Arsenal review and buddy, you can spare a connection?

By the time you read this (no, it’s not a suicide note) I’ll be on holiday and probably without an internet connection.

I’ve no doubt that you can live without my drivel for a week but spare a thought for yours truly as the yearly attempt to find a pub which is showing the game commences. Last year it involved a four mile walk to the next village to see us meekly capitulate to Manchester City?

I guess it’s not a problem to find such an establishment these days, Sky’s greedily tentacles extend to nearly everywhere. However because the game against Arsenal is a midday kick off and not an evening do it trying to find the time amongst the usual family obligations that one associates with a holiday could be problematic. Can I dump the kids and the misses on the beach and just *iss off for two hours – it’s worth thinking about if the weather’s good and after all I’m on holiday too!

However, it looks like I’ll have to be content with Gary, Alan(s) and “Lawro” on Saturday night and go through the “Likely Lads” England International result scenario (if you are young, Google it) of trying to avoid the score before the programme starts – I’ve no chance! It’s pity as the Arsenal game is always a good one to watch live even though our success at the Emirates has been limited to say the least, OK, we haven’t actually won there yet!

Perhaps this weekend’s game might see us break this duck? They are without the suspended Geronimo (or whatever he’s called), and will surely have more than half on eye on the return leg of their Champions League qualifier next week, which after a less than convincing 1-0 win, they cannot afford to take for granted?

I’m also tempted to say they will be reeling from the loss of Fabregas (gone to Barcelona) and Nasri (to go to City?) however, such has been the protracted nature of these player’s moves everyone should have had plenty of time to prepare for life without them. This is especially true in the case of Fabregas, rumours of his move to Barcelona surfaced before Tony Adams had his first half pint of lager! My advice to Wenger would have been to have someone lined up straight away to replace these players just as we did when Torres left. However, moths still thrive in the Frenchmen’s wallet it seems, or perhaps there is no one who measures up to his exacting but not overly pragmatic standards or perhaps this is where is youth policy comes into it’s own? Anyway Arsenal, now find themselves the subject of much unnecessary media attention, a club in crisis Wenger to go etc , welcome to the club gentlemen!

I covered where we are in the last post so moving swiftly on the game. Perhaps this isn’t the match we would want after last Saturday but we have got to play Arsenal sometime so lets go for it. No doubt we will be subjected to lots of “great non-scoring passing movements, plenty of pass and move back heels, jinks kicks, flicks, flips, snicks. Traps, ticks and tocks”(with many thanks to When Saturday Comes). However, as most sides who play Arsenal find out there are always opportunities, perhaps more so now? Hopefully we can get the ball off them enough to score our usual equaliser!

Prediction – another 1-1 draw and, if there’s no wire, we will correspond in a week!

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