Humbled on Humberside but Luis lords it.

Hull City 3

Liverpool 0

What a contrast this weekend. While Luis Suarez was helping Uruguay win his continent’s international tournament his club teammates were in Hull! I doubt Hull and Buries Aires have much in common and, on the face on it, neither did the respective performances of Suarez and his club mates!

One could be forgiven for thinking who decided to organise the game against Hull. A game against a full house of fans and a home side who were probably up for it more than we were however this is verging on the side of making excuses and won’t we have to face that exact type of environment in at least half of our games this season? Anyway it didn’t real turn out like that the game was played at less than frenetic pace and intensity than one would see if both teams were playing each other in the league

So the result? I know it is a meaningless game, but I would say that given the outcome wouldn’t I? Then I go on to say that all this will be forgotten if we beat Sunderland on the opening day of the new season. Then of course, in reality, those in the know will no doubt say that one really shouldn’t take any pointers from this game when trying to predict the outcome of that opening match and beyond. I guess the only thing one can say is that those who played will be fitter, yes the workout was the main thing!

Nonetheless one can’t help a tad hacked off but not particularly because we’ve lost to Hull. Patience is a rare commodity in today’s footballing world it seems so no doubt we will see the usual kneejerk reaction to this result which will unreasonably want to see someone’s head on a spike, probably those players who are earmarked to leave anyway? I can see or read it now, Liverpool spend close to £50m on players in the summer and they can’t even beat a side that finished mid table in the Championship! Hull for the Championship title, FA Cup and Carling Cup and Liverpool for relegation!

Of course I’m being flip, Kenny will have seen this performance and will not be particularly amused and will surely want to right a few wrongs. perhaps stepping up the quest for a defender. However, he will no doubt have an idea about his preferred stating line up. On this evidence it looks like we will see Stuart Downing swapping wings and giving us the width we’ve been missing for some time. Henderson played behind Carroll in Steven Gerrard’s position suggesting that perhaps the captain will drop back and let the youngster do all the running?

We started the game a sedate pace sporting our new all white change kit clearly because our all red clashed with Hull’s orange and black and not because we wanted to show it off and say “look at this, buy it”. Of course the shirt has attracted some controversy because it has bits of blue on it and therefore means we are Everton! Having seen the kit “in action” Everton didn’t spring to mind, it’s a different type of blue, anyway I don’t really care as I won’t be buying it!

Hull opened with a strike from Brady. He cut inside, when the backing off Kelly who perhaps expected him to go down the outside and cross once he reached the by line? His shot was deflected giving debutant Doni no chance. No excuse for Hull’s second which saw us backing off a good passing move that bisected our seemingly uninterested midfield. It was a decent finish from Robert Koren but on this evidence Victoria Coren could have scored!

Kenny fielded an entirely different eleven for the second half which included Downing and Henderson. We were better but it didn’t stop Hull extending their lead with a goal from Simpson which saw us pulled around the outside of the area and again backing off the ball as if it had some kind of contagious disease.

Meanwhile in far away land Luis Suarez was helping his country win the Copa America. He scored his sides first and set up the third in a convincing 3-0 win. Hull and Buenos Aires are far away but soon our players in these two Cities will be reunited. Undoubtedly we will be better for it?

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