Suarez on the edge of redness but what of Fernando?

By the time you read this Luis Suarez may be Liverpool FC player and Fernando Torres may not.

Suarez’s fee of around £23m, which is subject to a medical and personal terms, represents a big hike on our initial bid of £12.7m but it is a more realistic one and with Darren Bent, in Aston Villa’s eyes at least, worth £24m and Manchester City’s Edin Dzeko £27m, good value?

You can never ever be sure how a player will settle into a club but Suarez’s goal scoring record suggests the money is well spent. For Ajax he scored 111 goals in 159 games. Whether they will be regarded as “cheap” goals because they were in the Dutch League remains to be seen however, Suarez should bring a new dimension and new options to our play which will be all the more useful if Fernando Torres stays and there’s the rub!

Although Suarez deal is welcome it seems that the appetising prospect of him and Torres lining up together is premature? Rumours of Torres’ departure to Chelsea have arisen before however, the club seem to mean business this time with a bid of £35m for the Spaniard which we immediately turned down.

So one wonders if the Suarez deal is designed to offset a Torres’ move, no more than a move to sweeten the blow of him leaving? Things certainly appear to have moved very, very quickly with Ajax since news of Chelsea’s bid for Torres was made? Perhaps the club wanted to announce Suarez’s arrival before Torres’ departure?

However let’s be positive. Torres has complained that we need to buy big and now we have splashed out on what, on he face of it at least, appears to be a quality striker? Perhaps he will want to stay, at least until the end of the season? Reports appear to contradict one another. Some say Torres has no intention of leaving, others say he wants at least to talk to Chelsea and Sky last night ominously said he wanted to leave and had submitted a transfer request which we had rejected!

There is the theory that if a player wants to leave a club he should be allowed to as quickly as possible. However, there is the transfer game to play and of course there is a £50m “trigger” clause in Torres’ contract? Will Chelsea, who seem to have put their days of spending “silly money” behind them, be prepared to go that high if they can be sure of getting their man? Will we be able to refuse? £50m even £40m? every player has his price? I suspect that by the time you read this, things will be clearer, or very soon after.

What does this say about the new owners? Clearly in an ideal world they would want Torres and Suarez to line up together for us. If Torres stays then the Suarez deal will be seen as a welcome statement of intent and ambition for the new regime. However, if he goes then it will simply be regarded as straight forward replacement purchase with them making a tidy profit to add to the £6m they got for Ryan Babel?

Perhaps the club will attempt to sweeten the blow by, in addition to Suarez, using the cash to get Charlie Adam from Blackpool however will this make up for Torres’ departure despite his questionable form and attitude this season? Is letting him go a big gamble? Potentially PR and merchandising suicide? Perhaps so if he goes to Chelsea instead of abroad perhaps not if we get a good price for a player who has been out of sorts for most of this season?

It’s not rocket science to state that only time will prove if the club’s actions are right meaning that the owners will be anxiously looking at the side’s form to end of the season just as Liverpool fans will now be anxiously waiting for 31 January to end without any headlines involving us. Yet we need to face up to unpalatable facts, something we’ve had plenty of practice of recently! As much as we love him if Fernando wants to go then perhaps it is for the best? If he is unhappy, as his body language has suggested this season, then perhaps it is for the best. If we can get a good price for him then perhaps it is for the best?

Torres won’t be the first Kop idol to leave Liverpool, of course it will hurt, for a while, but did we ever think he would stay with us forever?

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11 Responses to Suarez on the edge of redness but what of Fernando?

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  2. Simon says:

    Our opening bid for Suarez had to be low to try and negotiate the final price down, I would be suspicious that Liverpool had word that Torres was going to push for an exit, so we pulled out all the stops for Suarez

    For a few brief hours I thought that we were going to have a dream partnership up front, now we’ll be lucky even to get Suarez as he wanted to play with Torres. We have prompted Suarez to burn his bridges with Ajax. Will there be underlying resentment? Ready to rear it’s ugly head at first sign of trouble

    Maybe he will dovetail with a spanish forward at Liverpool…… Pacheco!!!

    Chelsea are obviously desperate to buy him, we will soon see if this £50 million clause actually exists, but we can’t afford to hold out for too long as we may need rapid replacements. Another forward, a winger, left full back and Charlie Adam will be needed

    For the last couple of years we have been a selling club, discretely I’ll agree, but a selling club all the same. This inherently means a reduction in talent. Torres could have left in the summer, although it was kept quite hushed, and he has finally lost patience

    He is totally misguided in my view, he obviously has no appreciation of financial constraints that exist in a club that was bought in a camoflauged leveraged buyout.

    We are now being run without appreciable debt and associated interest payments etc and cannot just splurge money on our targets. Every penny counts, hence the negotiations we are involved in

    Torres can leave once we receive the a decent fee which reflects his talent, his importance to us and Chelsea’s obvious desperation. Minimum £50 million by tomorrow evening at the latest so that we can sign some “replacements” – Adam is an absolute must, Kenny will turn him into a Liverpool legend, Ashley Young even though I am doubtful about him, Adam Johnson would be excellent, Contrao at left full

  3. Chan says:

    If Torres is the type that honours his contract as he always say so than this would not be happening. Simon is right. To sign players big players needs time. Considering what we had gone through the last few years, Torres or any other so called “Star” players should understand.
    At the end of the day no player is bigger than the club. We should not be spending so moch time and resources trying to convince this “senior” players. If Torres really wants to leave, get the most money out of him and move on. Lets focus on our rebuilding job, we have bigger problems to worry about.
    If any other players want to follow him, the same rule applies. We the fans are all tired of this prima donnas and their constant threat.

  4. Tgan says:

    We hold all the cards over Chelsea, we can name our price. I think £60m + Sturridge as a minimum, that would allow Kenny to buy a winger like young and a left-back. Torres misses so much football and is liable to breakdown at any-time, yes he is great when on blob but how often over the past 12 months has that been??????

  5. pazzajonah says:

    Torres is a whinging overrated t**t who has been rubbish for since I can remember. Keep him for now, then sell him in the summer and I think that coentrao , turan, and some more forwards and defenders would be good. By the way, don’t sell him to Chelsea. The clause only takes effect if we fail to reach the champions league this season. Selling Torres to Chelsea would not help that

  6. Shashank says:

    Well on the Lfc site they have confirmed torres has had a transfer request rejected.Very disheatening news as such,would prefer that he moves abroad rather than to chelshit,but allowing him to leave in january would be madness.Chelsea are dilapidated as such and are struggling to make the champions league as well,2 years or even a year on without considerable investment they will be in the same situation we are in and i think ambrovich has got tired of hi playtoy.Signing suarez is intent on the part of nesv and not letting torres leave now is another.If He MUST leave they should sell him in the summer if he is disillusioned by lack of investment etc.

    • pazzajonah says:

      Funny if Torres goes to chelsea and then they fail to make the CL! Next he’ll go to spurs, who will make the Europa, then he will go to manchester s***Ty, who’ll go broke on account of a revolution in UAE, then to manUre, who finish in fifth after Fergo retires, and then in despair he’ll beg to come to us but with that record, we won’t have him. As a girl once said to me after I told her the history of inter milan’s European cup winning side of the sixties, sad little man.

  7. Tgan says:

    Far from being catastrophic i believe the deal for Torres could be a blessing, he is never happy these days and has not put a shift in for time until the last few games. He has changed over the last year or so and i think senior players know that, Kenny will get Charlie Adam soon and maybe a left-back. NESV must really play hard-ball on his price as the fans are watching this play-out, with 2 and a half years on his contract we can simply tell him he stays put……

    • pazzajonah says:

      Just like honda, hulk is more of a marketing buy. They’re both rather good though. By the way, there is no capitalization in outsidetheshanklygates
      , and it’s not worldpress.

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