw last season over the Christmas period (click here for match report) which all but sealed Roy Hodgson’s fate. I’ll settle for a repeat of the away win we produced the following month (click here for that match report)

Team wise the Carling Cup tie against Brighton was handy in the sense that Martin Skrtel could serve out their suspension. Daniel Agger is out however Martin Kelly is available and I wonder if Kenny will start with the same back four as he did against Brighton. Elsewhere Bellamy did his case no harm on Wednesday night however surely Kuyt will keep his place after being dropped against Spurs? I reckon Gerrard will start on the bench again.

Prediction? With Everton and The Mancs lurking next a win is essential and I take us to achieve just that 3-1.

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3 Responses to Wolves wanderings and Kenny’s Carroll comments

  1. Gano says:

    To critcise his lifestyle is a joke as we see no pictures of him on the ale, to criticise his ability is valid. He is lazy and ineffective and desreves all of the slagging he is getting!!!!

  2. Sajid Noordally says:

    Andy is good player…no doubt on this but someone who has the ability to recognise football and players would say that his type of play does not suit LFC. at LFC, one have to fight for balls but at Newcastle the midfielders and defenders just balanced long long balss in his direction to cut to his team mates. thats why in my opinion, he will take some more time to adapt. and do not forget he has only 22 yrs as weight. so forget the price and let the time do the rest….thxs

  3. Chan says:

    Gano is right. I do not know much about Carroll’s lifestyle but on the pitch he seems closer to a 35 pence fottballer than a 35 mill. Gano is so kind as to describe him as only lazy and effective. I would add lack of committment as well.

    Lucas is one player many fans including yours truly had critizise in the past. However lack of committment and laziness is not what you can describe his and look what progress he had made.

    Kuyt did not score bags of goals when he arrived and still did not. He endeared himself to us with his workrate and committment.

    KD, contrarary to what you believe, many fans including myself are NOT obsessed with Carroll. As the matter of fact we do not want to hear anything or even see any sign of him, in other words he should be no where near the first team or even the reserve team. He contributes nothing positive to our club. So please DO NOT play him and you would find your wish answered.

    We are in fact obsessed with players such as Suarez, who besides able to actually score goals, cost less than a certain Englishman, is commited, not lazy, actually wants the club to win than anything else, did i miss anything.

    So KD just like when you are fond of blaming everyone else including referees except yourself when you lost games, you have yourself to blame when it comes to Carroll. You did paid 35 mill (of the club’s money, not yours) for a player with half a season in the top flight you know.

    By the way we have yet to talk about Henderson, who cost 20 mill (club’s money again)and like Carroll is a passenger. Oh i better stop as i might be accused of being obsessed.

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