Transfer window runners and riders but should Benayoun be amongst them?

So today is the last chance for everyone to make there last moves before the transfer window slams shut. It’s a daft rule, why can’t players move around as and when, managers can?

For some sides the need for fresh resource is, seemingly, more desperate than others. By and large we’ve managed to get what we needed long before the window closes. The same can’t be said of others Arsene Wenger, if reports are to be believed about Arsenal wanting fresh blood, must have the air of a gift less (no slight intended after Sunday’s game) man desperately running around town at 6pm on Christmas Eve trying to find a shop that is open! No doubt many clubs will be mindful of this and up the price which is ironic given his sniffy, holier than thou, evangelical insistence about getting players for the right price.

The ongoing negotiations regarding Sebastian Coates aside it looks like in the next twenty four hours or so we will be ”selling” rather than a “buying”? It is clear that we need to “change” the squad and have done so gradually over the summer, Degen, Ayala, Kyrgiakos, Konchesky, Aquilani, Pacheco, El Zhar have all gone, for good or on loan. Although David Ngog’s “departure” hasn’t raised any stories recently one cannot rule this out with Bolton being favourites to resurrect their earlier interest. I guess his departure, or lack of it, might dictate whether or not we go for Craig Bellamy or, hopefully, another forward that isn’t so full of E numbers!

We also can’t rule out Joe Cole leaving with QPR, Spurs and Lille seemingly heading the list, anywhere down South eh Joe? More than most players I guess the stumbling block is matching the wages but, to his credit, Cole has indicated that he would be prepared to take a cut if this increased his chances of a move and therefore first team football. However even we have to draw the line somewhere, and Chelsea’s reported offer or £8m, plus Yossi Benayoun, for Raul Meireles is, to my mind, taking the proverbial?

One can understand Chelsea’s interest in Meireles. They seem unable to strike a deal with Spurs over Luka Modric so are looking elsewhere and Andre Villas-Boas must be familiar with the Portuguese through their brief time together at Porto? From our point of view I guess Kenny, having signed Henderson, Downing and Adam, needs to trim the midfield but on the other hand what would be gained from swapping one, Meireles, for another, Benayoun?

Even with a £8m “sweetener” the deal stinks. I for one would be reluctant to see Meireles go but if he does we should demand a deal that is more representative of his talent and the improvement he has made since we signed him. Moreover it should be a “cash” deal no swaps, no exchanges, no make weights although if they offered Drogba instead of Benayoun? Unlikely I know!

Then there is the issue of Benayoun himself. At 31 his shelf life is limited moreover I believe he is injured. However, more importantly, you need to consider the reasons we sold him to Chelsea in the first place which, to my mind, definitely rule out taking him back.

Throughout his time with us Benayoun was less than tactful over his role in the team. On more than one occasion he stupidly tried to hold Rafa to ransom by dropping huge, clumsy hints about leaving if he wasn’t picked. Much of this was done via his agent but at no time did Benayoun seek to distance himself from such nonsense. He was also downright ungracious and small minded when he left, making unnecessary comments about Rafa’s handling of him.

Perhaps Benayoun might have a point if his form have merited him being an automatic first team pick but, although he had his moments, it didn’t and I certainly can’t see him forcing himself not the current Liverpool first team given the players we have available now.

Perhaps, given his misguided delusions of grandeur, it might be a harsh lesson learnt for Benayoun if he were come back to us with his tail between his legs and sit on the bench, just as he did for the vast majority of his time at Chelsea. However, as with the reported Craig Bellamy signing, we should be looking forward to a bright future rather than going over old, not always so memorable times with our exs. Kenny accepted of course!

Finally as I wrote news has broken about the possibility of Christian Poulsen going to French club Evian. It remains to be seen if these reports hold water!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Liverpool are doing perferct

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