The pass and move groove, Wolves waffle and it’s all gone quiet transfer wise.

So no transfer news despite suggestions from L4 over the last few days that we might see some action be it buying or selling?

Although Rick Parry, the “Captain Slow” of transfer negotiation, has departed his legacy seemingly lives on at Anfield? We are roughly a week away from the window closing but nothing, diddly squat! We always seem to go through the same scenario. We are linked with a player thus building up fans hopes, then, infuriatingly, it all goes quiet again. Then the next thing you hear is that the player has signed for someone else. If, on the rare occasion, he does put pen to paper for us it’s usually about six months later!

Perhaps it would be better to keep things under wraps until the deed is done? Joe Cole’s signing, despite a few rumours, was something of a surprise. Like a piece of art or a statue new players should unveiled to an unsuspecting public. Everyone likes to be pleasantly surprised and even if the signing turns out to be the equivalent of socks or handkerchiefs on Christmas Day then at least we’ve enjoyed the anticipation and build up to who it might be!

To the present and Kenny has been waxing lyrical about the past, most specifically our style of football. He’s got a hankering for old “pass and move” style.

‘It would be nice if we could get back to that, on the pitch especially. Pass and move isn’t old fashioned, it’s the Liverpool way. That’s the way I was brought up and I don’t think I could change. That’s the way the players would like to play as well.”

Pass and move seems to be the style that media associate solely with us as if other sides pass the ball and assume a demeanor akin to Antony Gormley’s figures on Crosby Beach! Of course this is nonsense all one had to do was to reference Arsenal this week against West Ham and then Leeds to disprove that notion. I guess the trick is, and in this case Arsenal sometimes fail to deliver, is to know when to pass and when to shoot? We also need make sure we aren’t passing for the sake of it. Under HRH we did move the ball around quite nicely however, most of it seemed to be from side to side and backwards. When it did go forward, the ball usually got promptly returned to where it came from! However, despite all this I do get Kenny’s drift.

To today’s lunchtime match at Wolves. I think it is reasonably fair to say that corresponding fixture last month (a 1-0 defeat at Anfield) was probably the game that made it a case of “when” and not “if” HRH would go. It was one of the worst Liverpool games I have seen in recent times so I guess this is an early chance to put things right and for Kenny and the team to plant a marker re our away form? Although Wolves are near the league basement ….well let’s stop there as we are only five points in front of them!

Team wise Steven Gerrard is still suspended, last one this. However, it appears Joe Cole is fit again and might play. Of more interest will be the back four. Hopefully Daniel Agger will play as, aside from himself and Martin Kelly, pickings are slim form wise. This is probably going to sound unfair but Wolves, rightly or wrongly, have a reputation for being physical. Sadly we appear to developing a worrying habit of allowing ourselves to be outmuscled in the opposition final third. Newcastle, quite fairly, battered us and Glen Johnson and Kyrgiakos both allowed themselves to be out muscled in challenges at Blackburn that lead directly to two of their three goals. Add to that Distin making Skrtel look like Charles Hawtrey for Everton’s first last Sunday and you’ve the making of a worrying trend?

Prediction? I don’t know why I bother with this as I always go for a win, hardly ever pick a draw and never say we will lose. Today I think we might see a few goals, we were much more positive against Everton yet we’ve still got our soft underbelly. So 1-0 to us it is then!

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1 Response to The pass and move groove, Wolves waffle and it’s all gone quiet transfer wise.

  1. pazzajonah says:

    We could still be surprised. Michael Turner, anyone?

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