Spurs review and defending what is red and good

Earlier this week Damien Comolli came out with a brave statement regarding the Liverpool squad and the recent changes that have been made to it over the course of this year. When talking about further additions he said

“I would really struggle to say we need something because I think we have such a complete squad at the moment.”

No doubt those who are less than pragmatic would say that this is a foolhardy statement, What if we lose the majority of our game between now and Christmas? How can we say the squad is complete? What if Lionel Messi or Titus Bramble became available! Neither is going to happen and I can see Comolli’s point. There comes a time when we need to stop tinkering and preparing for the future and put plan into action, this is what we have got now let’s run with as it were.

“We changed the team and changed the squad, so it’s the time to reflect. Let’s see how those players develop, how they gel together, how young players like Sebastian Coates adapt. Then we can make a decision (on areas to strengthen) later.”

Of course if we lose to Spurs today many, by adding that to last weekends defeat at Stoke, will say that Comolli’s and everyone else associated with assembling this latest squad has failed, such is the impatience and lack of foresight than runs through today’s game. However, as Comolli added

“It’s not a work for one season, it’s a work for two, three, four seasons, especially when you are investing in young players, as we have done.”

Such a philosophy can be hard to accept at times i.e. when we lose however this is football and name me a team that has won every game they have played and swept everything before them particularly coming from the position we found ourselves at the end of last season. Those who are tempted to react should we lose today (I don’t think we will by the way) need to get real. For me the knowledge that we are in much, much better position, on and seemingly off the field, than we were when we last visited White Hart Lane in November 2010 will do very nicely for now. Actually on that day, despite losing 2-1, (click here for match report) we played quite well however, you know what I mean, it was one of very few bright moments.

As we know Spurs beat us to that lusted after Europa League slot and found themselves in Greece playing PAOK Salonika while our lot were sat at home with their feet up watching Mock the Week! An advantage one might think however I think the Spurs team that lines up today will be considerably different from Thursday’s ensemble.

For us Glen Johnson, despite coming back from injury last week, is out again, the same hamstring I presume. Steven Gerrard won’t feature we are told. After the Stoke game many, some readers of this blog, turned there attention to Jamie Carragher who was unfortunate enough to give away the penalty the settled the game. I am seriously pleased I don’t work for these sort of people, one mistake and I’ll be given my PB45! Clearly no one in the squad has a right to get picked every week but does Carragher’s folly at Stoke and his lengthening year’s mean he should tufted out in the footballing wilderness? If it does then the world is a harsh, unforgiving place and doesn’t know what it’s missing. As Kenny said this week.

“Jamie Carragher will do fine for me just the way he is. I don’t know what I can say about him because there is nothing about Jamie I would like to change.”

Prediction? Many have said that if play like we did against Stoke we should win and I wouldn’t disagree with that. In that game we played in a style which was lacking this time last season despite our good show in the corresponding fixture last year. It is clearly something that is important to Kenny as we try to move on

“We will always try to entertain, we will always do our best. I can only follow the philosophy I was brought up with. I cannot be anybody else…. I cannot talk for anyone else but I cannot do other than how I was brought up – and if it’s not going to be right, it’s not going to be right.”

And for me, win or lose, that will do. 2-0 to us!

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