Fulham flannel and Eurovision week?

So it looks like the Mancs will get another Championship after beating Chelsea yesterday. Same old same old, for all the talk about the Premiership being the most intriguing for ages (not my words) it’s still boiled down to same two teams.

I guess the Mancs will now be prepared to make whoopee at our expense regarding the title record, this will be there nineteenth over taking our record of eighteen. Let them do it, history never stands still and neither do records?

One stat that The Mancs are entirely welcome to is ours of having lost two Champions League finals. I guess now that we know the line up for final at Wembley many fans will adopt the usual stance of putting club bias to one side and supporting the English team no matter who it is. Sorry not here I’m afraid. It will take more than that for me to support the Mancs in any circumstances even if they were pitted against a team consisting of war criminals, estate agents and Jedward!

Back at camp Liverpool it’s been a quite week. We are lead to believe that Kenny is talks over a new deal but it’s an ideal time to relax train and prepare for tonight’s game against Fulham. This would perhaps be a nothing match with neither team having anything to play for? However, Mark Hughes has set his side a challenge of achieving their highest ever Premiership points tally and to finish in the top ten. If recent results are anything to go by it is something they are intent on doing.

We of course have the tussle with Spurs for the golden prize, no Holy Grail, of a Europa League place! Noises from Anfield suggested that is something we definitely want to go for although, if we cast the net wider, there is more of a difference on opinion. Whatever your stance it is clear that the next few days will give us a clearer picture, we play tonight and tomorrow Spurs play their game in hand against Manchester City. If we win and Spurs lose then, for the first time, qualification is in our own hands. As cynically alluded to before, the prize is not necessarily the greatest one but it underlines just how much we have improved since Kenny took over that we should find ourselves in contention?

Team wise there are no new injury scars. I guess it remains to be seen if Andy Carroll will start or be on bench again as he was against Newcastle. Presumably he has benefited from the free week and will be fitter and stronger?

Prediction? Fulham are on something of a good run and we will not want to repeat the 3-1 defeat we suffered the last time we played them at Craven Cottage when, despite dominating for long periods, everything seemed to go wrong. This season they have seen a new “addition” to their squad none other than Michael Jackson who is celebrated in statue form outside the ground. The reason behind this appears to be that Jackson was a mate of their chairman and once visited Craven Cottage to see them play. Hopefully our lot won’t get any ideas. Perhaps, given the new Luis Suarez chat, we’ll get a bronze of Depeche Mode outside the Kop or, in tribute to Stephen Gerrard’s musical taste, Phil Collins! Anyway hopefully Fulham won’t “Want to be Starting Something” and we can ensure that we “Beat It” Oh God I’m sounding like Football Focus or Gary Lineker! 2-0 to us and nurse, the screens please!

Finally I can’t let this pass without a mention for one of my sporting heroes, Severiano Ballesteros. Sport is full of robotic professionals who use text book technique to achieve glory. Ballesteros never went for this “painting by numbers” approach but still managed to win five majors plus numerous other tournaments with natural talent and inspirational, out of the ordinary golf. He was also human sometimes producing shots that hackers like myself are sadly all too familiar with, perhaps that is why he was so popular? Unlike us however he had the natural talent and inspiration to draw upon to get himself out of such fixes which he did superbly! Me I just duff it bit more and throw my club! God bless you Seve.

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