Manc fallout, Clarke joins and is Babel a Tweet?

It was weird watching the game on Sunday and seeing Kenny back once more standing upright in the dug out. It was like going backing time, it was good feeling though.

It’s also been great to hear his dry sense of humour once more in the various interviews he’s given since Saturday’s announcement. He was asked whether this was his greatest challenge to which replied no it was a par 4 with out of bounds either side! Surely Kenny’s biggest challenge has already been achieved and that was to guide the club through the aftermath of Hillsborough which he did, with the help of others, brilliantly. Anything after that harrowing period would have been a doddle including leading the club to the title the season after?

Despite Sunday’s defeat, he was positive about the players in his post match interviews.

“I think the players worked very hard to get a result in very difficult circumstances although we are not going to get too much success losing 1-0, we have to take the positives out of the game and for us that was the way the players went about their job, the work they did and their commitment to the game and the club. I’ve seen them many times this year and last year. We’ve got some decent players and I am happy to move forward with this squad of players.”

I’ve no doubt that those who are underperforming, we all have a pretty good idea who they are, will be given the help they need, be it a kick up the backside or a friendly confidence boosting talk? Above all it was great to have him back, it’s early days yet but the side seemed to better on Sunday and even though they lost hopefully we can build on it and see more of the bosses winning smile starting at Blackpool tomorrow?

I don’t know if Steve Clarke will be at this game but I was surprised by his appointment and so quickly. I guess Mike Kelly, an HRH appointment, must have felt his days were numbered after Saturday but so soon? I wonder if Clarke’s appointment was a condition laid down by Kenny when he discussed taking over?

I think, on paper at least, it looks like a good appointment. Clarke’s record is mixed his influence at West Ham under Zola wasn’t reflected in their results probably due to lack of time and the off pitch circumstances at Upton Park. However, no one can argue with his record at Chelsea where he won two titles, an FA Cup and two League Cups, he also had success with them as a player. More importantly he proved popular with the players and has first hand experience of what it takes to win a Premiership title. Perhaps he will also give Joe Cole, who was with him at Chelsea, the help he needs to rediscover his playing mojo?

Finally a word about Ryan Babel and the Tweet. I don’t know why the FA should get so worked up about his posting which saw a picture of Howard Webb’s head superimposed on a Mancs shirt. It’s not a big deal and I suspect the picture wasn’t Babel’s creation, it was probably passed on to him. If the FA do charge him all it does is make them look like a miserable bunch of has jobsworths with no sense of humour, not that that it was a particularly hilarious or original post. I assume it was just a spur of the moment action but at least it shows, in a weird and misdirected way, that Babel cares? If the FA did decide to discipline Babel I would be interested, at the risk of going over the top, to see how this would stand up legally. Of course if Howard Webb bought the case it would be a different matter but just how far does the FA’s jurisdiction extend over what players can and cannot do?

Babel has got in trouble before with his Twitter account, remember he moaned on it about being dropped for a game, however although his post was a bit naff I’m sure worse things have been said and it is no where near as silly as the FA’s continued refusal to help officials like Webb arrive at the correct decision by providing TV technology. Other sports do it so time to come out of the dark ages gentlemen?

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