Maxi and Meireles signal more midfield manoeuvres and getting blue, or shirty, about nothing?

I’ve been watching “Springwatch” recently which is more evidence of my sad descent into becoming more and more like the sort of person I vowed I’d never turn into when I was young!

In between the host’s nightly attempts to shoehorn a Manic Street Preachers song title into his spiel there was a badger watch. Nothing happened the first night by they were patience and were rewarded the second night when wee little beasties appeared and did whatever badgers do. This, in around about way, is like the summer footballing recess (yes I know but bear with me) – days, no weeks, of waiting around for something to happen. You know transfer rumours are there, but how long will have to wait before you actually see them become “fact” (sorry Rafa). The lack of activity also prompts incredible s*it analogies like the one I’ve just made still, I’ve got the Manics into the blog which is OK!

Anyway if we are to be signing what could be enough new players to make up an entirely new midfield then someone will have to go? Rumours about Joe Cole, sorry “homesick” Joe (no relation to “Seasick Steve”), going to QPR are fresh out of the production factory assuming Bernie Ecclestone and his crew are willing to put their hands in their pockets and meet his wages? However, the biggest “news” this week has been stories of Maxi’s desire to return to Argentina, more specifically his old club, Newell’s Old Boys?

How I do feel about this? Despite Maxi’s great end to the season, where he got two hat tricks, the answer is rather indifferent. Maxi is a good player, and I warmed to him as the season went on, however he is thirty I can understand his desire to have one last hurrah at home and I guess his departure may well cut the wage bill and enable younger blood to come through? One wonders if Liverpool, Maxi and “The Old Boys”, or is it “The Boys”, can reach a mutually acceptable agreement? Maxi has two years on his contract and surely won’t be able to get the sort of salary in Argentina that gets over here which will probably have his agent looking for something nice for him and his client at this end? However, reading between the line I suspect the move is and emotional lifestyle thing so if he really wanted to go, it would churlish for the club to stand in his way?

Perhaps slightly more worrying is the rumoured departure of Raul Meireles to Inter Milan. I think Meireles grew and grew in influence as the season went on and certainly did enough for us to expect a profit on the £11 or so million we paid for him. One wonders if this will actually materialise as since the rumour broke Leonardo, Inter’s manager until a few days ago, has left them for Paris St Germain? As ever it is a case watch and wait however, all of a sudden our interest in the likes of Charlie Adam makes sense and takes on more importance?

Finally we face Sunderland at home on the first day of the new season. No doubt this has specially meaning for Jordan Henderson and may be David Ngog if he goes the other way? However, the headlines about the new fixtures are rather pointless as clearly every one has to play each other eventually?

Finally, finally there appears to be some disquiet about the newly unveiled third away kit which has a bit of blue trim on it. The club has defended the issue saying that it isn’t blue is “cyan”. This is nonsense, it’s blue just as the “ecru” strip in the 90’s was light brown! I guess there is a nod to tradition or the past as we did wear blue as our first colours however as far as I know there is no anniversary to celebrate. Given the reaction one wonders why they decided to go with this design, did the not think it would happen, but ultimately I believe we have more to worry about than Everton? I won’t be buying it anyway regardless of how good it may look I’ve long since stopped falling for that game especially the ludicrous idea of a third strip which is surely not needed as are not Europe? Was it required anyway? Keep your money or spend it on “Postcards From a Young Man”

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