Prague prattle and Kenny’s accent on youth

It been a few days of compare and contrast

Compare and contrast Spurs’ Olympic Stadium bid with West Ham’s. Why is it only in this country that we think having a running track around a pitch is wrong and who was the bright spark who didn’t think to put retractable seating in the original design? One thing is certain it will be cheaper to see a West Ham match than the hop skip and jump in two summer’s time!

Compare and contrast AC Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso with Joe Jordan, their spat at San Siro the other night refers. Who would you put money on in a fight? Even though Jordan is around twenty five years older!

Compare and contrast Arsenal and Barcelona. More specifically the gross sycophantic, fawning everyone on ITV last night directed towards Spaniards, sorry Catalans. Compare that to the eventual result.

And last, but not least, compare and contrast the start made by Fernando Torres at Chelsea with the start made by our Luis Suarez. If the latest set of games, us against Wigan and Chelsea at Fulham are anything to go by our £50m is looking like a very nice return? Perhaps there was more to Torres’ inertia other than just dissatisfaction with Liverpool he doesn’t appear to have broken out of it yet?

Meanwhile Suarez continues to make a good impression not only with the crowd but with fellow teammates such as Martin Kelly

“There is a lot to come from Luis, he gives everything. The best thing is he’s 100% committed and at a club like this that’s what you need to be, and he shows that commitment for the full 90 minutes.”

Sadly however, Suarez will be zero percent involved in tonight’s return to the Thursday night naughty step, where we play Sparta Prague. He is cup tied!

It’s hard to believe that this will be Kenny’s first competitive European match as a Liverpool manager. Remember we were banned during his first spell? One wonders if this will have any significance? Probably not he’s been involved with Blackburn and Newcastle and has played enough himself.

Europe provided Roy Hodgson with some of his better Liverpool moments. Not only did we progress to this stage without too much trouble but he also was able to use the competition as a good opportunity to give youngsters and squad players some much needed experience. Kenny appears to have taken this on from HRH as in the squad tonight we have Raheem Sterling, John Flanagan, Conor Coady, Robinson and Tom Ince. If Sterling plays he will become our youngest ever first team player? It’s a bold and positive move and in keeping with the new owner’s desire to bring through youth. If just one of these lads makes it into the first team on a regular basis all the effort will have been worth it?

One person who won’t be in Prague is Steven Gerrard who is still injured. This seemed to provoke a few conspiracy theories in the media especially as Andy Carroll is going even though he is also injured. Personally I see nothing in this. Gerrard is probably better off staying home and getting more treatment but I can understand Carroll traveling as he needs to see the way we do things on trips like this and generally get used to being a Liverpool player Gerrard of course has got the t shirt? Said Kenny

“He won’t be considered for the game but will travel just to get in and amongst the lads, It’ll help him to feel a part of it.”

Prediction? In a way with everything that’s been going on this tie has crept up on us. I also have to confess I know nothing about this version of Sparta Prague other than the fact that they lie second in their league. Presumably Kenny has done his homework and feels that we can still achieve a result, even if he intends to field some youngsters? I guess there are grounds for optimism, we are a better side than we were when we last played in this competition however, whether it proves a hindrance to our aspirations to climb the league or a welcome distraction remains to be seen. 1-1.

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One Response to Prague prattle and Kenny’s accent on youth

  1. Tgan says:

    Great to see kids rewarded for doing the business, now parents will see that their son’s are in safe hands at Liverpool. We have great young players of all ages!!!!

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