Glen Johnson speaks for the nation but Rick Parry utters from another planet

So there we go another “tumbleweed week” for the Reds as “” limber up to take on Wales in the next round of Euro 2012 qualifiers.

What positives can we take from this? Well at least this time there is no danger of Gerrard and (even though he’s not with us) Torres coming back injured. The former already is and I wonder if the latter, on current form, will actually get a game with World Champions!

Of course the press has been full of nonsense about John Terry being reappointed England captain. This is an irrelevant side issue and about as interesting as hearing John Terry speak which he does often blandly and uninspiringly. Is England the only country that sets great store in the role of captain? It certainly seems to fascinate everyone, take Glen Johnson earlier this week.

“What has gone on has nothing to do with anyone, John Terry has been a fantastic captain for Chelsea and England. I am sure he will carry on doing the same job.”

Leaving aside Glen’s new found self pointed status as the arbiter of the nation’s morals I just wonder what it is about Terry that makes people speak in such glowing terms? What is it that makes certain players want to run to end of the world for him when I’d hard pushed to run to the end of our garden? No? I’ve no idea either but then again I’ve long since given up trying to second guess any decision involving the England team, it’s manager and the mapcaps who inhabit FA headquarters.

Anyway back to our Glen and he seems to be getting a taste for speaking on other people’s behalf. Having “bigged up” John Terry he then turned his thoughts closer to home, namely Andy Carroll. Next week Glen deliberates on the Libyan crisis and what Kate Middleton’s dress will be like! Anyway – despite the fact that Carroll has only been back a few weeks and (understandably) hasn’t really hit and match fitness yet, Glen still feels he’s made an impact.

“He scares the life out of opposition defences. Everyone sees Andy as a big targetman who can hold the ball up, but there is far more to his game than that. He is always an outlet. You can stretch the play by giving it to him and he scores goals. Defenders just do not like the way he plays”

An in form Carroll would no doubt fit much of this however as he isn’t I can’t help but feel that Johnson’s words, be they well meaning, aren’t really welcome. Carroll needs to be allowed to quietly get fit and build himself up. He doesn’t need Johnson or anyone else speaking in this premature way. All it does is heap unhelpful pressure and expectations on him when he presently isn’t, due to injury and getting back, in a position to fore fill them. Best keep quiet and let the big man work away and get back in his own time? As for defenders being scared if they are fearful of Carroll at the moment then surely they are positively sh*tting themselves at the prospect of Luis Suarez. No doubt Glen is grateful he is on the same side as him just as he is that Gareth Bale isn’t playing today!

Meanwhile we learn that Rick Parry has no regrets about selling the club to Hicks and Gillett.

“Don’t forget and certainly until I left – which was 2009 – we were second in the league. The business plan was a net spend of £20m on players. And they’d over delivered on that. They took us pretty close to winning the Premier League in 2008-2009, within four points of Manchester United with a huge points total.

“So it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Then, in 2009, for whatever reason, there didn’t appear to be any net spend at all on the players. By which time they clearly realised that they probably needed to sell completely.”

There is missing the point then there is taking the p*ss. Then there is being perfunctory, simplistic leading on to just plain stupidity. Parry’s comments are all of these and beyond that. Indeed they are on another plain which sadly, or thankfully, I am unable to articulate! The only thing I can say is that I don’t think Liverpool should have any regrets that Rick Parry has left them!

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2 Responses to Glen Johnson speaks for the nation but Rick Parry utters from another planet

  1. Gano says:


  2. 5times says:

    dirty greedy baldy ugly prick parry.. sold us out you nonse case, you took the dow joe, .. love to see u at the match..

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