Red’s pre season turkey, food for thought or just a passing fancy?

Work commitments on Thursday, i.e. having to travel a long way back from somewhere, meant I didn’t see the Galatasaray game until last night. However I was aware of the score so wasn’t really looking forward to “settling down” to watch the game.

I wonder just how concerned Kenny and his back room staff are at our pre season results? Two 3-0 defeats, one in Hull the other in Istanbul, are one thing however perhaps more disturbingly is that when you add in the Asian tour games we’ve conceded twelve goals in four games.

Will we really turn it around in time for when the season begins? Of course many will say that these are only friendlies and that it will be “alright on the night” when the season starts. Then of course you have to factor in lack of fitness, bedding in new players, the various peripheral players we’ve played not to mention the youngsters. So I tell myself all this is true but, all the same I can’t help worrying and expect better. Am I being unreasonable our rivals have adopted more or the less the same selection policy for their pre season games and have had better results against, arguably, better opposition? Not surprisingly Kenny has suggested improvements can be made.

“…. we have to get ourselves a bit sharper and a bit more clued up and livelier when we’re not in possession of the ball. We’ve got to get ourselves streetwise on the pitch and get ourselves up to speed with our thoughts. We need to pick up our passing as well.”
By now you’ve probably seen Thursday’s goals. The first and the third were scored thanks to the now common theme of backing off the opposition and giving them too much space to have a pop at goal. The second had me holding my head as Milan Baros (yes him!) easily got the wrong side of Christian Poulsen. I know the game needs to be put into perspective but even allowing for the absence of well over a dozen first team regulars who are presumably being saved for Monday’s match in Norway, it wasn’t pretty stuff. Perhaps the game was a “shop window” for all the waifs and strays we reportedly want to ship out? There were many in the side but few did themselves any favours. The ways things are the moment the only money we are likely to get for Philipp Degen is if we put him on Ebay… we’ll pay the postage!

The manner in which we conceded the goals at Hull and on Thursday suggest that we need extra back up in defence yet it seems for most of the summer we been firmly entrenched in the midfield shopping isle and, at the time of writing, have shown no signs of moving from it. All one can hope for is that things will improve as presumably Kenny will, in the remaining pre season games, field something close to his planned starting line for the first Premiership game?

Meanwhile the transfer season is hotting up. It must be because Sky has an electronic touch activated screen that keeps us informed about it. The dynamic presenter touches the club badge and, low and behold, we have a list of players seen as potential “ins” and “outs” for that club. For us the emphasis seems to be on “outs”. Christian Poulsen, we are told, will “remain loyal” to Liverpool unless they tell him he can go… gee thanks Chris! Meanwhile Sky also tells us that Anderlecht have said they have a problem with Milan Jovanović’s wages however the presenter reassures us that Sky believe it won’t be problem. Clearly they know more about this than the club itself! Next week Liverpool want to sign Carlos Tevez! The club, Manchester City the player and his agent deny it but Sky say it will go ahead! Still at least they have done the nation a favour and taken Formula One off our hands!

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