Derby day, time for Reds to put away takeover talk?

It’s a sad indictment of the times that this club is going through, and I guess football in general, that something a big as a local derby can be eclipsed by off the field news?

John W Henry suggested in his interview on Friday that he will probably not be there preferring to wait to go the next home game against “Real Blackburn” to blood himself. He doesn’t know what he’s missing! However, I doubt that his absence will mean that the takeover is far from every ones minds, even though there are pressing issues on the field.

Many suggest that the off the field nonsense shouldn’t ever effect performances on it. However opponents of this opinion will point to our poor league form this season which has coincided with the off field ingredients coming to the boil? If this is so then surely things will improve now that everything has been sorted or will there be other excuses put forward?

If ever there was incentive for the players to do well this is it. A new dawn which is being marked by a game against our local rivals? It somehow seems right in every way except the venue? However, that is where the ceremonial nonsense stops, it is down to business as usual. Both teams are at the foot of the table and a win for either would make the others situation even worse.

Form wise we go into this of the back of four poor games against Northampton, Utrecht, Sunderland and of course Blackpool. All bad results in individual ways but for me it is the two league games that grate. Both were at home and to this end one would have expected six points, instead we got one, a poor return by anyone’s standards.

I guess it gets to a point where you have to stop blaming the off the field stuff and even the manager and concentrate on the players themselves. Even if they were put off by the behind the scenes turmoil, even if they weren’t seeing eye to eye with HRH they were surely cable of achieving at least two wins from those four games, probably three? Steven Gerrard said…

“I know how frustrated the fans have been with what has been going on and I can understand their feelings… But we’ve all suffered in this, especially the supporters, and now it’s time for us all to pull together and help move the club forward”

Words we’ve heard before which should now, more than ever, be matched on the pitch even though, and at this early stage, doubts have been raised about the strength of our squad and the credibility of Roy Hodgson. Of the squad someone this week suggested that only Torres and Gerrard would get into the Everton side, I think he’s been caught now! However, although this is clearly nonsense perhaps on current form, Reina excepted, this has a dangerous and worrying element of truth about it?

Of HRH it is sad that the crowd called for Kenny after the Blackpool game. Liverpool FC is not Newcastle or Spurs. We do not sack mangers after seven games. For all my admiration, no love, of Kenny calling for his return smacks too much of Newcastle and Kevin Keegan. The attitude is “oh I don’t like it, can we go back or recreate where we were before, it was good then” Sorry, times have moved on. Even if there is to be a change of manager more time is needed. Said HRH …

“My appointment was not taken lightly. I knew this was going to be a difficult job but I think it’s a very sad day for everyone if, after a bad spell of six or seven games, people think the solution is to find someone else. The magic wand doesn’t exist. I would be disappointed if after such a short space of time they decided to get someone else in. The situation has been complicated, but I know I can turn it around. But I will need to be given time and patience to do it”

To today and after the international week things, for a while, looked grim on the injury front. However Torres is fit after going off against Blackpool and Paul Konchesky is also available. Dirk Kuyt won’t play due to doing his ankle with Holland but his period in the treatment room is not as long as originally expected. No so for Daniel Agger, some things don’t change!

Prediction? It’s a derby so what has form got to do with it, anyway both teams are side by side in the table. But hell did you think I’d say anything other than a win for us in a typically fractious affair? Red will probably by waved by the referee and it will also prevail, 2-0.

By the way this blog now has an index of match reports since it started in October 2006 so for machinations of previous games, against Everton since this date click here.

Also click here for a report on the epic 4-4 FA Cup result in the 1909s and here for the fabulous 5-0 win at Goodison in the 1908s.

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One Response to Derby day, time for Reds to put away takeover talk?

  1. TG says:

    I heard Moyes gobbing off about debts this week, I wonder what he thinks about that today?. We hear the bitters moaning about ‘poor everton’……blah blah blah, now the injuries excuse is being rolled out already. In the last 11 league derbies they have won 1 and Liverpool have won the last 3 at Goodison, they always bottle it against us, 3 pts for the reds again then!!!!

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