Sunday fallout, transfer nonsense and the importance of building on and learning from success.

Ho ho ho and very ho. What fun everyone had at work on Monday morning with plenty of pithy quips around the “Liverpool actually won a game” theme. Such is the price of victory I guess, although it has come to something when no one comments about us losing which has been the case recently. Either they were used to it or they just didn’t want to kick a man when he’s down!

As it is we remain in the bottom three however, it is now so close we are only three points off the seventh place that many predicted we will achieve this season, so one win off our target then, things aren’t so bad after all! However, for me the table isn’t an issue yet. What is reassuring that on Sunday we saw plenty of real signs, as opposed to fleeting glimpses, that we still have a side that is capable of playing well and stringing together some decent performances. I say “still” because such have been the changes to the squad, and the prolonged run of bad form, that I guess it would be easy to think that we really have hit the buffers and wouldn’t recover to the standard we are used to? However, we played well and showed a creativity going forward that has been lacking for the majority of this season.

Hopefully the game will have helped HRH learn more about his squad and what they can do. It’s been suggested that his tactics haven’t been that spot on and that Torres in particular has cut a frustrated and isolated figure as a result. I think this has been plain to see in his body language and facial expressions in some of the games. Jose Reina commented yesterday…

“I don’t think we have been assisting him like we should, particularly in the last few weeks. He has not been able to do anything at all. We know he is the type of player that can win a game just like that but we can’t expect him to keep doing it on his own. We have to feed him in. That’s the point.”

A veiled dig at HRH’s tactics or simply an admission that the squad in general hasn’t been performing up to standard? I think there is an element of truth in both. Clearly Torres is one of the players our game plan should be built around and HRH must really need his head examining if he doesn’t appreciate his merits and therefore doesn’t try to use him to full effect. However, to do that he is reliant on other players and all to often Torres has been Johnny “No mates” up front while the rest have dithered and fannied about in midfield and defence almost ignoring him as if concentrating on their own issues?

Torres himself should also shoulder some of the blame. His bad form has been transferred from the World Cup to Anfield and one wonders if the transfer rumours between South Africa and the beginning of the season have affected him? Did he, deep down want to go and is now finding it hard to motivate himself? Whatever the case it is hardly an earth shattering revelation to state that all strikers go through bad spells of form and if they have the class that Torres has, they will eventually break out of it. Let’s hope Sunday was the first sign of that. Above all the players need to keep it up and HRH needs to set his side up in a way that facilities a repeat and hopefully an improvement on this performance?

Finally one win does not cure all our ills and rumours about key players moving on in January (unlikely) or the summer (more likely) still abound. Jose Reina has been a subject of such tittle tattle. Suitors include Arsenal and more recently that lot down the East Lancs Road as Van der Sar is close to drawing his pension!

I don’t believe any of them. If Reina, or for that matter Torres, is tempted to go then I’m sure it will be in the summer and back home or to Italy. In short if it’s another Premiership Club I’ll be very surprised. More to the point what will this say about our new owners if one of the first things they oversee is the exodus of two of our key players, they will determined not to let it happen? Moreover I fail to see why Reina would want to go to Arsenal when he can stay with us and as for the Mancs well even if privately it proved tempting, he isn’t stupid or Wayne Rooney!

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1 Response to Sunday fallout, transfer nonsense and the importance of building on and learning from success.

  1. Gano says:

    Now the media are saying NESV will not spend money on players?, this is crap. They will spend money but rightly they won’t waste money like we have recently, we will be run on an Arsenal model. With the new rules coming in we need to be run well financially, our academy is now working well with Kelly, Spearing, Sterling, Darby, Coady, Wisdom, Pacheco, Ecclestone, Ince, Amoo, Ngoo etc coming on big-time, as well as Shelvey and Suso we have real quality coming through.

    I want to see youth come through as they have been at Liverpool for years in some cases and love the club, they want to do well out of respect for the shirt. We will buy good players but they will be scouted properly and Kenny will come into this area, we will not pay silly money for no good reason. Look at the dross we have bought over the last few seasons?, we will be getting a 60,000 seat stadium either a re-developed Anfield or new stadium so we will generate a lot of cash as well as the £40m saved on interest payments.

    Commercially we have big sponsorship deals with more on the way as NESV raised the bar in this area in the USA, we will see naming rights for our new stadium development, look at the website activity one of the most hit in world football. We have 3 million followers on Facebook alone with a huge mailing list for commercial outreach, Ian Ayre has done a wonderful job thus far, Addidas confirmed that LFC out sell Real Madrid and are the biggest seller of addidas merchandise……….don’t listen to the anti Liverpool media crap, we have a good future!!!!!!

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