Nani’s still narked and Braga banter.

When did we beat the Mancs? It must have been about ten days ago, however they are still bleating!

The stink of sour grapes refuses to clear and it’s Jamie Carragher, for his tackle on Nani, who is taking the stick.

Far be it for me to defend him but Fergie’s comments on this over the weekend came after a self imposed, childish “I’m not speaking to you so there” strop with the media. Fat lot of good this done him as he now will have chew his gum in the stands. Anyway leaving that aside, his comment on Carragher’s tackle was fair enough.

“It was a disgraceful tackle, we know that, but you move on”

None one is disputing that the tackle was bad and that it should have seen red however, as Fergie said, you “move on”. Not so Nani it seems. Since they played us the Mancs have progressed in two cup competitions. However, rather than celebrate this and look forward Nani, with lamentable self regard, still feels the need to rake up the past.

“I don’t know what Carragher was thinking but I do know what he did was not football… It is the second time he injured me. Before he put me out of the game for two months. He always tackles like that. I don’t want protection. I just want the referees to be fair. If it is a red card, they have to give it. If they give the card, the next time the player doesn’t make the tackle.”

Nani did mention that Carragher came into apologise for the tackle which was the decent and right thing to do. To a fellow sportsman that should have been enough however it seems that Nani will not be content until Jamie is stripped naked, flogged, tarred and feathered and lashed to the bows of the Mersey Ferry!

Nani’s points about referees are one thing but that is football and occasionally you get a wrong decision going against you. However, what is to be achieved by talking in this way? Jamie’s tackle was bad but “move on” just as we have over Rafael’s challenge on Lucas in the same game?

Speaking of Lucas he has been talking about tonight’s game, cue trumpets and fanfare … the Europa League second leg against Braga.

No would ever welcome a Liverpool defeat however last weeks goal for Braga, and consequently the first leg lead they bring to Anfield, certainly adds a bit more interest and excitement to the Europa League? Not that it can be any worse than the first leg? As Lucas says…

“…… our performance, especially in the first half, wasn’t good enough – it wasn’t the way we planned. I’m sure we’ll play better on Thursday and we’ll have big chances to score. At the end of the day we have to play better and we’ll play with confidence because of our fans. We must keep the ball better. If we have more possession we’ll be more dangerous.”

Team wise of course we are without Steven Gerrard who has started his post groin op rehabilitation this week. There is no Suarez. Andy Carroll to start? It seems that Kenny is intent on taking it step by step.

“The fitter he gets the more tempting it will be but when that day comes I don’t know…Whether we will start with him or he comes on in the second half will be decided by how he does in training and what we think is best for us….”

Prediction? We’ve a fair bit of work to do and can’t really afford a repeat of the last three Europa games where we simply haven’t performed. Hopefully the one goal deficit will give us the incentive and encouragement to put in the performance The Mancs are only too aware we are capable of? 3-0.

Finally I guess, from a footballing point of view at least, Bryan Robson was the Steven Gerrard of his day. Sadly for us he was on the wrong side. However, the abuse and stick he took during those days does not extend to yesterday’s news. Best wishes to him and his family and hoping for a full recovery.

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