Adam’s family? Gael blows away, down for Downing and Glen extends.

It was another quiet week, in which the common theme appeared to be excuses. However, it suddenly exploded into activity yesterday.

David Haye used his broken toe as an excuse for his loss which clearly puts Mohammad Ali’s “feat” of fighting and beating Ken Norton for ten rounds with a broken jaw firmly in its place!

Then there is Carlos Tevez who is using “homesickness” as an excuse to leave Manchester City. It looks like ”home” for the Argentinean appears to be Italy or Spain!

Then there is Arsenal. I know they don’t need to offer one but I wonder what their excuse is for not wanting to sell Gael Clichy to us is? We are lead to believe it’s because they didn’t want to sell to one of their Premiership rivals but low and behold up pop Manchester City, arguably more of a rival than us, with an extra two million and the deal is done! It seems the same contradictory policy might apply to Nasri who is attracting the attentions of Chelsea and City again. Rivalry is in the eye of the beholder but what is the difference between a side that finished in sixth place 10 points behind Arsenal and a side that overhauled them at death to ensure that they finished fourth in what at one stage was a two horse race! Still, bothered? Am I? Quite frankly I think we can do better and the whole thing has been a storm, or should that be Gael, in a tea cup (thank you, I’m here all week)

Clichy’s “escape” presumably intensifies our interest in players such as Newcastle’s Jose Enrique. Apparently Arsenal are also in the hunt and brag the attraction of Champions League football but perhaps Enrique will look at the possibility of them waving cheerio to Fabregas and Nasri and decide in our favour?

Then of course there is Charlie Adam. Will he? Won’t he? It looks like that by the time you read this he will have! The fee appears to be around £7m or £8m and all Adam has to do is have a medical and agree terms. This is no formality, I believe the medical could prove a problem Adam’s been waiting to sign for so long that rigamortis could have set in!

If Adam signs and joins Jordan Henderson in our midfield one wonders if our ardour will cool over Stuart Downing? I’m not so sure as presumably Downing offers the width that the other two don’t? Apparently Aston Villa have spurned our initial offer of £15m and it’s been suggested that they will sell over their dead body. One can understand this as they have already offloaded Ashley Young to the Mancs so, like Arsenal, they would find themselves in the position of losing two influential midfielders. However, as Downing is out of contract soon there is surely a balance to be struck and they are unlikely to get £15m for him in say six months time?

Of course there are alternatives to Downing did I read something about Arron Lennon which to my knowledge is the first time that has cropped up? We could also push Glen Johnson into that position. This writer has been critical of Johnson as a defender to the point of suggesting that he should be sold, no chance now it seems, at least for the foreseeable future, as he has extended his contract. Said Damien Comolli

“His best years are to come. Very often defenders peak between 26 and 31, so he is just entering into those years where a maturity comes in and his knowledge of the game gets better and better.”

As a defender there appears to be quite a lot for Johnson to get “better and better” on, however, on the few occasions Kenny fielded him in a wide, more offensive position it has been a different story and has looked like someone we perhaps might wish to preserve with? I don’t really sound convincing do I?

Finally it seems that according to one Sunday red top, Andy Carroll has been involved in a drunken fight with his brother while on holiday. Big deal, I’ve two boys and they fight all the time, it’s what brothers do! No doubt it will continue as they get older and maybe take on a more violent slant if the odd shandy is involved, it’s called life I think. Presumably we can “look forward” to more of the same irrelevant tat from this grubby little rag as it tries to fill the pages left empty by advertisers who have taken their business elsewhere in disgust at the fact that it shamelessly hacks the mobiles of murdered children and their parents?

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