Addressing a Spanish exodus and Bolton blatherings

As the papers no longer have the rotting corpse of our dire financial situation to pick over, you could be forgiven for thinking that they would leave us alone and say, for example, concentrate on Wayne Rooney and his interesting and highly unique interpretation of the word “loyalty”! However there is always a story with us and it seems that we now appear to be entering into a period of “post takeover fallout”.

The latest “revelation” concerns the Jose Reina and Fernando Torres and the fact that they will invoke “get out” clauses in their contracts in the next January transfer window. I guess the concern is a return, or lack of, to the Champions League next season. Lets’ be honest, it is at moment looking a tad remote. As a result both payers are rumoured to be getting twitchy at another season away from top flight Euro club competition like they’ve always been used to it before they came to Liverpool?

Perhaps this is just nonsense? May be Fernando and Jose, as World Cup “winners” are just upset by the death of Paul the Octopus! However, this flies in the face of a number of things. Both Reina and Torres have stressed the importance of getting the ownership problem sorted out and getting some major singings in. The former has been sorted however, it is unreasonable to expect new players to immediately come trooping through the door.

Firstly the January window offers slim pickings in that area as most big name players are still involved in Champions League football and prefer to sit back wait to the summer and strike a deal then. The number of big name deals that have gone through in January window recently can be counted on one hand. Furthermore I think it is only fair and reasonable to give the new owners time to size up the task in hand, familiarise themselves with the situation and decide on the way forward. This is not unreasonable but it might involve waiting to the end of this season to see how we do and then, if required, make the necessary changes

Both Torres and Reina committed to the club this summer and Reina in particular has called for patience. Only a few weeks ago he said

“When you have so many changes and move in a new direction under a new boss, things don’t happen instantly….. Honestly, the quicker we adapt and improve as a team the better it will be for everyone. That doesn’t just happen overnight…. It is the same for all of us. We need to be patient. Some people expect miracles. Football doesn’t usually work like that.”

Wanting out by January hardly smacks of patience and although I would like to think there is no substance in the players attitude, it is an unwelcome distraction. It is also irritating that Torres and Reina remain silent and that it is left to HRH to go on record once more stating that both players are not for sale!

“I can tell you Torres and Reina are training very well, and if they are unhappy and if they are wanting to get away they are making a damn good job of disguising it, because in training every day and in the matches their commitment seems to me to be as strong as ever. They are great favourites with the Liverpool fans and I can’t imagine for one minute they would insult Liverpool fans in any way by suggesting we are unhappy, and we are only here for the good times”

Yes, but far better for the players to state this if it were true? I hope that “loyalty” stretches further than a period from summer 2010 to January 2011?

And so to Bolton for today’s Sky televised game. Prior to this game we’ve got the Tyne Wear derby so I don’t know what Sky will term this brace of games as? “Super Sunday” is an overused term “Clocks Back Sunday” or something to do with Halloween? What’s the betting if we lose someone, somewhere will use the word “horror” or “nightmare” to describe the result ho ho ho ho!

I don’t know about you but I always see Bolton as a difficult prospect but results, at the Reebok and home, have been good, no defeats for ages certainly since I’ve been writing this nonsense. However, even though we won last Sunday, these days trying to predict the outcome of a game involving Liverpool FC is any ones guess! All I hope is that we go out and take the initiative just as we did against Blackburn and refrain from building walls and hiding in our shells which we have done all too often this season. Team wise Dirk Kuyt looks a game away although Glen Johnson might return?

Prediction? A win is essential. We face Chelsea at home next and therefore need to build on the good bits of the Blackburn win. Now, with the take over sorted, is the time for the worrying and indecision to stop? The players need to concentrate on their football and banish all the off the field cr*p and try to enjoy it. If they do then surely the rest will come? 2-0 to us!

By the way this blog now has an index of match reports since it started in October 2006 so for machinations of previous games, against Bolton since this date click here.

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2 Responses to Addressing a Spanish exodus and Bolton blatherings

  1. Gano says:

    The Daily Mirror was firmly put in it’s place by NESV!!!!!!!….LIARS

  2. Chan says:

    With Roy STILL in charge, its not unreasonable to expect our top stars wanting to leave. LFC would not go anywhere with Roy and that is a fact.

    If our next major signing is w new manager, maybe we can hope Torres and Reina would stay. Its that simple really.

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