More long travels and Reds suffering transfer constipation?

Go to the Liverpool page on the BBC sport website and you will see a headline about Luis Suarez contributing to Uruguay’s Copa America win.

It is clearly great to see Suarez playing a major role in this win. He was named the tournament’s most valuable player, even though questions will be raised about him playing for so long into the summer without a rest. However, this headline has been there for the last five days which is a sign that, in terms of transfer activity nothing much appears to have happened. No “ins” or, specifically given the deadwood we are still carrying, “outs”.

It’s a funny old world that I should be complaining (albeit mildly) that a piece celebrating our player’s success is still round and hoping that it will be replaced by one informing us that some or one of our players are to leave the club but you know the point I’m trying make. Having bought in new signings I guess there needs to be a corresponding exit? Not always so in some cases if your squad is good enough or needs to be increased however I think it’s fair to say we are carrying a few passengers who are greedily hanging onto, and still desperately trying to pass off, expired tickets?

I’m probably being too idealistic but I fail to understand why so many players who have been told their days with us are numbered seem content to sit on the bench and feather their bank accounts as opposed to joining a side where chances of first team football are greater? It’s warped sense of priority and makes you wonder just why these players opted to join us in the first place let alone decide they wanted to play football for a career?

“What about the money” you say? Agreed but surely there comes a point when the salary you earn is comfortable and not really an issue – even if you take a cut it is still more than adequate for you to live your life and secure your future? Do they really want to look back on a playing career that consisted of nothing but warming benches or playing in the reserves and console themselves that at least the wolf has been kept from the door and an expensive door with a long driveway at that!

Meanwhile tonight we get the chance to make up for Saturdays defeat at Hull with a short hop to Istanbul to play Galatasaray. I’m not sad enough to want to find out but I wonder how many miles we will clock up travelling to games in the 2011-12 Premiership season. As we aren’t in Europe I suspect it will be less than the accumulated miles we’ve travelled for our pre season friendlies – China. Malaysia, back home, Hull and now Turkey. After that we’ve are usual pre season trip to Norway to play Valerenga. After last Fridays tragic events I wondered if this game would go ahead, would it be too soon? However it is on and we go to Norway nearly every summer because we are so popular over there so, if the game and our support helps the country in some small way to recover then it is clearly a good thing.

Finally the government has been ordered to make public files detailing some of the cabinet discussions after the Hillsborough tragedy as well as minutes of meetings they had on the subject. It has been suggested that these could give us a clue on Margaret Thatcher’s thoughts about the disaster. One wonders just how much we will learn as surely there is a risk that not all the files or papers will be released? Will the current government really want to see their beloved Iron Lady painted in a bad light? Of course Thatcher might surprise us and come out it as sympathetic however, without wishing to get too political and detract from the main issue (justice for the 96); I’m not holding my breath. Her record over issues such as ID cards, and way she and her government treated Liverpool when they were power, suggests we might get a rather unpleasant blast from the past.

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