Some sons do have them – here’s not to you Mrs Konchesky!

So the Fulham game was cancelled? No surprise given the amount of snow that fell?

These days you can’t seem to rely on under soil heating saving the day because those clubs, who have the presence of mind to install it, are let down by everyone else, gritters, police, transport etc getting caught on the hop by the adverse weather. However, why all of sudden are the general public deemed incapable of safely making their way to the game because of treacherous conditions around the ground yet are expected to undergo the same arduous journey in order to get to work?

Still the absence of hardly any football was partly made up for by Sky’s Football Greats programme on Sunday afternoon which featured Kenny Dalglish. You remember all the great things he did but when you see them one after another if fair makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. A great player and great times will we ever see the like again?

I don’t know if the Fulham game has been rearranged yet but perhaps Paul Konchesky was grateful for the initial cancellation given his mother’s pre match outburst on Facebook this week. Plato once said about parents

“Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence.”

An interesting thought given the impoverished and unreverential thoughts of Old Ma Konchesky…….

“To all you Liverpool scouse scum out the never mind the Cockney —- take a real look at you team stop living off the past the team are —- anyone made a mistake it’s the Cockney —- never should have left Fulham.”

Ultimately I guess I shouldn’t be writing about this, it is a private matter? Oh no it isn’t as I’m a Liverpool fan “out the” (sic) and a scummy one at that! It never ceases to amaze me how so many, seem to be caught out via their utterances on sites such as Twitter and Facebook or, the old favourite, interviews abroad. In this world of mass communication and internet access do they really think their opinions will not be seen or heard and dredged up, particularly if they are controversial or in most cases stupid,? Unlike diaries these forums are not private.

I suspect Mrs Konchesky’s highly thought provoking Facebook article, is an emotional, if overly protective, response from a mother annoyed about criticism of her little boy by some reds fans over his recent poor form. She should get real. It is a fact in today’s game that if you are unlucky or untalented enough to make a mistake then, as a result, criticism may follow. Was Konchesky always good at Charlton, West Ham and Fulham or maybe it’s all okay as these are, using the definition loosely, cockney clubs?

Presumably someone on line described Konchesky as a cockney – – – -. However saying “Paul Konchesky isn’t playing very well” certainly doesn’t merit the universal response of labelling ALL scousers “scum”. I would suggest the description “scum” should be reserved for the likes of racists, paedophiles or the delightful person who stepped over our eighty year old next door neighbour after he had slipped on the ice and knocked himself out. He then had second thoughts and walked back, not to help him, but to steal his mobile phone before continuing on his way and leaving him alone in the cold – have a nice Christmas!

An over reaction by Mrs K? Probably but maybe the circles she moves in have a harsher code of conduct? Knee capping for slurping your drink? Chopping off your hand for looking at me in the funny way and woy betide anyone who breaks wind in her presence!
Mrs Konchesky did receive some notes of support. One said that Liverpool fans

“did not know class when it hit them in the face”

Another labelled us “clueless morons”. I guess this is a matter of opinion depending on whether you are a friend of the Konchesky clan or a Reds fan who had to endure the second Newcastle goal, or Spurs’ winner a few weeks before, or the ricochet leading to Carragher’s own goal against Blackburn, or seeing Coleman allowed a free reign to skpo away and cross to Cahill at Goodison Park?

In fairness Konchesky did put up his hands after being at fault for the Spurs winner the other week and has been open about his lack of form. However, it has not stopped the criticism and seeing his mother go into “embarrassing parent” mode will only have served to heap further pressure on him when he needs more support and confidence?

Sadly for Paul Konchesky I suspect the words of Philip Larkin were never truer?

“They f*ck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do…”

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