The Mancs and labouring the “nineteen” point

“If you argue and rankle and contradict, you may achieve a temporary victory – sometimes; but it will be an empty victory because you will never get your opponent’s good will”
Benjamin Franklin

Remember a game called “knock and run” you may have played it as a child. As the name suggests it involves knocking on the front door (or ringing the bell) of someone’s house, then running away before the door can be answered.

Well some Mancs fans indulged in their own version of this game at Sunday’s match by purchasing tickets for the Spurs end and draping a “MUFC 19 Times” banner over the upper tier of Anfield Road End. Rather than stay they cowardly scarpered once a photo had been taken and made their getaway to car waiting outside the ground. I bet they were sniggering uncontrollable like little “knock and run” schoolboys as they drove away ho ho ho my sides are aching, by the way gents, thanks for the ticket money!

It may sound like sour grapes but all this “let’s remind Liverpool it’s nineteen times” is rather limp stuff just like The Mancs fans ham-fisted attempts to wittily try and put it to practice. Have you ever been in a situation when someone tries to take the mickey out of you but you simply can’t be bothered responding? The reason is not because you’re scared of them or feel you’ll lose the argument or the confrontation but simply because times have moved on and you’re not really arsed and have more important things to think about. You just want to poke them in the eye, tell not to be so childish and to go away. It’s over twenty years since we won our last title and since then the Mancs have won it twelve times slightly one sided me thinks and, such has been their dominance, so it’s hardly the basis for any kind of mickey taking? Perhaps if some Manc came up with something devastatingly original and cutting that really made me go “ouch that’s really got me” I might take all this back but so far, nothing just tired, bored sighs and shakes of the head.

Not convinced? Okay put it this way, at the beginning of this season were you really concerned about the Mancs overhauling our title record or where you more concerned at ensuring that Hicks and Gillett were removed? Were you more concerned about getting a points deduction as a result of the financial mess they got us into? Were you more concerned that the new owners weren’t going to make the same unholy mess of the club. Were you more concerned about ensuring the financial and overall future of the club for example by laying down a solid plan re the new stadium or redevelopment of Anfield? Were you more concerned about Roy Hodgson’s inability to get the best out of the team? Where you more concerned about Fernando Torres’ mood swings and the sulks and then, when he left, whether his replacements would cut the mustard? More concerned that Kenny was given a fair crack of the whip and would be allowed enough time to recreate the sort of form that saw us win our last Championship. In short, “nineteen” probably wasn’t even nineteenth on our list of concerns this season!

Strangely enough under The Glaziers the Mancs have, and still are, experiencing similar problems to some of those we endured under Statler and Waldorf. Sunday’s trophy presentation would be an ideal way to remind them that the fans are not happy however, no doubt the green and yellow scarves will be ignored and Liverpool will get more of this “ya boo sucks our silver stash is now bigger than yours” nonsense? Who knows may be they will replace their “35 years” banner, signifying the length of time Manchester City went without winning a trophy, with one for us signifying the number of years since we won a title? Let them, it says more about them and their childish mind set than us and Manchester City. When The Kop has a flag day how many flags do you see slagging off other teams? I for one find it rather puzzling, not to mention sad, that although the Mancs fans have lots of reasons to cheer their team and plenty to look forward to, the forth coming Champions League Final being just one example, they appear obsessed with parochially looking back and having a go at us.

I congratulate Manchester United on their achievement however not on the way their fans have “celebrated” it. On the face of what we’ve seen so far the class of players like Giggs, Scholes and Rooney is not replicated by them. Cheer your team, celebrate their success, let them know that you appreciate it rather than take the cheap, easy way out by arrogantly looking down your nose and childishly gloating at others. If you continue to do that it may slowly start to undermine everything that’s been achieved. Now wouldn’t that be a pity!

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2 Responses to The Mancs and labouring the “nineteen” point

  1. Simon says:

    Ah it’s just a few morons. ManU fans deserve to feel happy they’ve earned it. Let them have their day in the sun. See you next year.

  2. Tgan says:

    I see the new Liverpool away kit is breaking records already, flying off the shelves. No wonder Warrior have signed a 10 year $400m deal to replace Addidas as our kit supplier. As you say Liverpool fans have so many reasons to be delighted at the over-all season for many reasons!!!!!

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