Brighton review and time to move on from Sunday

Every red fan was disappointed after Sunday’s performance.

Looking back on it there is very little one can take from it however, and I admit my memory may have been addled by the ravages of time I still think it was better than some the efforts we turned out this time last year? Perhaps not?

Anyway I guess the trick is to channel this disappointment and use it constructively. One can understand lashing out and saying things in the heat of the moment but some of the nonsense that has been written is just stupid. Equally some of the premature solutions suggested are just plain impractical the equivalent of saying lets sack everyone and bring in everyone from Barcelona lock stock and barrel. You know it ain’t going to happen so why bother with such wooly minded thinking, get real!

I’m tired of stating that patience is needed and have lost count over the number of times I’ve written pieces about this. All that can be said is that after five league games it would take a dimwit of the highest order to start judging the team now and if they applied to same philosophy’s to life that they’ve applied to the team over the Stoke and Spurs games they would probably be on skid row with no friends – think about it!

More than ever the team needs true fans that have the foresight and the patience to appreciate what we are trying to do and get behind the team. Criticism of a players performance in the game is one thing however those who cowardly snipe and bitch and bully players be it verbally or on line and suggest their days are numbered after short space of time have no appreciation of the Liverpool Way and have been influenced by the kneejerk reactions form fans and owners of other clubs. It is the easiest thing in the world to sit back and slag the club and its players off, trying to understand, accept that tings will go wrong and encourage is harder? A lot of time and effort has gone into assembling this team and we should make the time and effort to support them through thick and thin, show some patience rather than behaving like spoilt divas and having counter productive hissy fits at the first hint of something going wrong. We are Liverpool and we are not like other clubs or fans?

And so to tonight’s game in the third round of the Carling Cup at Brighton. The last time I was at Brighton for a Liverpool game was in the FA Cup in the nineties. We’d drawn 2-2 at Anfield and eventually beat them at old Goldstone Ground in the replay. I can’t remember too much about the game (I think it was close 3-2?) but the trip back was memorable. We went in my mate’s car which resembled something from the space age and went just as fast. He was about to quit his job the following day and had to hand the car back to his company so on the main road, just half a mile from his house, he decided to give it one last blast and was promptly stopped by the police about fifty yards from his front door! He expected a ticket, he was miles and miles over the speed limit but no, the policemen just wanted to have a look at his car and he ended up giving them a blast up the same road he’d been speeding on!

Normally I guess this game would be a chance to give squad members a run out however, as there is no Europe and we’ve lost our last two so perhaps Kenny might be tempted to field a stronger side than normal? One also has to bear in mind that Brighton sit in the top three of the Championship so will be no pushovers?

Sunday has also slightly overshadowed the fact that this game is rumoured to the one where Steven Garrard will make his return from injury. If nothing else this is timely for the simple reason that Charlie Adam is suspended however if Gerrard hits the ground running the Scot will surely find himself out for longer? Elsewhere Martin Skrtel is also out, for the same reason as Adam, and will perhaps welcome some time to lick the wounds Gareth Bale caused on Sunday? As Daniel Agger is also out with rib problems I wonder if we will see and entirely new defence with the inclusion of Coates and the likes of Flanagan or Robinson? The inclusion of Coates will attract the most attention even though he played on Sunday where the circumstances ruled out any meaningful assessment of his performance. Upfront I’m assuming that Bellamy will play and I’d be tempted to rest Suarez and field Kuyt or perhaps persevere with Carroll as he needs the games to build up his confidence and fitness?

Prediction? I don’t think this will be easy. Brighton are playing some good football and I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes over ninety minutes. However, amid everything I still have faith, 2-1 to us.

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8 Responses to Brighton review and time to move on from Sunday

  1. Chan says:

    We did not give R. Hodgson the same benefit of the doubt this time last season, so why should KD be any different? Mind you RH did not have 100 mill and blow 35 mill on a complete donkey.

    We aslo gave Konchesky a lot of stick so why should Carroll, Henderson and co. be treated any different also? At the very least Konchesky’s attitude is better than Carroll’s.

    I had said it many times also, a lot of fans including you continues to live in the past and accords KD hero status based on what he did for us, as a player. The fact is his record as manager is average nad that includes his stints at Blackburn and Celtic. He did win the prem once at Blackburn but at a very huge cost courtesy of the owner then with no oil money and Chelski for competition. At Celtic (and for heaven’s sake in the Scottish league where even Souness won at will) KD was a total flop, just like the players he bought for us now. Many fan including yours truly was never convinced KD shoukd be given the job fulltime. Now his penchant for overpaying for highly overated players, his tactitcal ineptitude plus his almost non-existent man mangement (ask Mereiless, Kuyt, Aqualani just to name a few) all well documented, just proves us right.

    You talked about patience, contrarary to popular believe, we had been for the last 20 odd years. Along the way we had watched Manure knocked us off our perch and where we could not even finised 4th.

    The fact is KD was given 100 mill, bought donkeys, shiped out some of our most creative players only to replaced them with the said donkeys, was tactically naive (even my 10 year old cousin can tell that Skrtel was no RB), persisted with the same bunch of donkeys even though they are playing bad just to justify their inflated prices and in the process cost us badly needed points. Some of you would also say “oh it’s just 5 games”. Exactly our point, just 5 games into the season and we are 8 points off the leader. This are facts, off repeated facts but some of us choose to ignore just because its KD, the legend. You mean legends don’t have to responsible for their actions or inactions?

    I had advocated that Moyes (yes from our rival in Blue) is a better manager. He operates on a shoe string year in year out and their league position is not far from ours. This year the only signings he can made are loans, he lost their most creative players and they are above us, with a game in hand.

    Another would be Rafa (maybe some of us would be familiar with him), yes the same guy that wons us the C.L in his first year with largely a team built by G.H, got us to a second final 2 years later won a F.A. cup and had us playing in the C.L. every year bar his final year with us, while having to deal with the restrictions imposed by the 2 cowboys.

    Sadly many choose to ignore this plain hard facts, prefering to call those who calls for KD’s head emotional and along the way just watched him brings our beloved club a downward spiral started by Hodgson.

    • redfloyd says:

      Chan who is “we”. Presumably you and numerous other fans who are against Kenny Dalglish and the team even though I can’t see any major evidence of this despite recent results. Perhaps I need my ears syringing but I didn’t here any shouts of “Dalglish out” on Sunday and won’t expect it to tonight against Brighton if we lose. Anyway clearly you know something we don’t so perhaps there will be a protest outside Anfield this weekend where no doubt hoards of disgruntled Liverpool fans will unite behind you to force Kenny out on tide of emotion! That‘s the way we treat people at this club especially after having had five games to sort things out! My God we even gave Hicks and Gillett longer!

      Your other arguments don’t stack up.

      You say Dalglish’s managerial record is “average”. I know you don’t like Liverpool fans who live in the past but you really should do your homework. Three league titles and two FA Cup’s won AS A MANAGER with Liverpool in the space of just six seasons and the first to guide the team to the domestic Cup and League double. He is one of few mangers to win the title with two different teams. You say you’ve been a Liverpool fan for twenty five years but you don’t mention these facts in your post and if that is “average” give me more!

      You contradict yourself saying that for twenty years we’ve been on a downward spiral and have been knocked off our perch by The Mancs and then later suggest the downward spiral was created by Hodgson, I think it goes back just a little bit further than that! Clearly there is long way to go but Kenny has showen signs of improving on that – last season our form under Kenny would have got us a “current form” Champions League place. Oh by the way, who was manager of Liverpool the last time we won the title in 1989-90?

      You talk about living in the past but suggest reappointing Rafa! Yes he won the Champions League with us but how long did we give him before he won it, longer than you are suggesting we give KD. You also need to remember when Kenny was manager we were banned from Europe, if we hadn’t I reckon the 1987-88 side would easily won the CL or European Cup as it was then. David Moyes? Do you seriously think in your wildest dreams that we will sack KD and that Everton will release Moyes to manage Liverpool!

      Further more at the top of your comment you suggest that Dalglish’s performance should be gauged by the same criteria as Hodgson’s was, wrong. No disrespect to Hodgson but Dalglish is genuinely loved at Liverpool not only for his football and managerial achievements but more importantly for what he did for this club at the time of Hillsborough. For this alone he deserves more respect and will get more patience.

      • Chan says:

        Charlie you might be right in the sense that there is no mass protest by the fans, YET. However i bet, a few more games such as the one against Stoke and Spurs, KD and you won’t be so sure anymore.

        Yes KD did won us a few first division titles and our last in 1990 (yes it was that long ago, it wasn’t always call the Prem then you know) but was it his team that won it? Did he built that team? He did won the Prem by the way, at Blackburn, once and at what cost? I did not see you mention his record at Celtic, i wonder why?
        My point is KD might be a wonderfull person (well so was Hodgson) but we are judging him KD as the LFC manager, not the individual. We we argue along lines as suggested by you, why did we not keep Cole, Poulsen, Konchesky, just to name a few? Because we are judging them as LFC’s players not as individuals. They have to go because they did not perform. We must not be emotional when it comes to the well being of our club. Going with your line of arguement, why did wev called for Hodgson’s head after only 5 to 6 games? Was he performing?

        My point is KD had 2 windows and 100 mill to build a team and get the results. Now compared that to Moyes with virtually no transfer budget and who lost his most creative players, where are we now? Of course its not easy to get Moyes, that’s my point, he is that good.

        I suggested Rafa because i think he is capable of actually winning something (CL, FA cup with us, La Liga with Valencia, breaking the duopoly of Barca and Real along the way) but he had it tough having to deal with the 2 cowboys most of his time here. When given real money he did got us Mascherano, Alonso, Torres (when he was actually scoring goals) and as i remember none of them cost 35 mill with half a season in the top flight. He did bought some dudes of course but so did SAF, Mourinho and Rafa did not pay 35, 20 mill for them. This time give him another crack with the same kind of money KD has, i bet he would do better than KD.

        Charlie, just answer the point of my earlier post, 2 windows and 100 mill later, is this what the fans deserve? How many more 100 mill do you think the owners have, mind you i do not think Mr. Henry’s pocket is a bottomless pit , like those of Roman’s and the Sheikh’s. Oh and there is the small matter of financial fair play rules you know.
        Also KD sold creative players (players that actually could unlock a pact Stoke defence) such as Mereiless to a direct rival, for 500k profit and replace them with Adams and Henderson that cost a combination of 30 mill. Are they much better? Based on evidence so far, no. Why then? Could KD not made Mereiless or even Aqualani feel more wanted? Where was his renowned man management skills? Talking about that has KD yet to inspire our 35 mill man to actually score goals and act less like a passenger. When KD actually search beyond the British shores, look what happened? We actually got Suarez, at 22 mill to boot. Why is KD then crazy about average British players (there are very good ones but there are at that club that knocked us off our perch last season) that cost world class prices (Mata, Silva, class players but cost less)? KD when it comes to tactics, the less said better. Skrtel at RB? Keeping Agger with a broken rib and clearly suffering on the field? Playing 4-4-2 with a substandard Carroll against a superior Spurs midfield? Charlie could you please answer all this with a clear mind because your king KD could not.

        You talked about Hillsborough, yes it was a difficult time for all fans but none of us walked, like KD did. I together with million other fans are still here from then till now, watching, supporting the club through good and bad times. We did not walk alone.

    • redfloyd says:

      Oh dear!

      Yes the team that won the title in 1990 was KD’s team. He had been manager since 1985 so I think it is safe to assume that!

      Re Celtic, he was director at football at Celtic for a year, they won the League Cup.

      You say KD has had two windows and £100m. How long has that been Jan2011 – to date that’s long enough for him to prove himself is it? The majority of the signings were this summer so effectively he has had five games to prove himself to you.

      By the way the guy you responded to is not called Charlie that is name he was calling you.

      • Chan says:

        My mistake on the Charlie thing Redfloyd. Assuming i was wrong on KD’s team and his stint at Celtic (Since when the league cup is a big deal in the Scottish League?), what are the answers for the question posed to you (or KD for that matter) in my second post?

        You and me, we are all fans of LFC and want to see the club win trophies. Are we getting there? Is KD the right candidate for us, in this time and age without looking back to the 1980’s and 1990’s?

        At risk of sounding like a broken record, how many matches did we gave Hodgson? How many matches did Aqualani, Jovanovic, Cole get?

      • redfloyd says:


        Sorry, but I really can’t take seriously anything from a person whose initial argument suggested Kenny’s managerial record was “average” because he didn’t know about his previous managerial spell with us! In replyng to you I feel like a teacher who has to constantly correct a particularly “difficult” pupils work.

        Since you have started to belittle Kenny and various memebers of the team we have won two matches, no postives from you though! Perhaps you are lucky talisman and I should allow you to subject us to your own unique brand of “support” however my suggestion to you is to go to your nearest book shop or log on to Amazon and find yourself a big book about Liverpool Football Club, it’s history and the way it does things and read it!

        Thank you sir, you have “entertained” us enough

  2. Gano says:

    Chan is a right Charlie!!!!!!!…..ha ha ha

  3. Chan says:


    You answered your own question by suggesting i look back in history. Again, yes that word again living in the past.

    My basic question is (and you did not answer that), is KD the right candidate to bring us forward, ironically though, by regaining our past? Is he the man that would bring us our first title in more than 2 decades? I did not want to posed this question earlier on because we need to see some results first. And its not encouraging. What does Hillsborough have anything to do with the performance of a manager?

    At best you are trying to avoid the these critical question (well just like you hero KD, who among others like to blame refs when games are lost). I made it easy for you, just answer. If you can’t just say so, just like KD if he can’t do the job, just let someone else who can do so.

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