Fergie’s “radar love”, Milan to Belgium and Alberto, you’re teasing us!

News wise this time of year is known as the “silly season” however for fans of many football teams it is the guessing season. Who will we sign this week? Who are being linked with? Who will go? Is there any substance in stories about player X or is player Y really going to leave? When will it stop f*cking raining?

For Liverpool fans it’s no exception and seemingly now it’s the fate of Alberto Aquilani that has everyone guessing. No sooner had J Henry “Tweeted” about Aquilani being the “missing link” as the Italian turned in some encouraging performances in Asia, we now hear that Fiorentina are interested taking him off our hands. The report in yesterdays Liverpool Echo probably has more of a speculative theme to it rather than any real hard fact nonetheless I feel it is raising the inevitable regarding Aquilani’s fate namely a move back to the country his birth.

The suggestion is that Fiorentina might be prepared to pay £9m which of course is considerably less than the £17m of so we paid for him, ouch, suck up it up! However, intriguingly they want Aquilani on loan until next summer. I can’t see us agreeing to this especially given this summer’s outlay surely, we will want to get something back now? Moreover it would seem the Italian himself, having had a successful and major injury free season loan at Juve, is in no mood to do a u turn and try to make a go of it with us. Pity.

More encouraging is the news that Anderlecht might be willing to take a chance on Milan Jovanovic. However the report on the BBC Website suggests it will only happen personal terms can be agreed. Are the Belgium club willing to match the Serb’s reported £100k a week salary. I suspect not and even if they were, could they? Nonetheless both parties seem keen.

“We’re very much interested and the player would like to come.”

In their favour, I guess, is Jovanovic’s familiarity with the Belgium League, he joined us from Standard Liege however, as mentioned before surely the Serb will have to be prepared to take a wage cut. Perhaps, at 30 years old, he is real to this and may be even willing to do this to secure first team football? It would be healthy attitude if he was but …..

Elsewhere and attention appears to have switched from midfield to the back four as Kenny is reportedly showing an interest in Atletico Madrid central defender Diego Godin and then, just to add more to the mix, we hear that Newcastle are finally willing to offload Jose Enrique. I simply don’t know what to believe any more, my head hurts!

Finally perhaps it is the silly season after all as we appear to have received a back handed complement from an unlikely source? Step forward Alexander Chapman Ferguson who thinks we are back into some form of contention.

“Liverpool went off the radar for a bit. They are now back on it. Long term you know they are going to there.”

I don’t really know what Fergie sees as being “off the radar”. It’s not as if we’ve been living in a cave up a mountain! League position wise we’ve not been too hot recently however, it hasn’t stopped us beating his side on a regular basis? Inevitably many will see fit to comment of what we have done in the close season and, in most cases, sniff and scoff as they draw conclusions. Some of the ones I have read made me laugh, particularly from those associated with sides that had gone longer than us without silverware! Ultimately this is none of there concern we should concentrate on building and if it takes more than one season to get where need to go then fine, as Fergie says, long term we will always be there and you’d better believe it!

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1 Response to Fergie’s “radar love”, Milan to Belgium and Alberto, you’re teasing us!

  1. johntoher says:

    I hope Aquaman stays, he is a great passer of the killer ball to the forwards, but with so many midfielders now in the squad, I am not sure he will stay at Liverpool, shame if he goes.

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