Reds one game in and already time for patience and trust to stifle the madness of premature conclusion!

So after one result and the doom merchants are already out. We’ve spent too much on the wrong players. We were tried because of our pre season friendlies and there’s the old nugget lack of strength in depth.

All these were trotted out as an excuse for our second half “slump” against Sunderland. I honestly wonder if these people are on the same planet or perhaps they think we are, stupid and impressionable? Correct me if I’m wrong but we’ve another thirty odd games to play this season. Dropping two points on the first day is not a sign of impending disaster and certainly isn’t the cause for alarm the early naysayers might want us to believe? However try telling that to people in the media who are desperately trying to fashion an angle of discussion or controversy to fill pages and airtime or get some deluded, impatient sucker to phone up straight after the game and moan at Robbie Savage. Then there are people like the office idiot, in everyone else’s minds anyway but not his, who walked up to my desk and announced, in all seriousness, that our season was over. What a knob!

One local paper suggested tiredness was the excuse for allowing Sunderland to get back into the game. At first ponder this might seem a plausible reason. We were by far the better team in the first half, razor sharp in our tackling and passing and showing plenty of industry, the second half was a different story. However, tiredness? Without wishing to sound like one of Python’s Four Yorkshiremen the side got back from the far east over two weeks ago and last played (against Valencia) a week before the Sunderland game. How long does it take to recover? It’s not as if, having arrived at John Lennon Airport, the players go home unpack, and leave straight for a shift down the local factory or hospital ward?

I suspect the truth behind Saturday’s game lies in the fact that we are still finding our feet with each other. Take Luis Enrique for example. He signed on Thursday was thrown straight into Saturday’s team.

“I know I’m not 100% because I have to train more with the team. In the next few games if I continue to play it will be really easy to understand the players here. I have to get to know them more.”

So perhaps Kenny should have moderated the number of new signings he fielded and gradually introduced them so as not to disrupt the balance of the team? I disagree it’s a new season, we’ve paid good money for them so let’s get them in there and up and running as soon as possible? We’ve had too much of Rafa wrapping new players in cotton wool and saving them for some unspecified special occasion. It may also serve to galvanise some of last year’s players who lost out?

Argh say some but they’ve had all the pre season games to get used to each other. My answer to that would be to take a look at the different sides we fielded in those games, how many substitutions were made and then tell me that Saturday’s eleven were used to each other. Nonetheless it is perhaps difficult to explain why we did so well in the first half and failed to maintain it in the second. Had it been the other way around then perhaps things would been more logical. Perhaps if Suarez had converted his spot kick, and Andy Carroll’s “goal” been allowed, we wouldn’t be talking like this?

I also feel we should give some credit to Sunderland who played well and not only nullified the initiative we had but took in on themselves. No doubt Kenny Dalglish and Steve Clarke will have seen the way we reacted to this (perhaps we didn’t) and how the new players did. They will have taken this on board and will, slowly but surely, start to tighten things up throughout the team hopefully to the point were all that is needed is fine tuning?

Anyway I guess all this nonsense is trying to say one thing. There is a long way to go yet. I suspect we should be prepared for more bouts of unexpected disappointment as everyone finds their feet. This weekend’s game against Arsenal isn’t the ideal opportunity, in terms of opposition, to bounce back however one only has to look at them plus the fact that on Sunday night we were forth in the table despite having drawn our first game, to see that we weren’t the only clubs last weekend to make a slow start. It goes without saying that there is still all to play for.

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7 Responses to Reds one game in and already time for patience and trust to stifle the madness of premature conclusion!

  1. Alex Lo says:

    Agreed wholeheartedly. A lot of the silliness comes from the media desperately trying to find a controversial spin on issues that aren’t there really.
    In addition, I really can’t understand all the negativity on Andy Carroll…for god sake this is literally his 1st game with us…whole of last season with us he was injured. if you to a side-by-side now..he looks a lot trimmer and surely meaner. But every time you read comments on him, it never fails to start with the 35M quids issue…but can people honestly say Torres (it still pains me to say him name) is not a good player or should we concentrate on 50M quid Chelsea paid for him…
    I guess Kenny is Kenny and those pundits are who they are..pundits…talk is so cheap when you are on the sidelines…and I guess they have to say something, whether it makes sense or not, to make a living…on well!

  2. strebby says:

    Finally someone on a blog talking sense!! good read this redfloyd(love the python reference) patience is all we need, tho i do kind of agree with the tiredness ‘excuse’…well not tiredness as such, maybe sharpness is the word im looking for? fact is we had 4-5 new starters on saturday, one of which joined only 24 hours before, one is STILL coming back from injury and finding his feet, hendo and flanno still have a lot to learn but are surely the future of the club, the problem is pal, if we beat the gunners on saturday these self same nay-sayers will be saying ‘number 19 here we come’ we cant just be ok anymore, its either sh*te or brilliant and as you say if we had that little bit of luck that alway desserts us when we need that second goal(strangely we seem to get that luck when we’re already 2 or 3 up). i still have every reason to be confident about this season, after another 2-3 games we should be firing on all cylinders and we’ll back on this and laugh…..a few years ago so called bad results-which every team has-would have been brushed off, but because of the media scrutiny these days and phone ins bad results aint allowed…but try and tell the kids of today this, and they wont believe you.

  3. Chan says:

    I would say our season is over after just one game but we might rue those 2 missed points if we missed out on 4th by one point come May.

    I had been a fan for over 26 years and so i am no MANURE closet fan.

    I disagreed with King Kenny obsession with buying British, he definitely overpaid especially for certain Jordan Henderson. For 100 million, we could have bought better in terms of quality AND quantity, if he just look further than the British shoreline.

    Secondly, no one asked him to play all new players in one match, only for him to plead they need more time. Our current players such as Meireles and Aqualani does not suddenly turn bad overnight. Except for Downing and Enrique whose quality is obviously better that what we have currently, do we need to introduce ALL our major signing in 1 game especially for Henderson when we have the ever reliable Kuyt. Notice how the game change after Henderson was replaced by Kuyt?

    Next, we are no Man City or Chelsea although FSG had backed the King to the tune of 100 mill so far as we do not have a bottomless pit. At some point the money would ran out and if we do not spend wisely (different from Arsene as he DOES not spend) now and maximise our $$$$ we would regret it later.

    Fourth, King Kenny asked to be back and FSG duly obliged. He must be aware by now that he is in the results business and frankly results count. If you asked to be back you live and die with your choice, so do not gives the crap when you put all your all your new signings in the first match of the season and then said we need time for them to gel. We DO NOT HAVE much time, KD must be aware this is our defining season.

    Oh i aslo notice that Manure played with new signings also, especially with a dodgy keeper and they still win.

    We must remember that KD had walked out on us before, so who is to say he won’t when the pressure gets too big. Who would clean up the mess then?

    While he is a hero to all of us but that does not mean he does not slip up and immune to critism.

    Want us to get off his back, win games then especially the coming one against Arsenal. If not a certain Rafa might wants to return.

  4. strebby says:


    If you knew the real reason of kenny’s first departure you would never hold it against him.

    secondly, show me a team that wins every single game?? it just doesnt happen, bad, or poor results happen, its football its what it does, and if we do miss out on 4th by 1 or 2 points then its because we werent good enough over 38 games not a second half performance in one solitary game…

  5. Chan says:


    I do know the the reason KD departed at that time, with respect to all the fans on that tragic day. I do not hold anything against KD for that i just said he MIGHT hot hold up to pressure as much as we hope for. KD also walk on Celtic.

    Do not get me wrong, i support KD like most of us but he need to be responsible for his decisions and this is no time for experiments, especially with MANURE having 19 titles now.

    I just do not agree withh his over emphasis on buying British at such inflated prices and there is no guarantee they would be loyal to LFC. Remember S.Mcmanaman and a certain M. Owen? Who is Owen playing for right now?

    Who was our 2 best and most committed player in the Sunderland game? Suarez and Enrique, who are no British passport holders the last time i checked.

    Yes football is a game and unpredictable but we could have helped ourselves more.

  6. strebby says:

    well firstly footballers are footballers, it’s their job, i hold no grudge with owen for playing for utd, almost any player in his position would do exactly the same. loyalty in football is a 2-way street, why is it not ok for a player to want to leave a club for somewhere else, whereas if the club no longer want the player he is immediately sold? and secondly a players passport has nothing to do with what happened on saturday, first half we were excellent created 7 or 8 really good chances, missed a penalty by suarez..who is foreign(???) hit the bar and had a blatant red card not given, 8 times out of 10 we would have won that 2 or 3 nil, dont judge a whole season on its first 2 or 3 games, if that was the case utd wouldnt have the league as many times as they have, they always start slow.and the prices of the players have no relevance to you or I all we need to know is are these players better than what we previously had, the answer is yes, do these player compliment other players at the club..again yes they do, its all well and good saying ‘oh we could have got mata for the price of downing’ ok yes we could have(i know you aint mentioned mata but lots have) but mata dribbles a lot, cuts inside and heads directly at goal, he rarely crosses from wide or from the touchline, where as downing tends to put in cross after cross from both wide and the touchline, so in that get the best out of carroll we needed a downing and not mata…if we still had torres mata would have been more complimentary for him. We’re buildin a team, not just getting in individuals, the players we have bought have been brought in because of the jobs they did for their previous teams, we havent bought those players for the sake of it, theres design of a team. now you’re absolutely right kenny will live or die by his decisions, butthe time to judge is after a number games, not one slightly dodgy second half

  7. Chan says:

    Well said Strebby. I don’t grudge Owen for playing for Manure just as i don’t grude Alonso for playing for Madrid. They had given us some good times especially Alonso. My point is if KD obsession for buying British is because of the loyalty factor, than he got it all wrong as these past examples(Owen & Macca) had shown. Why should be overpay just because of the passport? And i am looking further than Mata. Downing is an obvious improvement but at 20 mill?

    As i said earlier, i sense we do not have much time even with FSG on board as we are unlike M. City who have bottomless pit. Just in case you haven’t notice, MANURE had their IPO in S’pore which means they would have more $$$ to buy players.

    This is a VERY critical season for us.

    Yes, 1 game does not make a season, my point is KD must not make the same mistake as he did last week. We have better players (why is Henderson playing instead of Kuyt on the right?) in some positions and its not necessary to play all the new recruits at once.

    My greatest concern is KD might be as stubborn as Rafa (although they are great coaches) and would not see their mistakes untill its too late. Even now, i can still remember Rafa guaranteeing us 4th.

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