Fulham thoughts, bye bye Babel, Gerard’s hacked off, Gerrard returns and Holloway harks on and on and on…..

Why is everyone so precious all of sudden? All you have to do is break wind and everyone seemingly goes into shock indignation?

Ian Holloway is an entertaining man but I think we now get the message over Charlie Adam so we don’t need another whimsical analogy or metaphor which basically says you need to offer a higher price. We get the picture Mr Holloway, even though your man has put in a transfer request!

Then there is Gerard Houllier who I can only surmise has banged his head over the weekend! Why else would he suggesting that Holloway again (note the trend here) and Steve Bruce have been picking on him over the Darren Bent deal because he is French! Next he’s saying Holloway again (note the trend again, when will it get irritating?) is against him over Villa’s bid for Charlie Adam because he is well… French, manager of Aston Villa, left handed (if he is) or whatever!

“I noticed this weekend that I was not treated the same way as my friend Kenny Dalglish, Ian said ‘it must not come from Kenny’ when Kenny makes a bid, ‘it comes from the club’. He called me all sorts of things because our club, officially, did the right things, and went to them.”

Er right… what next Gerard complains because Fergie looks at him in a funny way? Perhaps he just wants to be loved? Someone love Gerard I couldn’t bare to see tears in those already sad, doleful oyster eyes!

Back at base it seems Ryan Babel is staying put at Liverpool oh correction he’s gone – off to the Hoff for £6m. I’ve covered Babel’s time at Liverpool briefly a few pieces ago (click here) and now the reality of a move has set in, my feeling is one of disappointment and frustration. Mainly because Babel failed to show the promise, pace and skill, that everyone could see he had, in no more than fits and starts.

Apologists of Babel might blame Rafa for playing a square peg in a round hole, he started out wide for us most of the time when it was suggested his best position was in the middle. When Babel signed for us Arsenal were also interested. Perhaps if he had gone there he would have got more chances and developed more, they have the reputation for bringing youngsters on? However at Anfield he was given numerous chances and didn’t really take them.

At the age of 24 you would have thought Babel would have cemented his place in the side by now? Why not? Being away from home? Not really he was with us for nearly four years? What about lack of confidence, nous or application? Perhaps so, his use of Twitter does exactly give the impression of clever man and there were plenty times on the pitch were he looked lost! The ambition, hunger and desire to stake his claim? Again there were times were he looked totally disinterested however when a move was mentioned he always stood firm and said he wanted to fight for a place at Anfield, I will be charitable to him and wages had nothing to do with it! It will be interesting to see how he fairs in Germany. Perhaps that might give us some clues of where he (or we?) went wrong? Whatever the outcome I wish him luck and once again I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

One also wonders where his leaves us with our pursuit of Luis Suarez? Babel wanted to go back to Ajax and, the club itself was happy to have him. He could have been an ideal make weight in a Suarez deal? Now we will have to pay a lot more. Presumably the money from the Babel deal will help but when you hear that we have offered £12.7m you can understand Ajax when they say

“We’ll have to wait for them to come back with something more respectful. We want to keep him – at least until the end of the season and preferably for the rest of his contract.”

To tonight and the visit of Fulham to Anfield. This is the rearranged game that was called off around Christmas because of the weather. Of course this is the chance for Kenny, against Roy Hodgson’s old club, to notch up the first home victory of “the second coming”. Spirits will hopefully be high after the Wolves game and we’ve the added boost of Steven Gerrard’s return from suspension. It’s an appetising prospect seeing two players, both heroes at different stages of the clubs history, coming together. Dalglish came out with a quote about Gerrard which could have been from someone describing Kenny when he was playing.

“He is a special person – he’s not just a special footballer. The way he has served this club and what the club means to him – it is nothing short of fantastic. He’s served this club unbelievably well and we will certainly ride along on the back of that….. He deserves to be up there in the folklore and the history of the club. He is a fantastic footballer that we’re very lucky to have at our disposal.”

However enough, and three points tonight is a must. Fulham arrive on a reasonably good run of form and of course Manager Mark Hughes is no stranger to upsetting Liverpool at Anfield with The Mancs even though Fulham have not won at there in 29 visits!

Prediction? Although the Wolves win was a big boost, there was still room for improvement and we will still need to work hard, particularly in defence, where Wolves, with a bit more luck and application, could have had some joy? I’m now very wary of going into any game on a high thinking we’ve turned a corner as we’ve been slapped down so many times recently. Nonetheless I’ll go with it and hope we build on the positive things we saw on Saturday and there were many. 2-0 to us.

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3 Responses to Fulham thoughts, bye bye Babel, Gerard’s hacked off, Gerrard returns and Holloway harks on and on and on…..

  1. Tgan says:

    Holloway is pathetic and Oyston too, they are constantly in the media moaning and have the cheek to blame Liverpool and Villa. They are talking to the press trying to get an auction going for Adam, they have no class to mention offers made in public. Liverpool should sue them big-time. I want them to go down!!!!

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