Braga fall out, Gerrard’s woe and Torres’ tragic talk.

I didn’t manager to capture the Braga game until last night due to a prior engagement – OK, a works p*ss up.

Why didn’t you watch it in the pub I hear you ask? That was my intention and I did ask the bar staff to put the game on but sadly I forgot it was a 6pm kick off so asked at around 7-45pm!

An embarrassing, schoolboy error but perhaps lucky as, let’s face it, the first half was a shocker and we were lucky to escape with only being 1-0 down. I can’t remember us having a decent shot on target.

Things improved in the second half and I guess a major plus point was that Andy Carroll placed for a bit longer? His touch, understandably, looked a bit rusty however he made an impact and we looked more positive with him going close once himself and, nearly setting up Dirk Kuyt.

However, I guess we can’t take too much from the game and should be thankful that at 1-0 the game is still very much for the taking at Anfield this coming Thursday. Kenny didn’t really mince his words

“.. until next Thursday I won’t be able to assess whether we have been fortunate or contributed to our own downfall by selection of passes, no movement – we were just a bit sloppy, really”

By the way, what a bizarre stadium! I remember it from Euro 2004 and I think Arsenal played there earlier this season. Apparently it is carved out of a quarry hence the behind the goals situation. Let’s hope…. no I’ll resist the temptation to mention about the Reds coming to a rocky end in this tie and leave that to Gary Lineker’s “gag” writer!

Of course the other news centres on Steven Gerrard who didn’t travel to Portugal. There was some speculation as to why this was so but now we know, he was under the knife. Cleary the groin hasn’t cleared up and perhaps this might explain his rather indifferent form since he returned last month? It’s a pity I was looking forward to seeing two great players from different generations team up however all we’ve seen so far is Kenny and very little of Gerrard. Hopefully the op will put things right and I guess now, towards the end of this season, is a better time to do it? We are told he’ll be out for a month but I wonder if we’ll see him again this season if we end up having nothing to play for?

Moving on, or should it be looking back, and it seems that Fernando Torres has been lamenting what he sees as a torrid time with this club. This seems at odds with previous utterings but yesterday he revealed to The London Evening Standard

“I felt that the next six months at Liverpool, through to this summer, were going to feel like three years. So when Chelsea made it known that they wanted me it was like the light at the end of a dark tunnel.”

Not content to slate his club he then starts to pick on his former team mates who presumably, when he arrived as a callow youth from Spain, went out of their way to make him feel at home?

“What I didn’t expect, when I got to Chelsea, was that the atmosphere would be so different from Liverpool. I expected it to be more distant given that this has a name for being a superstar team. There are better personal relations and more jokes between the players than at Liverpool, where everything is a lot more serious. Here you don’t have to demonstrate that you are a professional, it’s taken as the minimum”

Nice one, let’s slag them off personally AND professionally. However, thankfully as fans we get off scot free

“I wouldn’t have joined Manchester United out of respect for the Liverpool fans…”

How naive. Torres sees a distinction between criticising the club and it’s players and criticising the fans as if slagging the club and it’s players won’t irritate the fans. Respect, be it for fans or club, is in the eye of the beholder. Rather than unnecessarily churning things up in this way perhaps Torres should have just keep his counsel? What is he hoping to gain by speaking in this ungrateful, small minded way apart from an interview fee which he clearly values more than his time with us?

Respect also does not extend to selfishly sulking and pouting about the pitch in front of fans who have paid hard earned cash to come and see you play. Strange how the only good performance Torres put up was in the game against Chelsea! Thanks for the quote about The Mancs Fernando however, like your goal scoring record for Chelsea so far, it’s a non starter.

Finally Fergie, having emerged from his media strop, has had some catching up to do. He didn’t waste any time and started with Jamie Carragher’s tackle on Nani last Sunday.

“It was a disgraceful tackle, we know that, but you move on”

Yes it was a bad tackle and we do move on so why mention it?

Come on Arsenal!

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