Now the FA’s a Tweet, will Kenny be permanent and trying to rock Blackpool!

So Twittergate goes on and looks as if Ryan Babel will be punished for publishing a disrespectful picture of Mr Webb out of class. A hundred lines for Master Babel and a stiff letter to Mr Dalglish explaining what a naughty boy he’s been.

Honestly you’d think the FA would be a tad more real and less hung up about the whole episode however, they’ve got on their high horse and how dare anyone suggest that they, or anyone connected with them, should ever get anything wrong! PFA Chairman Gordon Taylor defended Babel saying

“He’s apologised and has said he’s sorry, let’s move on, I would think that Howard Webb is a big enough man, a big enough person and good enough referee to take it.”

I guess the FA want to nip such things in the bud. Failure to do so could mean all sorts of insulting Tweets flying around and damaging their credibility as if this is going stop internet or social network postings from other sources who aren’t players? The problem is by acting in this manner they are simply further undermining that credibility although in fairness, if past actions are anything to go by, there is not much of it to undermine?

On to more serious things and the background behind Kenny’s appointment has been fleshed out slightly with Damien Comolli suggesting that he could be candidate for the job on a permanent basis. While Kenny manages the team Comolli is supposed to be finding the club’s long term managerial successor but has conceded that Dalglish would also be considered.

One wonders if Comolli is being diplomatic and just saying the right thing? If he said “No, Kenny isn’t in the frame”, it would attract quite a bit of adverse attention. However, I guess at the moment Kenny is in “position A” as he is in the job and therefore has the chance to make it hard for the owners to look anywhere else if he does well. It was interesting that whilst “punditing” on last night’s West Ham v Birmingham match Alan Hansen said Dalglish felt he had “unfinished business” at Liverpool. Perhaps, this suggests there is a much more determined streak under the surface however, for the moment, Kenny appears to be playing a straight bat regarding the post?

“If I do really well and someone better than me comes along I will have no problem whatsoever.”

Of course all this will be answered in the fullness of time at the moment it is still early days and although we played well at Old Trafford we still lost. Tonight at Bloomfield Road we can put that right and also start to address the situation of our poor away record, only two league wins in 2010. Ironically Blackpool have the worst home record in the league, but things are never that simple.

With the hype out of the way that went with Kenny’s first game as returning manager we now need to concentrate on improving and moving up the league. To a man everyone has suggested that Kenny has great man management skills and will galvanise the team, perhaps we will see the first signs of that tonight?

Prediction? Since they got promoted Blackpool and Ian Hollaway have wrongly been treated as something of a novelty act, almost to the point of patronisation. However, once you cut through all that stuff, and Ian Holloway’s unique take on the game, their league position speaks for itself as does their victory at Anfield earlier this season. They will want to take another scalp however, I hope we will be refreshed and on something approaching a high and will obtain revenge for the Anfield embarrassment. 2-1 to us.

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