Wolves fallout and Red’s transfer targets – Adam most likely to join the family?

Although one takes it with a pinch of salt it was nice to get up yesterday morning and read some positive things about a Liverpool performance.

The Sunday Times (no link because it costs to enter their website!) said

“There was improvement in virtually every aspect of the Liverpool performance..”

The Guardian said

“Dalglish is up and running. He said: “My feeling at the moment is elation because our success came from playing as a team. This is something for us to build on.” Fulham (we play them in our next match) beware, the old beast is stirring”

Torres and Meireles in particular were singled out for praise and Kenny did the same….

It is the best (Torres game) since I’ve come in, It was not just his goals it was the work rate he put in…. (Meireles) played very well but I thought everybody played well.”

As the transfer window closes in a week’s time, we know this to be true as Sky have big flat TV screen in their studio with a countdown clock on it, there was also the inevitable speculation about who we, and other clubs, would sign. The list is open to debate but it looks like we’ve associated with Ajax’s Luis Suarez, Blackpool’s Charlie Adam, Ashley Young of Aston Villa and Bolton’s Gary Cahill.

The January transfer window isn’t the best time to get players and I personally believe we will be hard pressed to sign one let alone two of these players however, let’s go along with it and briefly look at the runners and riders starting with the two who I believe are least likely to sign first.

Perhaps Aston Villa might be prepared to let Ashley Young go to help balance the books over the Darren Bent deal? However, with Meireles seemingly coming good and Gerrard about to return from suspension, surely Young is less of an attraction now? Surely for us the priority is to strengthen the defence and the forward line so perhaps teammate Steven Warnock might be a more realistic prospect and of course he knows Anfield! At 25 Gary Cahill may be a better prospect than Warnock (aged 29) but I can’t see Bolton agreeing to let him go and this stage of their season. He is also likely to cost and I can’t believe that would be able to afford him as well as Suarez and/or Adam. These appear to be more realistic prospects?

The Luis Suarez deal has attached much publicity. He was interviewed in the Sunday Times (again no link because it costs to enter their website!) this weekend in an article entitled “Come and Get Me”. It is clear from the article that Suarez favours a move to the Premiership

“It’s because of the energy and spirit they put into the game…. I think it’s a kind of football that suits me”

Whether we can offer Ajax a price that suits them is a mute point. It has been suggested that Ryan Babel could be used as part of the deal? Both Ajax and the player are keen to reunite and Babel appears to be not keen on a reported move to Hoffenheim. Perhaps this may swing the deal in favour of us but I will still be surprised if it goes through in January. Moreover we, with other better placed clubs interested, will have to work hard to persuade The Uruguayan to join us. Perhaps Kenny’s charm will win the day!

More likely to wear the red shirt after 31 January in my book is Blackpool’s Charlie Adam. Ian Holloway, speaking on TV yesterday admitted that the player’s head had been turned and conceded that there will come a time when Adam moves on but, understandably, feels it should be this summer rather than now. However Holloway is a realist and knows that if the price is right, his main man will go. Sadly he feels our offer of around £4.5m isn’t. I have some sympathy Blackpool. They’ve made great start and it looks as if the bigger boys in the playground feel they can waltz in and take something they want from them without paying the market value simply because they are new boys or a smaller club.

Said Holloway hit back on behalf of the little teams……

“Maybe I am the only one who can see what his value might be. It is all right admiring something. I like my neighbour’s car but if I don’t pay the right amount of money for it I’m not going to get it. They (Liverpool) had better start by putting a figure one in front of the complete rubbish they have been offering so far. What Liverpool offered is about the price Charlie would have been worth when Kenny was last playing and that was 19 years ago”

Nonsense, Adam would only have been six years old and a bid of £4.5m would have broken the British transfer record which was held by Chris Waddle… hmm may be Holloway has a point!

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1 Response to Wolves fallout and Red’s transfer targets – Adam most likely to join the family?

  1. Tgan says:

    Charlie Adam has shown he is a good player all season, maybe not a superstar but a good player. He puts it in week in and week out and we need that badly. Suarez seems likely to happen and he would be a good option to get Nando firing again.

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