Spurs up to the job but Reds collect their cards

Tottenham Hotspur 4
Modric (7), Defoe (66) Adebayor (68), (90)

Liverpool 0

When asked about the sendings off which left Liverpool down to nine men Kenny Dalglish said

“I’d love to comment on the yellow cards but… another time, another day.”

Another time and another day is what every Liverpool fan will wish for as this was a performance that they will want to instantly forget.

It would be easy to blame the dismissals of Charlie Adam and Martin Skrtel however, truth be told, the only effect they had was on the margin of the result. From the opening kick we were second best as Spurs rolled over us seemingly creating chances at will, it could easily have been more than four. It was almost as if we had nine men from the very start such was the space and time we allowed them.

Now is not the time to pick over the bones of this game in terms of were we are however, it serves as wake up to call to anyone that thinks that a few expensive signings will change things overnight. Proof of that was seen today, such thoughts are as naive as our performance.

Kenny made one change from the Stoke game, Carroll for Kuyt. Jamie Carragher started, despite those who might seek to see him dropped, and in playing exceeded Tommy Smith in the list of all time Liverpool appearances. It was a timely reminder of his experience and standing in the club to those who have no time or patience.

Perhaps after this game their attention will be drawn to Martin Skrtel. He was an accident waiting to happen from the moment he was named as right back. Those with an anorak memories, (step forward me) will remember a game against Middlesbrough in February 2009 when Skrtel proved once, but sadly not for all, that he was no full back. Ironically on that day Stuart Downing was his tormentor this time it was Gareth Bale. Perhaps Kenny and Steve Clarke missed that game or thought that Skrtel had improved since then? They were certainly limited for choice due to injuries to Johnson and Kelly however, I guess they have now learnt that some of our defenders are more versatile than others!

Any hopes of building on last Saturday and taking the initiative were soon snuffed out as Adebayor, on his debut, nearly produced the perfect start to win over any home fans who might be harbouring grudges about his previous club. An early warning shot across the bows wasn’t heeded as immediately after we recklessly played the ball in and around and across our penalty area with Spurs strikers bearing done on us. The move was symptomatic of our application through out the game, Spurs were good but, to an extent, we were the architects of our own downfall.

Unless we knuckled down and tried to get the ball and take the sting out of the game the writing was on the wall, we didn’t/couldn’t. Bale, who wasted no time in setting about Skrtel, crossed. The move looked to have broken down as Defoe failed to make anything of it but the ball broke to Modric who smashed home a shot that dipped just under the bar. Suarez then had a goal disallowed if it had stood it would have against the run of play.

Henderson and Downing swapped wings in an attempt to give Skrtel some protection however, we seemed nonplussed by the veracity of Spurs’ start and on 21 minutes allowed Adebayor a clean strike at goal. We were guilty of backing off which we did all too often in our pre season games. To make matters worse Agger, who had been clutching his side for most of the game, finally called it a day and ceded to Coates.

One can’t really complain about the tackles leading to Adam’s sending off, particularly the second one. If I was being charitable I’d say it wasn’t malicious and his eyes were fully on the ball however in Mike Jones we had a referee who was in no mood for giving the benefit of the doubt. Would other referees have seen it differently? Who knows and that is what frustrates managers and plays alike, inconsistency. Perhaps on another day Mr Jones might have been less officious however, yesterday? A bad Saturday night, stamp collection lost, Airfix glue wouldn’t stick, train spotting book eaten by the dog whatever the case those insolent players were going to feel the full extent of his wrath!

Of course by the letter of the law many of the nine cards Mr Jones gleefully waved were justified and he is therefore perfectly entitled to hand them out like one of those people you see on the High Street indiscriminately handing out leaflets advertising night clubs or Indian restaurants. Who can blame him it was such a dirty game, so contentious, so confrontational and set such a bad example to the world of sport sending shock waves around the world, questions will be asked in the house! Surely, there is degree of common sense, no intelligence, to be applied? I wonder if referees actually like football, what makes them tick, or are they using it to for fill some self obsessed, self regarding ego trip?

Nonetheless, for all the calamity, we were still in the game after an hour, only 1-0 down. Although Spurs won a free kick after free kick on the edge of our area they failed to get any of them on target just as we seemingly failed to get any our tackles onto the ball! However if you throw enough mud at the wall some of it will stick particularly after Skrtel earn his inevitable dismissal by, probably for the first time in the game, finally coming into contact with Bale, sadly the ball was no where near him!

The nine man rear guard tried but Defoe after a pirouette with Enrique and then Adebayor, following up a Reina spill, put them out of sight. Adebayor rubbed salt in already painful wounds with a late, late fourth.

Sigh…. cue more needless crisis talk!

Tottenham: Friedel, Bale, Kaboul, King (Bassong 83), Walker, Assou-Ekotto, Parker, Modric, Kranjcar (Van der Vaart 46), Adebayor, Defoe (Giovani 83), Substitutes: Cudicini, Bassong, Corluka, Van der Vaart, Livermore, Pavlyuchenko, Giovani

Liverpool: Reina. Jose Enrique, Agger (Coates 27), Carragher, Skrtel, Henderson, Downing (Spearing 70), Lucas, Adam, Suarez (Bellamy 70), Carroll Substitutes: Doni, Coates, Robinson, Maxi, Spearing, Kuyt, Bellamy

Att: 36,129

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8 Responses to Spurs up to the job but Reds collect their cards

  1. QW says:

    Thank goodness for the referee. Just imagine if we had finished the game with eleven players? No-one to blame, no gilt-edged excuses.
    I actually felt sorry for Lucas. From the kick off he was playing bullrush with Modric, Kranjcar and Parker all by himself (Adam only made two contributions to the game and each got a yellow card – effectively we had ten men from the start).
    The problem was not the referee, not Spurs brilliance and not tactical genius by Rednapp – the problem was we played like a team of strangers having a kick-about. No excuses. We were rubbish. The culture of blame and excuse is getting worse and it is NOT part of the LFC I have supported, so lets just be honest eh.
    PS that cheap shot by Suarez at Parker was a disgrace. The boy needs to be told to grow up.

    • Chan says:

      QW, Spot on with you comments. We were simply rubbish. Another game like this KD would make Roy Hodgson looks like the great Shanks. Imagine if Roy was still in charge, i think he would be smash left, right and centre.
      As i said before many fans out there continues to live in the past and accorded KD hero status based on what he did for us, as a player. We all cherish that of course but i was never really convince he is a great manager. What record did he has?
      The last 2 games shows his real qualities, assembling an overated, overpriced team (step up Adams, Downing, Henderson and especially Carroll), no tactical ability (what effective changes did he made when we were chasing the game? No compare that to SAF) and for all his supposed man mangement ability, well did we see any of it in the last 2 games. He also sold/loan 2 of our best creative players in Meireles and Aquilani who as expected are doing quite well with thier new teams.
      The only brigh spot here is Suarez but i think he together with Reina would leave next season if we continue with this direction under KD.

      I think we should do something radical, get David Moyes as manager. Think about it he is getting results comparable to ours (in the last few years)with what 10, 20% of our budget and loss his best creative players at the 11th hour. And he does not blame others when things goes wrong. And he is Scot. Gives him what KD gets and he would do wonders. Top 4, no problemo. Who knows, the prem maybe. Moyes as LFC gaffer.

      Or here is another option, get Rafa back. KD must go.

    • JOhn says:

      There are positives from this game. Now that Skrtle and Adam are banned for a couple matches, no more midfield dilemma. Gerrard is surely likely to start, or we can even give spearing and shelvey a chance. Also, we can finally use Coates if Carra plays right back or use our young right backs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Skertl at RB was a joke!, we don’t look like a team at all yet. Very disorganised all over the pitch, Carroll can’t win a header and looks way off form. We are playing like individuals again, Coates was like a frightened rabbit.

  3. Red Datuk says:

    It looks like with Carroll in the 1st eleven, Liverpool’s fluidity suffers the cramps, as much as I hate to say this, I think Carrol should be used as an impact player. KD should stick with Kuyt and Suarez combination, at least with Kuyt you have someone helping out in midfield when we lose the ball. With 9 players only, we were lucky to lose with only 4 goals. I think Spurs players knows how not to humiliate a team that is down and out.

  4. red bird says:

    I have to get it off my chest..liverpool were an abseloute disgrace yesterday..

    1)No discipline (neither self discipleine or tactically )
    2)No proper tactics allowing parker & modric to get a firm grip in midfield
    3)They ran like headless chickens for most of the match

    The players..

    1)Reina-looked like he was wondering why he had stayed back at liverpool this season-probably wished that he had left for a bigger team when he had the chance

    2)carra-he tried his best but i think he has to start becoming honest with himself and admit that he cant play week in week out-needs to be used sparingly like gary neville was as he grew older

    3)agger-tried his best-unlucky with the injury

    4)skertel-what a mismatch against bale-looked like a training ground cone->static whenever hurricane bale blew past him.

    5)enrique-decent effort-cant fault him if the rest of the defence played crap

    6)charlie adam-i think he is overwhelmed at liverpool-lucky we only paid 7 mil for him being scottish n all

    7)leiva-always puts a decent effort in but he has to start improving in his attacking game and add more things to his repotoire like decent through balls or decent long range shots on goal

    8)henderson-hardly noticed he was playing….was picking his nose during the game for all i know at the sidelines

    9)downing-no support at all so could not produce any sort of form

    10)suarez-looks he is saving himself to swooped by either manchester city / barcelona / real madrid

    11)carrol-i think he should cut his bloody daft ponytail,get a shave,build some solid mucle and grow up-he thinks its his right to earn the money but he dosnt understand he has a responsibilty to us as supporters to put in his maximum into each and every match he plays in


    bellamy-electrifying pace-lookes like he was flying or floating across the field or something-should be starting instead of fat arse carrol

    coates-should have been red carded for that crazy tackle,bringing down adeboyar from the back when he was clean on goal-otherwise decent start but appears slow for a 20 year old-i just hope he improves

    jay spearing-what a fighter-love him-wears the club on his sleeve n was like a bulldog-should have started instead of adams

    The manager-KK i love him but he this is not the 80’s-you cant just pick a team and tell them and go and play football.you have to study your opponents and look at videos and look at opponent players stats and build a dossier and pass it to each player to read before the match-not put an arm around them in a pub and share a quiet beer-in the 80s players took pride to represent the club-now they take it for granted -how i wish we had ferguson to give the blow dryer treatment if they ever cocked up-

    2 players who should have played

    kuyt-would have supported suarez well

    flanagan-yes he made a mistake in a previous match but he is young and he will improve-he just need another chance until kelly comes back then he becomes 2nd choice again-but between him n skertel, flanagan everytime-skertel has no common sense to play at right back

    i would have started reina

    carrol and suarez should never ever start together again-carrol is cramping everyones style.he is so clumsy he looks like he still has a hangover from the night before

    i cringe as i await the next game -i hope we buck up otherwise it will just another season of wasted expectations.cheers

  5. redfloyd says:

    “..it will just another season of wasted expectations”

    Depends on what your expectations are doesn’t it?

  6. red bird says:

    i’ve lowered my expectations to top 10…hehe..

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