Prague fallout and Hicks and Gillett rise again!

So a quiet, football free weekend for Reds fans.

To be honest I’m a bit miffed. I really wanted to see us playing now and hopefully building on some of the improved form we’ve been showing. So in a way, the FA Cup, despite ITV’s pithy, predictable platitudes, is more of a hindrance than a welcome opportunity to give the team a break, even though they will probably need it after Thursday game against Prague

I was a bit surprised at some of the negative responses to Thursday’s game. It was as if we should have gone out and trounced Prague and that nothing other than this would do? However Kenny used the game to rest some players and give others an opportunity and we still got the result. Yes, we could have been a bit more positive, and perhaps fielded a stronger side as we had no game at the weekend, but this is job covering two games and I think sometimes it’s reasonable to do whatever is necessary to ensure that that it gets done. If that means riding it out away from home in an unspectacular way to maximise opportunities at home then so be it? It’s not the first time we’ve done this and, if we continue to play in Europe, it won’t be the last.

Some were also surprised that having taken them along we didn’t see any of the youngsters playing. Where these the same people who were brassed off that we didn’t get a result, you can’t please everyone all of the time? However, again just because they didn’t play doesn’t mean it wasn’t a worthwhile trip? The will have gained experience of being in the first team squad and will have probably learnt a lot from seeing how it operates on and off the pitch? Their time will come when the circumstances are right?

One other bit of news is that our ex owners have poked their smirky, greying heads above the parapet once more in an attempt right last October’s “epic swindle” (their words). However, if anything the word “swindle” seems to be more appropriate to Statler and Waldof who were accused of being less than truthful in their attempts to take the case to Dallas rather than London where the case will be heard next week.

Mr Justice Floyd (no relation) accused Hicks and Gillett of misleading the courts in Dallas via their own lawyer. They neglected to inform their lawyer in Dallas that they had just lost in the English court. The lawyer in turn told the Dallas court that Hicks and Gillett were unable to get an injunction against the sale because the courts in London were closed.

None of this was true and it only serves to underline the lengths that Hicks and Gillett will stoop to in order to get their own way. Quiet why the sale of the club should be regarded as a “swindle” isn’t clear. Perhaps it is bourn of the fact that they didn’t enough money from the sale? May be they hope that in order to draw a line under the issue the club will attempt to reach an out of court settlement? Are they are hinting, that there was some underhand skulduggery on the part of people such as Martin Broughton? However, if his reaction is anything to go by, it will be a case of nothing doing and see you in court

“I am suing to have my name cleared, not for any money, they made accusations of fraud and conspiracy which were wholly unfounded. I am not losing any sleep. I know I acted properly”

Bring it on gents and see you in court IN THIS COUNTRY where hopefully any call you feel you have over Liverpool FC will be finally silenced..

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