Dances with Wolves and Avi Cohen remembered

It’s been eighteen days since we last crossed swords with anyone in the Premiership.

If you look at our games that have fallen foul to the weather, Blackpool away and Fulham at home, one would have expected to have taken a six (OK may be four) points. Add to this Wolverhampton Wanderers, tonight’s appointments, who sit at bottom of the league and one wonders what might have been?

Regrettably these days Wolves are just the sort of opponents who will provide us with a banana skin to slip on, you just can’t rely on anyone these days to lie down and let us walk all over them… sadly though it’s not them it’s us!

Occasionally I don’t have enough time to watch Match of the Day in its entirety. So I fast forward through bits such as anything involving The Mancs and where Alan Shearer is speaking however I always stop at Mick McCarthy’s post match interview. Win or lose as it’s always refreshing in its honesty. I guess, without being too patronising, this reflects McCarty the man and his approach to the game as a player and a manager. There are times when we could do with that approach and the last game against Newcastle was a case in point. Forget about the pretty passes and the nice build up we just needed to compete which is just what Wolves did earlier in the season against Newcastle, ask Joey Barton who was pole axed on at least half dozen occasions.

I’m not saying we should change or knocking Wolves’ style of play but sometimes it is necessary to play the opposition at their own game, to compete on their terms, if you can. The Premiership doesn’t award points for artistic interpretation, it also doesn’t give points for outwitting the opposition at their own game or cutting your cloth according to the circumstances however if you are savvy enough, you are more likely to get some joy if you know the right card to play. At Newcastle we didn’t and Wolves could ask us the same questions, lets hope we show much adaptability and nous this time?

Team wise the “break” has worked in our favour Steven Gerrard AND Daniel Agger are available for selection. In terms of where we are it really isn’t worth looking at and this reflects recent media discussions regarding title race and Champions league places, we just don’t get mentioned. We simply need to start working hard and maybe, after four or five games, we will be in the mix again? As it is cancelations and form prior to this mean we don’t deserve to be mentioned. We need to start getting people talking about us again ON the pitch rather than off it?

Finally a word about Avi Cohen who died today through injuries sustained in a motorbike accident. Avi Cohen only made eighteen first team appearances for Liverpool during his two years with us. The likes of Alan Kennedy, Alan Hansen meant it was always going to be difficult to break into the first team. However, Stephen F Kelly in one of his many books about Liverpool said

“….there was no obvious gap for Cohen. Yet he was a superb player, unflappable and stylish, who at some other time might have become an Anfield regular and medal winner”

I guess Cohen is best remembered for scoring an own goal in the game against Aston Villa which we needed to win to secure the 1979-80… he later made amends by scoring at the right end in a 4-1 victory!

When the Radio announced Avi’s death the presenter said something along the lines of things such as football don’t matter when something like this happens. It’s as true as it’s a cliché but it’s always very difficult to know what to say particularly when Cohen, at the age of 54, leaves us far, far too early. He also leaves a son, Tamir who plays for Bolton. Condolences to him and the rest of his family at this difficult and sad time.

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