Time for Reds to forget Torres and think of points

“We are more important than any player they have got”

Kenny Dalglish, 4th February 2011

Well who would have thought it? I think, deep down, we all knew it might happen but so soon? Of course I’m referring to Steve Clarke returning to his old club …. sorry Fernando who?

There seems to be some doubt over whether Torres will actually play against us today and add to the two goals he scored against his new club earlier in the season by scoring against his former one. Liverpool, it is said, sought a gentleman’s agreement that Torres should sit this one out. However, being sensitive and doing and saying the right thing appears not to be to fore with this move so it looks like he will start?

Whatever the case there will be a lot of talk about the game well, let’s be honest, one persons debut? Will he raise himself from his slumber and score? Will he celebrate if he does? Will he get a good reception from the Liverpool fans? Will he get a rough ride from out back four, providing they can catch him? Or, more important than anything else, will we get a result?

Torres’ latest take on the whole situation is surprising and hasn’t really done him any more favours adding to negative vibe the, the man has attracted since his move.

“…..the romance in football has gone. It’s different now. People come and leave. When you join a club you want to do the best for yourself and for that club. That’s all. Some people like to kiss the badge. I only want to score goals, do my job and achieve all the targets the team has. We share the same targets.”

A heartless, cold shouldered, albeit professional, statement which treats the game we love as nothing more that a run of the mill job with sales targets or a production quota to be achieved? Is it a sad indictment of today’s game, and people in it, or just the misguided, foolhardy quotes of an individual player? I think it’s a bit of both sadly (I suspect) Torres’ sentiments echo those of many players in today’s game but then again it is somewhat disturbing to hear such comments from someone who has Euro Championship World Cup winners medals in his suitcase en route to South West London. What more does Fernando what?

Torres then added that he had given Liverpool three good years and left them with a healthy profit. One can’t disagree with this if you’re an android and judge everything by the sentiments expressed in Torres’ quote above? However, fans are not mercenary, money means nothing to them other than an opportunity to strengthen the team? Respect and doing the right thing with a bit of consideration and, dare I say it, humility are more important. That, on the face of it, is the difference between Torres and the sort of player we want playing for Liverpool football club, £50m is secondary?

In the papers it’s been suggested that the player’s reaction to Torres’s move has been fine. Steven Gerrard apparently phoned him to wish him well and Jamie Carragher spoke philosophically about the move yesterday and Jose Reina also, will he be next? Kenny Dalglish has, not surprisingly, tried to refocus attention away from Torres onto the main issue which is trying to get a result today. However even he suggested that the timing of Torres’ move could have been better. By that I assume that having got Luis Suarez we would have liked Torres to give it a go with him until the end of the season (I make them sound like Pandas thrown together in the hope that they will mate). However Kenny quite rightly although accepting there will be some fall out, stressed the need to forget and move on…

“We were disappointed with the timing but we have to get on with it. The most important thing is the way we reacted to it. We didn’t mope around. We got out and did the business. That is great credit to everybody. Our lives will all move on, in different directions, but they will all move on.”

And so say all of us and never has the quote at the top of this piece been more relevant? We should be focusing on building on our good run good of form. There is no “extra spice” for Kenny and no doubt he will very keen to tranfer this to the team?

Prediction? Whether this game will mirror our last three and give us three more points is open to debate. After a poor run of form Chelsea are in the same position as us, three league wins on the trot. Like us they have shown a degree of vulnarabilty at the back which we can take heart from. In short I think there will be goals and at both ends 2-2 and in keeping with a record goal scoring weekend for the Premiership which means it will be 0-0!!!

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4 Responses to Time for Reds to forget Torres and think of points

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  2. gary says:

    Reina and Gerrard, have emphasized that Liverpool fans should show Torres respect. I agree with this. Real Liverpool fans do not boo their legends. Torres is a Liverpool legend, and continues to only say good about the club. Let’s make sure our mates in the stands respect him.

  3. Tgan says:

    Liverpool will win 1-2 with Dirk Kuyt and Gerrard scoring, Chelsea are under pressure to gain on the mancs. Im thinking they will push on a little too much and get hit on the break, defensively we seem a lot better!!!!

  4. redfloyd says:


    Agreed. Everyone is expecting us to give Torres a rough ride but Liverpool are better than that. I hope they judge Torres over the full length of his time with us, not just the last 6 months, and respond accordingly.

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