The yawn of an injunction and Carroll dodges Denmark

So it is Ryan Giggs who is the “mystery “ footballer.

It was probably, to this “writer” anyway, the worst kept secret since my young son came up to me before one Christmas and told me that his present to me was a secret but they were “white, round and you hit them with golf clubs”, I don’t think we was referring to John Arne Riise’s knees!

The irony is that if Giggs had decided not to serve the injunction it would probably not be news anymore. Rather like the issue with Wayne Rooney and his indiscretion the story would have been published and everyone would have gone “tut tut” or yawned and things would have soon moved on to covering the football aspect of his life and in particular his twelfth league title? What was the purpose of the injunction, to hide things from his family or the public? If so it has failed miserably and if anything has only served to magnify things and string out the story into debates about the media and privacy.

Giggs comes out of it as badly as the desperate Z list “celebrity” he bedded. Doubtlessly she will now follow up the tears and trying to get the public’s sympathy by hypocritically publishing her grubby, uninteresting little story and banking the cheque.

Sorry, I’ve just read all this back. Why did I write it makes it look like I give a sh*t! Time to move on….

Back to Liverpool and, as expected, Andy Carroll has been omitted from the England Under 21 squad for the European Championships. The fact that Carroll doesn’t travel to Denmark because of his knee injury isn’t the full story. Arsene Wenger has whipped this up through speaking out about Jack Wilshire’s involvement and has used the selection, or otherwise, of Carroll in an attempt to suggest his man shouldn’t go.

“Pearce will be concerned to leave Carroll behind, and I don’t think he will do it because that is opening the doors for any other complaints behind that. Players react like: ‘If he doesn’t go, why do I go?’ That could be a dangerous game to leave Carroll behind. It could create many other problems. I would not be the first on the phone but there would be no logic in the attitude of the selection. I could understand if Carroll doesn’t go for injury problems but for fatigue problems … it would be more difficult to convince people in England that he is more tired than Jack Wilshere.”

I don’t think anyone was suggesting Carroll was tired it was always his injury anyway Mr Wenger your man isn’t going as well so stop moaning! What this does raise is whether players, such as Carroll and Wilshire, should go on Under 21 duty if they’ve represented the full squad? However managers such as Wenger also have to ask themselves what damage would this do to their relationship with the player if they go against his wishes and stop them from going?

Anyway many might say that a fit Carroll should go to get the match practice but on balance, whatever the situation, from a Reds point of view it is probably best that he stays at home gets fit for the new season. We know what Carroll can do and have seen it briefly against Manchester City however injuries do keep cropping up. Carroll has been painted as some goggle eyed beer monster who pours Newcastle Brown on his corn flakes every morning which I am sure is untrue just as I am sure, if it were, that he is not the only footballer who likes a drink. However the injuries and this nonsense doesn’t help and may lead many to conclude, incorrectly in my book, that the two are related. Above all this I suspect Carroll is a proud man and will be determined to prove those who think this wrong and make sure that he justifies the £35m transfer fee next season?

If he is fit I am sure he will.

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2 Responses to The yawn of an injunction and Carroll dodges Denmark

  1. Tgan says:

    Im hearing we are after Charles N’zogbia and not A Young!!!!!!!

  2. redfloyd says:

    Yes, I read that too. Add him to the list!

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