Stoke fallout and stopping the accusing fingers

I guess it is pointless crying over games that have gone, particularly when they go the way of Saturday’s at Britannia Stadium.

Surely everyone is best served by looking forward to the next one, which is Spurs next Sunday lunchtime. However, we are fans and the temptation to pick over the entrails of despair is always irresistible. Plenty of team members have also gone on record and given their views on the defeat to Stoke. Stuart Downing summed up the general consensus of opinion.

“The manager said to us after the game to keep doing what we’re doing. I don’t think there was a lot wrong with our performance. Stoke is a difficult place to go but at times we played some good football and cut through them. It was one of those days and we couldn’t hit the net but hopefully we’ll be able to do it at Tottenham next weekend”

Agreed and the stats back this up, various papers over the weekend put our possession share at around 70% and said we had around 15 shots on target compared to Stoke’s two. However, stats are stats and the only important one was the three points Stoke picked up.

I guess this puts a bit more pressure on the team for Sunday’s game particularly as Spurs were encouraged by their first win of the season this weekend? However that is the way it falls sometimes. I guess one advantage of not being in Europe is that we will have a rest whilst Spurs have to travel to Greece, a trip that Harry Redknapp has already described as a “nuisance”. Nonetheless many will be looking to us to bounce back and if we don’t the doubter’s heckles will be raised, even at this early stage?

Much was made of Saturday’s penalty appeals. Two, both of them for us, were turned down and one, for Stoke, was given and scored. Jamie Carragher, who bought down Stoke’s Walters said

“We have to be disappointed with the penalty decisions. We had one go against us and a couple not go for us so we feel a bit aggrieved and when you do that you normally get three points. I thought we reacted really well to going behind and deserved something from the game”

I was wondering if our reputation goes before us? Players such as Suarez have, rightly or wrongly, a reputation for trying it on with referees. I’m not criticising Suarez but referees read the papers and know his history so perhaps this is backfiring on us when we appeal? On balance I suspect this is just another theory cooked up because we’ve had a small run of bad luck with decisions. It’s a cliché but people always say these even themselves out over the season – a cop out line and I wonder if anyone has tested this theory?

Meanwhile Kenny’s somewhat cryptic comments after the game many have lead many to conclude that he thinks there is some kind of vendetta against us from the men in black and that he is slowly losing it. Said The Guardian

“….there may remain concern over his loss of temper, the sense, even, that for the second time in two decades the task of managing Liverpool is proving too great a responsibility for the club’s greatest player.”

Yes right presumably in the Guardian office everything is all sweetness and light no one has a bad day. Nothing hardly ever goes wrong and if it does, everyone just smiles and laughs! Surely Kenny was just complaining, expressing his understandable frustrations just like Liverpool fans up and down the land. Does it mean he’s going gaga, a potential wearer of an Adidas straightjacket? Of course not even though speaking in this way makes him sound just like Fergie!

And there’s more. The fact that Jamie Carragher conceded the penalty, and was at fault for Bolton’s goal the other week, has lead many to suggest his days as an automatic first team pick are numbered. This of course is nonsense. No doubt there will come a day when this happens and Jamie has to bow to the inevitable, and presumably that is why Kenny has bought players such as Sebastian Coates, however, I don’t think now is the time. No one in our back four has Carragher’s experience and defensive nous or, as far as I can see, organisational ability. Moreover it is wrong to single out Carragher for Saturday just as it is wrong to point the finger at Henderson for missing three chances in one move or Suarez missing an open goal at the death, collective responsibility and all that?

In short it’s the same old story, one defeat and many jump to silly conclusions and write and speak in a way that suggests the whole house of cards is going to come tumbling down. During the summer no one pretended Liverpool were going to win the league or sweep aside everything in their path. In short it was still “work in process” and the results so far this season, even at this early stage, have proved to be just that.

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4 Responses to Stoke fallout and stopping the accusing fingers

  1. Jerry says:

    Your defense of Carra is admirable but not well founded. I, for one, have been saying for three seasons that Carra is a liability. It is not one game against Stoke, it is the accumulation of own goals, penalties, free kicks, and aimless hoofing of the ball down the pitch or into touch. Defend him if you wish, but realize that you are embarked on an uphill battle.

    • QW says:

      Like Jerry, I suspect I am one of the (vast) number of Liverpool supporters who love JC despite his football shortcomings but these shortcomings seem to be more of a problem now hes the dark side of thirty.
      Frankly we may have better defenders on the books in terms of skill, pace etc but none of them have shown the leadership needed top boss the defensive line (the problem there may be that only one player can do that job at a time so it is always going to be a bit of a crisis when that player takes a backward step).
      For me the interesting thing is that after being Mr Untouchable for so long suddenly a lot of supporters are coming out with thith these concerns about him. We (the supporters) seem to have reached a tipping point – the important question is: has KD?

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with Jerry but there is one thing i need to add, your defense of JC is NOT admirable. Its blindness to loyalty. Just cause he is a born and bred Liverpudlian everyone thinks he deserves some defending. If he is such a good player he doesn’t need defending. I called him a liability ever since he scored 2 own goals against us and with the dreaded MANCs.. One at each end if any of you remember.

      He was never mr untouchable and QW you and the rest really gotta watch better footballers rather than the same english league players. There are much better footballers than Carra anyday. He is only untouchable cause he is Liverpool through and through.

      He should retire and take on a coaching role. he shouts at everyone even when no one is to blame except him. Pure shite if you ask me. I have been watching him since he was a junior and came through.

      I hope we pull a result on Sunday as another bad game and i have concerns on the mental strength of so many young and inexperienced players.

      • Chan says:

        Yes i agreed, i admire JC but he had been a liability for a few seasons and when faced with strikers with a bit of pace, his weakness shows.

        However we must also focus on decisions by KD such as over paying and playing work in progress player such as Henderson (which together with Adam cost us points) and selling Meireless. Well if he was available against Stoke, i can see at some goals coming, just as his assist provided against Arsenal.

        I am aslo a fan of our captain marvel Steve G. and desperately hopes he can win the prem with us before he hang up his boots. However with this kind of decisions by KD i don’t think it would happen. I hope he can make me eat my words.

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