Gerrard remains positive and Clichy chatter

So Jordan Henderson is definitely a Liverpool player. I’ve seen a picture of him in a red Adidas shirt with Damien Comolli so it’s true! Perhaps Kenny was taking the snap or may be he was off pursuing Gael Clichy?

The subject of the Arsenal defender, and his rumoured move to Anfield, was done to death in the office yesterday. We don’t have a water cooler but it was main topic of conversation around desks among us “football saddos”. A friend who is an Arsenal fan and is as “sad” about them as I am about Liverpool chipped in with this Email when I asked about value of our reported £5m bid

“5m? Depends on your viewpoint. If you want a left back who is full of enthusiasm, tenacious in the tackle, prone to mistakes at critical times, positionally dubious, unable to cross and unwilling to shoot, Gael is your man. If you want a defender to reliably defend, probably not.”

Great! Who says we aren’t going forward at least it sounds like an improvement on some of our previous full backs! I’m actually thinking that we will never see the day when we sign an decent defender and that Jamie Carragher will be put into deep freeze between every game, thawed out, injected and given ginseng on the morning before every game come to think of it we could do the same with Daniel Agger and don’t get me started on Harry Kewell!

It is reported that Arsenal won’t sell Clichy to their Premiership rivals. As Northampton are unlikely to be interested the inference of this is an overseas destination? Fair enough I guess but, this doesn’t seem to stop rumours of Nasri’s move The Mancs. With Clichy out of contract in one year one wonders if Arsenal can really control his destiny but, if my friend’s assessment is accurate, should we be too bothered?

Back to Jordan and naturally his signing has prompted all sorts of positive eulogies from Anfield. Kenny lead the way followed by Steven Gerrard who, amid stories of how he is getting back to fitness by attending about yoga classes, said

“It’s a really positive signing. Let’s hope he is the next Steven Gerrard.”

I hope he doesn’t mean the Steven Gerrard who has been out with a groin injury since March.

“I’ve not kicked a ball for a long time, probably the longest I have gone in my career, and I can’t wait to get back now.”

Clearly Henderson will benefit from having players such as Gerrard and Carragher around but one wonders just how much juice Gerrard has in his engine and how much enthusiasm he has for the chase? Not a season seems to go by these days without him picking up some kind of injury be it niggly or long term? I must take it’s toll? Not so…

“I am excited about playing under Kenny Dalglish, just like the team did at the end of the season, which was going forward. We were playing with bottle and character and going all out to beat teams. And that always suits my style of playing……… Right now, I’m just steaming for a game of football again “

For Kenny having his captain back must be tantamount to getting a “new signing” so scarce have his appearances been under him? However I guess clearly he also has an eye on the future when the likes of Gerrard and Carragher retire. Many said that when Kenny resigned in 1991 the Liverpool side he left was old and ripe for overhaul. Perhaps, having achieved everything else, this is the unfinished business Kenny has allegedly talked about – to help create a new Anfield dynasty?

If Henderson’s contribution to this and overall influence on the club is only half of Gerrard’s then he will still prove to be an excellent signing.

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3 Responses to Gerrard remains positive and Clichy chatter

  1. 5TIMES says:


  2. kubla khan says:

    I hope Henderson doesn’t mean that he’s the Gerrard who hangs about clubs and bars with a number of thugs. Best leave that to Andy Carroll…

  3. redfloyd says:

    Totally agreed. It’s wrong for young kids to hang around in clubs and bars. in fact I think they should be made to stay in every night and read the bible!!!!

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