Torres and Carroll fallout and time to Stoke it up?

So everyone was full of it yesterday. Perhaps the most significant item was a list published in many of the papers of the top ten most expensive transfers. Behind Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Kaka we now have Torres but in eighth place we’ve Andy Carroll just behind Zinedine Zidane, and Crespo and in front of David Villa, no disrespect but gosh really!

I still can’t get my head round that we paid so much for Carroll. I guess there is a difference between “cost” and “value” also I seem to recall when we bought Torres people were saying the same thing, including me (click here for archive article).

Carroll is 22 so if he is still with us when he reaches his peak (widely held to be around 28 years of age) £35m will probably be nothing if football continues the way it is going? I would also guess that if Carroll is still with when he is 28 he will been doing the business for us so regardless of his value then we will be getting a good return on our outlay?

I am more at ease with the £50m for Torres but no so with the manner his departure. I think the main thing is the difference between the Torres of the first two to three seasons with us and the version that departed from us. I guess in some way I feel taken in or let down. I am realistic, players will leave but I thought Torres was a model pro, an example on and off the field in the way he played the game and the way he conducted himself, he was also bloody good! However, contrast this with the moody, sullen unprofessionalism we’ve seen this season. On his wages you should always give 100% regardless of the circumstances but by stomping around and sulking like some spoilt brat he was insulting the club and the fans. Yes he played well enough to get us a healthy return on our investment and if he continues with this petulant manner he should fit perfectly into the Chelsea set up!

On top of this neither Carroll nor Torres attempted to play a straight bat and with their comments yesterday managing to offend at least one or more sets of fans. Andy Carroll, probably with half and eye on everyone’s reaction when he returns home to see his folks, adopted a “it wasn’t me they made me leave” approach of course Newcastle, also mindful of the local reaction, denied this!

Torres in keeping with his new found spitefulness neglected to say a word about his time with Liverpool. Was it that bad, was he treated so badly and did he learn nothing? Instead he chooses to laud Chelsea.

…after this, there are no more steps forward. This is the top level. The target for every footballer is to try and play at one of the top-level clubs in the world, and I can do it now. I have to be very, very happy as I am. The last three or four days have been very hard for me, especially after everything I have lived in Liverpool.”

Be careful what you wish for Fernando and, unlike you, I’ll have some manners and respect and say thanks for all the good times you gave us.

Now that the dust is preparing to settle perhaps we have good reason to be pleased? In signing Suarez and Carroll we have lowered the age of the squad and have more options up front if only because we have acquired two strikers though selling one! I’m excited and intrigued to see how Carroll and Suarez will work together, they are not two peas in the same pod so they should give defenders a hell of a lot to think about. Financially of course this has cost us virtually nothing with both deals being funded from the Torres and Babel sales.

Sadly we will have to wait a while before we see both players in action. Suarez looks set to play against Stoke tonight but Carroll’s thigh rules him out for a few more weeks. The corresponding game, with saw Stoke win 2-0, was a shocker and one hopes we are now a long way from that sort of performance now?

Despite that everyone will be aware that we were a tad fortunate in the last game against Fulham. Time to ensure we make the most of the chances and keep the opposition’s to a minimum. The latter point may sound daft on the back of two consecutive clean sheets however, both Wolves and Fulham were given too many chances and it wasn’t just good defending that kept them at bay we had some luck which of course we can’t expect to fall our way every game.

Prediction? With Sunderland losing last night we have a change to take closer order to sixth place and this, together with that game and lining up against that man next Sunday, should be motivation enough to see us through? 2-0 to us.

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14 Responses to Torres and Carroll fallout and time to Stoke it up?

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  2. pazzajonah says:

    This was Torres who called a press conference every three minutes to say that he loved living in Liverpool! I expect Chelsea to sack Ancelotti and bring in Benitez because Torres was always benitez’s pet. Slimy ****

  3. JYS says:

    Nice article and I admire your politeness. I can’t believe some of the things Sulkese has said – no thanks to LFC or to the fans that I’ve read about; just how much he loves Chelski. He will fit in there fine. I believe he started playing well not just because of King Kenny’s influence but because he wanted to impress his new suitor. Even Ronaldo, as much as he sulked, put the effort in – Sulkese just moped around like a victim. Makes me sick and sad – and he says he hopes to score a goal against us on the weekend. I hope he lands flat on his face at the hands of Mr Carragher.

  4. pazzajonah says:

    I’m already looking forward to seeing him leaving Kiev in tears after my team Germany stuff Spain five nil!

  5. C Naude says:

    My 5 cents worth – Skertel – 3 games suspension for a red card – Torres 6 months out with a broken leg!

  6. Gano says:

    Forget the ladyboy lads as he was a fraud, he will regret his actions in time. NESV did not spend their own money on Carroll and Suarez, that will be spent in the summer. I think Kenny is setting up tp play the system he employed at Blackburn, big striker Sutton, smaller striker Shearer SAS, using wingers to supply them, he used quick wingers that im sure will be brought to Anfield too. Look out for Turan and Young in the summer window!!!!!!!

    • pazzajonah says:

      I reckon the last straw for Torres was when he scored that goal against wolves and Sian Massey didn’t call offside. I also can’t stand how he said that living in Liverpool was hard for him. Oh, how I look forward to Kiev!

      And by the way, can Sian massey referee that match?

  7. Torres really showed the Liverpool fans and all that believed in hi just what a big backstabber he really is.No gratitude to the club nor the fans and to degrade the most sucsessfull english club in england over a overrated underachieved club like chelsea really makes me sick.I hope he gets his ass handed to him on sunday.One thing i also cant understand about kenny where our midfield players are concerne,is that we have a great midfield player on loan in Aqualani.I just hope Kenny brings him back cause i think his world class.

  8. Hari says:

    I was shattered when I first heard of Torres’s transfer request, but the waters seem to be calmer now. Contradictory to what a majority of the populace are feeling, I believe Carrol is a shrewd buy even at 35m. You have to take into account the fact that replacing Torres with him reduces our wage bill by no mean amount. In him, we have a striker who is scoring in the premier league at 22 with an ordinary supply from the Newcastle team. The very best of him is still to come.

    There are a few who say that NESV are no better than our previous owners in the fact that they have spent only about 2m in the window. But it is not out of lack of trying. I am sure we will pursue our targets more actively in the summer when the prices are reasonable and when there isn’t a void as big as Fernando Torres that needs to be urgently filled.

  9. pazzajonah says:

    I hate the fact that mobile wordpress shows february’s posts as blue. A Colour that stands for all that is wrong with britain.

  10. zaheer south africa says:

    Dont worry the true legends of the reds are going to whip the coward out of him on sunday
    Stevie g and carra.suarez looks great and raul m is starting to show class we should say thanx
    he who shall not be named we still have our own cash to splash in the summer enter hazard and payet plus metersake not to mention aqualani returning and fully fit so liverpool looks we for chelsea being the pinacle of priemier league clubs have they won the title even half as much we have

    • pazzajonah says:

      Mertesacker is nothing compared to Arne Friedrich, and I consider myself an authority on Die Mannschaft. Chelsea have not even won a fifth of our league titles

  11. zaheer south africa says:

    Not even a fifth haha.someone tell he must not be named and do it in crayon so he can understand .i want him to feel a crunching tackle from carra or skirtel .stevie g is going to be a powerhouse against chelsea

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